Air India Flight Grounded Almost 9 Hours

Passengers were stranded on the runway for close to nine hours aboard an Air India flight at Gatwick Airport when heavy morning fog diverted the plane from landing at Heathrow in London.

What made the delay even more intolerable was the fact that the passengers, who were stuck on the plane with no food or water, had just endured the 10 hour flight from Mumbai.

Although Gatwick and Heathrow airports are only 44 miles apart, and officials at Gatwick said they were willing to release passengers, Air India prevented customers from getting off, according to The Telegraph.

Among those on the flight was BBC producer Rahul Joglekar, who captured the scene on video and tweeted a detailed account of events as they transpired.

Eventually, a new crew boarded and the flight took off for Heathrow, where it arrived without further incident.

Photo credit: courtesy NA.dir / flickr