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Bali: Get familiar with the Indonesian toilet

There are several models: the long porcelain bowl in the floor, which flushes; the usual Western throne; its seatless cousin, often used in mid-price hotels, which is flushed with a dipper of water; and the hole in the ground. Instructions for floor toilets: squat and go—but if you want toilet paper, you’ll have to bring it. (Instead of paper, Indonesians use water and soap to wash their nether regions after using the bathroom). The floor toilet requires balance, but most people actually find it easy with practice. Most tourist hotels and restaurants have Western-style toilets. Note that the sink is often outside the room with the toilet, and there is sometimes a nominal charge (rupiah 100) for restroom use in such public places as bus terminals. If you need to find a bathroom, ask for the WC (way-say).

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