Be prepared for any travel situation by packing these Fodorite recommended household items.

Suze always brings safety pins: “They take up no space and can do what nothing else can (fix clothes, pin closed curtains, etc.)”
For packaging small items, Melnq8 recommends small cellophane zip top bags from craft stores, “perfect for earrings, bracelets and small amounts of aspirin, vitamins, whatever” and tenthumbs uses empty toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes for electronic cords. Speaking of electronics, boots08 recommends using a plastic soap dish container to protect your digital camera.
The most popular household item to pack? The ever versatile duct tape. Fodorites Steelersfan and Neuman605, and Iowa_Redhead all recommend it. You never know what it can come in handy. “We always travel with duct tape. Once had to give it to a flight attendant to tape a tray table in place so our flight could take off!” Neuman605.
Share the household items you love to pack in the comment below.