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New York Fashion Week’s Best Collections and Where to Wear Them

Vacations call for a new outfit, so why not let your new outfit call for a vacation.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself at the mall a week before you’re set to leave for a long-awaited vacation. If you live in a cold climate, the odds of you having a bathing suit for the island you’re jet setting to might be slim, and if you’re a Los Angeles native ready to head to rainy London, acquiring a raincoat might be on your to-do list. But even if you’re someone who has everything you might possibly need, sometimes you just want a new outfit for a new place—after all, we all want the perfect vacation look and the photo to coincide.

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up today, we were thinking: If we can plan outfits around a trip, why not plan a trip around the outfits?

Brock Collection

Where to Wear: London, England


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Sign yourself up for a tea time, this collection has us heading to London. While plaids and white cable knits come to mind when we think of London (all of which we get in this show), Brock’s contrasting yellows are the perfect thing to brighten the city’s notoriously overcast and rainy days. The collection also includes ruffled, bowed, flowered, and ever so Victorian dresses, assuring that, upon wear, at least one tourist will mistakenly confuse you for a Royal.


Where to Wear: Sun Valley, Idaho


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Wear this collection on the slopes or up at the lodge sipping a hot toddy—we are headed to a Fodor’s Go List destination for a vacation at the skier’s retreat of Sun Valley. This snow-pant inspired look, along with the oversized puffers and timeless knits that made up this show have even those of us who have never clipped into skis ready to give it a go. Let the suede dresses layered over the warm sweaters inspire you to ditch the beach in favor of a cozy, fireside winter vacation.

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Christopher John Rogers

Where to Wear: Paris, France


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While the billowing dresses might not be the most practical for a night out, that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by them. These are the outfits people dream of wearing as someone bends down on one knee atop the Eiffel Tower—colorful yet elegant, well fitted and structured but still incredibly flirty.


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This line takes you from a gallery in the Marais to the most romantic (and expensive) dinner at a three-Michelin-star restaurant (this line is the perfect “Carrie Bradshaw takes Paris in hopes of solidifying a romance” look).

Ulla Johnson

Where to Wear: Dubai, UAE


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This multifaceted line combines modesty with luxury, making the pieces perfect for a trip to Dubai. For the desert’s cool nights, Johnson offers leather pants and matching trenches; and for the hot daytime temperatures, modest but lightweight midi dresses and jumpsuits in a variety of material (from lace to knit) and colors, including a greenish-blue reminiscent of Dubai’s coast. This line adheres to the country’s suggested dress code while maintaining the sense of luxury and style we associate with it.


Where to Wear: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Chromat gave us athletic and swimwear in the most vibrant colors, and the clear thing to do: Book a ticket to Rio de Janeiro. Now. This Miami-based designer utilizes the stunning and bright colors of Carnival to create athletic wear that can double as a going-out look. These pieces will take you from the beach and onto mountainous hikes, and can then be dressed up for a night out in Brazil’s most festive city.

Christian Siriano

Where to Wear: Madrid, Spain


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There is no better place to look like a glamorous Picasso painting than in the artist’s home country of Spain. While Pablo Picasso is from Málaga, this look might be appropriate in the fashionable city of Madrid. Siriano’s line, at times edgy, is perfect for the bustling Spanish city, while the pops of pink and green throughout match the colorfulness that is Madrid. The loud fashion line might score you some compliments and, from some, maybe even some cheers a la the show’s number one fan, Leslie Jones.

Tory Burch

Where to Wear: Stockholm, Sweden


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If A24’s Midsommar left you feeling a little sour about a trip to Sweden, let Tory Burch’s latest collection change that for you. This line, full of spring florals and muted ethereal maxi dresses will place you in a Stockholm farmers market or peacefully sailing down a canal on a sunny day. The reds, yellows, and blues are reminiscent of the city’s colorful old-town structures, making for picture-perfect moments as you walk the streets in Burch’s beautiful and feminine collection.