Brazil to Spend Billions on World Cup Prep


Anticipation continues to mount for the 2014 FIFA World Cup as the June event draws ever closer. But some are concerned that host country of Brazil will not be ready to welcome the throngs of fans. In a press conference on October 22, Brazilian Tourism Board President Flavio Dino addressed concerns and says the country would spend $11.6 billion for the modernization and construction of soccer stadiums, airports and other tourism infrastructure.

As the host for both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil needs to address issues like difficulty of travel, adequate accommodations, and cost management for these events. The tourism board is working to attain lower prices on hotels and airfare, which have risen steeply in the past months. And in December, after World Cup teams are decided, the board will decide whether to allow foreign airlines into the country, helping to decrease costs and increase accessibility.

Helping to assuage further fears, Dino says state and local governments, as well as entrepreneurs are investing in improvements to ensure the country is ready for both events. Security concerns are also being addressed with increased funding and attention.

With over 6.2 million World Cup ticket requests submitted during the recently concluded initial application phase, the event is shaping up to be incredibly popular, especially with Americans who submitted almost 400,000 requests, second only to the host country.

To make American travel to the World Cup easier, the Brazilian tourism board has opened three tourist offices in New York, Chicago, and LA and is working closely with the US government.

To start getting excited for the World Cup, check out a new video the tourism board just launched as part of their $20 million video marketing campaign, which hopes to make tourists feel at home in Brazil.

Photo Credit: Anke Van Wyk via