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The Best Pizza in Rome

Pizza may have been invented somewhere else, but in Rome it’s hard to walk a block without encountering it in one form or another. You’ll see it in bakeries, usually made without cheese—either pizza bianca (just olive oil and salt) or pizza rossa (with tomato sauce). Many small shops specialize in pizza al taglio (by the slice), priced by the etto (100 grams, about 1/4 pound), according to the kind of topping. These places are great for a snack on the go any time of day.Baffetto Pizza in Rome, Italy

But don’t leave Rome without sitting down to a classic, wafer-thin, crispy Roman pizza in a lively, no-frills pizzeria. Most are open only for dinner, usually from 8 PM to midnight. Look for a place with a forno a legna (wood-burning oven), a must for a good thin crust on your plate-size Roman pizza. Standard models are the margherita (tomato, mozzarella, and basil) and the capricciosa (a little bit of everything, depending upon the “caprices” of the pizza chef: tomato,
mozzarella, sausage, olives, artichoke hearts, prosciutto, even egg), and most pizzerias have a long list of additional options, including tasty mozzarella di bufala (made from buffalo milk).

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Acchiapafantasmi. This popular pizzeria near Campo de’ Fiori offers pizza — and much more. In addition to the traditional margherita and capricciosa, you’ll find a spicy pizza with chili peppers and hot salami and their prizewinning version with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, shaped like a ghost (a theme throughout, hence the name, which means “Ghostbusters”). See the full review.

Da Baffetto. Down a cobblestone street not far from Piazza Navona, this is Rome’s most popular pizzeria and a summer favorite for street-side dining. Our forums users recommend it quite frequently. See the full review. (photo, top)

Dar Poeta. Romans drive across town for great pizza from this neighborhood institution on a small street in Trastevere. Maybe it’s the dough — it’s made from a secret blend of flours that’s reputed to be easier to digest than the competition. See the full review.

La Gallina Bianca. This pizzeria’s location right down the road from Termini station makes it a perfect place for a welcome-to-Rome meal. A bright, noisy locale, La Gallina Bianca attracts a young crowd and serves classic thin-crust pizzas. See the full review.

Panattoni. Nicknamed “the mortuary” for its marble-slab tables, Panattoni is actually about as lively as you can get. Packed every night, it serves crisp pizzas that come out of the wood-burning ovens at top speed. See the full review.

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Photo by Carlos Fernández and it is of Da Baffetto.

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