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Beating the Euro on the Amalfi Coast

Save money on your next trip to the Amalfi Coast (and elsewhere in Italy) with this tips from the travelers in our Forums.



“You really don’t realize how much money you spend on museums, places of interest, tours, etc., since it’s ‘six euros here,’ ‘ten euros there,’ until you add them all up or worse yet, see the total on the credit card bill when you return home. When people ask me what I want for Christmas/ my birthday, I ask them to purchase my tickets for specific sights/tours online, print them out and give those to me for presents. I just inform them the days that I will be there and give them the websites. It’s easy for them and saves me money.” –goferfan512

“Always visit the tourist offices and get the free guides for what is going on.” –gotkids

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“Don’t hire a tour, take the train to Pompeii, or stay on it to Sorrento and take the bus down the coast.” –JoanneH

Food and Drink

“Book a hotel room with a mini fridge—you can keep tap water cold to save on buying bottled water constantly. You can also buy great food from the markets or small shops to have picnics in your room. If you aren’t a foodie and don’t care about having all your meals in a sit down restaurant you can really save a lot this way. Many people mention picnics as a way to save on food cost, but having the flexibility that a small fridge in the room allows can make a big difference.” –Isabel

“Bars always have two different prices: If you have your coffee at the counter it’s cheaper than when a waiter serves it at a table (servizio al tavolo).” –quokka

“Visit wine fill-up shops in Italy; get table wine from the cask for 2–3 euros a liter. In Rome we would get them filled at the Testaccio market . . . I will usually ask at the local bar where I go for my coffee.” –susanna

“If you aren’t hungry, skip to secondo—the ‘second course.’ Rarely do Italians eat a primo e secondo when they go out.” –glittergirl


“So many travelers especially during the first couple of trips to Europe feel the need to buy souvenirs for so many people back home. I quit doing that ages ago. Even if you buy inexpensive items if you feel you have too many people to buy for (example, if I buy this for Trisha I must buy something for Joyce) etc., it can be surprising how all the items can add up. And often although people think it is nice to be remembered it was not their trip so the souvenirs really do not mean that much to them and often just adds to the ‘stuff’ they already have in their homes.” –LoveItaly


“When looking up lodging, I mostly check the official websites of the cities I want to visit or italian websites aimed for Italians tourists. I’ve been able to find very good deals on inexpensive and wonderful B&B’s or hotels that I’ve haven’t been able to find on regular foreign-tourist-oriented websites or bookguides.” –Castellanese

“Go off-season—March or November have better air prices and also accommodations, particularly if you stay in apartments, which you can rent for much less off-season (and plan some meals inhouse—make the noon meal your biggest of the day, then have a small dinner in the apartment).” –bobthenavigator

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