Apps for Travelers at Holidays

We love the holidays, but there are some things (crowded airports, insane traffic jams, kids hopped up on sugar cookies) that can make this time of year more jarring than jolly. So we’ve filled your proverbial stocking with three convenient apps to help with the more annoying logistics of the season.

Packing Pro


($2.99 iPhone/iPad)

So you got over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house…only to find you forgot your toothbrush. Avoid packing problems with Packing Pro, a comprehensive app that allows you to create your own packing lists or choose from several templates (i.e. family, couple, business trip). A Master Catalog provides categories, item types and individual items, or you can add your own. Check off items once you’ve packed them; sort your list by remaining to-do’s; and even export your list to an email, save to the cloud, or share on social media.

Beat the Traffic


(Free for iPhone and Android)

So you’ve packed the car with obligatory fruitcake and hit the highway, just to find yourself engulfed in a sea of traffic. Next time, don’t get caught unaware. Beat the Traffic is a sharp little app that, at its very simplest, provides you with traffic alerts via a handy map view. You can also get traffic camera views along your route. Best of all you can save your route(s) ahead of time and Beat the Traffic will alert you of traffic problems as they occur. Note that for yours truly, there appeared to be a bug which made turning alerts on and off hard to do.

FlightTrack Free


(Free for iPhone and Android)

Say you’re sticking around for the holidays, but are hosting out-of-towners. Avoid the nightmare that is tracking flights and finding your guests at the airport with FlightTrack Free, a good alternative to the more comprehensive, though complex, GateGuru. FlightTrack lets you choose a flight by airline and flight number, or by departure and arrival city and date, and then tracks the flight for you on a cute little map, providing terminal and gate information as well as updates on delays. It even lets you share the information over email, text, Twitter, or Facebook.

Photo credits: Traffic jam via Shutterstock; App screen shots courtesy of Packing Pro, Beat the Traffic, and FlightTrack Free