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Anthony Bourdain Leaves Travel Channel for CNN


Chef, author, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain will be leaving the Travel Channel and his long-standing show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (as well as his newer show The Layover) and is moving to CNN, where he will host a similarly themed show. Set to launch in early 2013, Bourdain’s show on CNN will feature the opinionated host’s travels across the world as he explores various destinations via their travel and eating customs.

In a statement on CNN’s website, Worldwide Executive Vice President and Managing Editor Mark Whitaker commented on how Bourdain’s experience will bring a new angle to CNN’s coverage of the world: "Examining the world through the prism of Tony’s unique expertise and passions continues CNN’s long-standing commitment to international reporting and to promoting global understanding."

Bourdain will also provide insight and commentary on food and health issues other CNN programs. His show will air Sunday nights with repeats on Saturdays.

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