Around the Web: Our Favorite Blog Posts this Week

Le Centquatre


Paris’ new headquarters for modern art has opened in a former funeral parlor. The restored building, dubbed Le Centquatre, is located at 104 rue d’Aubervilliers and will be a home for modern artists in residence, as well as the focal point for other working artists. Witnessing the restoration work alone is worth the price of admission. (via The Guardian)

Thanksgiving Disaster Stories

There’s a great post over at Traveling Mamas about Thanksgiving disaster stories. We all probably have our own to share, but at least we can feel better about them after reading some of these!

Paris Cafe Culture

This weekend the New York Times published a story about the decline of café culture in France. It’s an interesting read from a tourism perspective, since the café culture is a major reason Americans find France so enchanting. Don’t miss the discussion of this article in our Forums, where Fodorites weigh in on the story and recollect their favorite café experiences.

Holiday Escape Plan

The Travel Savvy Mom posted an excellent story about taking kids to see family over Thanksgiving or the Holidays. Sure, it’s easy to daydream about opting for the Hawaii all-inclusive over that hometown pilgrimage, but with a few bits of smart planning you can make your trip to see the family a stress-free and memorable event.