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Giant Wind Tunnel Allows Shaolin Monks to Soar

flying monks

If you ever find yourself taking a stroll through the Songshan mountains of Henan, China and happen to see an orange-clad monk levitating in the distance, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight. You’ve just stumbled upon the Shaolin Flying Monks Temple.

fly monks

The pavilion and theater, which was designed by architect Austris Mailītis and his firm Mailītis Architects, was partially inspired by the phenomenon of levitation as it’s been explored by Shaolin monks. Hence, the central feature of a gigantic wind tunnel that allows monks and visitors alike to soar among the surrounding natural landscape.

“Now they will all have an opportunity to try levitating,” said Mailītis. “The idea is focused on growth, a spiritual and physical chance of making the next step towards solving the mystery of levitation.”flyingmonks

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