Barcelona on a Budget: 4 Tips for Saving


Barcelona is in the same league as other major European destinations in terms of cost. And depending on where the euro is (at this writing 1 euro = about 1.23 U.S. dollars), that exchange rate can take a bite. But remember that there are such things as discounts, and if you can live like a local you save like a local.

Although your pocket might feel the pinch, greenbacks can punch above their weight with a few well-chosen tips.

Save with a Card

The T10 card, the ArticketBCN card, and the Barcelona card all offer bundled discounts for museum passes, transit, and more.

Walk and use Pubic Transportation

Barcelona is definitely a city to explore on foot. Take the opportunity to stroll through the central neighborhoods, and when your feet get tired, take the metro instead of a taxi.

Hit Museums on Free Nights

Nothing beats "free," so if you’re a culture buff on a budget, plan your visits around the various free nights offered by local museums.

Fill Up Like a Local

There are so many ways to eat well in Barcelona and still save money: tapas, wine bars, and cafés all offer terrific casual foods that satisfy your taste buds and your wallet. And don’t forget to capitalize on a big, less expensive lunch to save money at dinnertime.