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Travel Tech: Best Wine Gadgets


One good thing about wine travels is that there are all manner of things one can do between trips to prep, like studying the varietals and vintages and, well, keeping your tolerance levels up. Drinking wines from the region you’re about to visit is a tried-and-true technique, but between trips to the wine shop, pick up these wine-minded gadgets. We promise you’ll come off as a savvier sipper.

1. Carlotta Clutch Wine Bottle Purse Tote

Why We Like It: In such fun animal-inspired patterns as Purple Croc, Giraffe, Zebra Fur and Cheetah, this clutch adds a classy touch to toting wine. An elastic strap inside holds the bottle in place. And an inner pocket caches your typical small purse essentials such as keys, cards, cash, and lipstick. All that’s missing is a friend with a complementary cheese and cracker clutch!

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How Much: $40

Buy It: Visit

2. Rechargeable Automatic Wine Opener

Why We Like It: Once you’ve selected the right vino, nothing’s more anticlimactic than wrestling to open the bottle—especially when that struggle results in unwanted cork bits in your otherwise well-earned glass. With just the touch of a button, this handy automated unit will have you sipping in no time. On a full charge, it’ll neatly pluck about 50 natural or synthetic corks. (Sounds like a fun weekend!) Plus, if you’ve ever been foiled trying to find a foil cutter, you’ll appreciate how convenient it is that this is the only automatic wine opener with one built in.

How Much: $40

Buy It: Visit

3. Vinturi Travel Wine Aerator

Why We Like It: Letting a wine breathe doesn’t just mean just filling your glass and trying to let it sit there. It’s all in how it’s poured. This light new travel-sized accessory can help you maximize your red wine’s fragrance, flavor, and smoothness, one delicious glass at a time. It’s engineered to offer all the same benefits as its full-sized predecessor, but comes in a protective tapered black case with stainless steel accents. Sleek and sturdy, purse- or pocket-friendly, be sure to bring it to bring out your wine’s best.

How Much: $30

Buy It: Visit

4. Automatic Wine Preserver

Why We Like It: Everyone knows that wines improve with age, but once you pop the cork, graceful maturing has a way of going down the drain. So if you happen to have leftover wine (amateur), this life-lengthening gadget vacuums damaging air out of the bottle. Its backlit digital display tells you how many days the bottle’s been open, along with its temperature. Both are designed to ensure you’re savoring the freshest (or really, least spoiled) glass possible. It runs on two AAA batteries, not included.

How Much: $30

Buy It: Visit

5. Wine B’Gone Stain Remover Travel Spray

Why We Like It: The worst part about wine stains—hey, accidents happen—is that in trying to clean them, you can permanently damage the marred clothing, carpet, or upholstery in question. The safe liquid cleaner in this travel-sized bottle can help you quickly reduce and remove both red and white wine stains. But it also works on fruits, sauces, and other persistently pesky stuff, along with jewelry, glassware, furniture, and a whole host of household surfaces. It’s also worth a try on existing stains, which could potentially revive a few of your old favorites you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw out.

How Much: $10

Buy It: Visit

6. VinniBag

Why We Like It: It’s a dual disappointment, opening your suitcase to find both a broken wine bottle and ruined clothes. This inflatable, reusable sleeve will both pad and (to some degree) insulate your wine. It’s also fine for olive oil, toiletries, and other potentially messy items. And although its air chambers were designed to withstand the rigors of high-altitude travel, it can make for less worry even on road trips.

How Much: $28 (2 or more; $25 each)

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