Bonus: Five More SATC Locations

Now that the Sex and the City movie has opened, here’s a peek at five special NYC sights that appear in the flick. But we promise, no spoilers! As with our tour based on the original show, we’ve given these sights in geographic order, starting downtown and heading up Manhattan. Visit our map to plan your route.

Brooklyn Bridge. Miranda has a life-changing moment on this stunning span. Now’s a perfect time to stroll across this landmark, as it celebrates its 125th birthday this year. Walkway accessed at Park Row, near City Hall on the Manhattan side

Buddakan. Carrie and Mr. Big hold their rehearsal dinner at this enormous modern-Asian restaurant on the edge of the Meatpacking District. It’s very much a scene, whether you’re at the long communal table (à la Carrie and Company) or in the more intimate library room. 75 Ninth Avenue

New York Public Library: Humanities and Social Sciences. Carrie and her friends get a nasty shock on the grand marble staircase here. The drama continues in the street just outside, literally stopping traffic. Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street

Lumi. Charlotte has a meltdown at this Upper East Side Italian restaurant. Ladies-who-lunch snag seats on the patio in good weather, or by the fireplace in the romantic upstairs dining room. 963 Lexington Avenue

1010 Fifth Avenue. Is there an apartment big enough for both labels and love? Carrie and Big are smitten with a penthouse across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the building’s exterior is real, the interior (and jaw-dropping closet) was a set. Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street