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Why Is There a Giant, Colorful Tent Hanging out in the French Countryside?

PHOTO: Mark Nixon Horizons 2017 ©Neon

This giant art installation that stands over a long-dead woman's memorial is officially the Frenchest thing ever.

The countryside that surrounds the small French town of Victor-Saint-la-Riviere has received a very colorful addition. On a bucolic hilltop stands a large tent, its myriad of vibrant colors a stark contrast to the bucolic swaths of greenery that serves as its backdrop. This large scale art installation, entitled Wind Cathedral, was created by British architecture and design studio NEON for the Horizons annual open air exhibition. The piece stands over a stone cross memorializing the death of a woman who died in a rain storm 200 years ago.

Mark Nixon Horizons 2017 ©Neon

The tent itself is made up of 30 windsocks, stitched in a paned formation that recalls the structure of a stained glass window, that change the interior structure of the tent depending on the conditions of the oft blustery locale.

Wind Cathedral (as well as the other pieces in the Horizons exhibition) will be on display in Massif du Sancy until September 24.

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