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A Packer’s Pledge and Other Tips

If the perfect packers of the world came together and proposed a set of universal travel truths, their credo might read:

  1. Packing is an art. Respect its ability to overwhelm.
  2. Squeezing = Stress
  3. This is not the Boy Scouts. It is not necessary to be prepared for everything.
  4. If you can, carry-on.
  5. Invest in luggage that inspires you to travel.
  6. Lists are a packer’s best friend.

If you were weighed down on your last trip with an unforgiving boulder of a bag, upgrade your packing routine. Here are the essentials according to our forum’s most mobile travelers:

Secrets for Cram-free Packing
One-time pack rats divulge the tricks to packing done right.

  • Tips for packing light
  • Luggage size for a 2 week trip
  • Ziploc Big Bags
  • Clothing… How much did you take? How much did you buy??
  • Hey, Janis and other light packers — need help!
  • Early March trip–I overpacked for Paris. What I used & what I didn’t
  • The Ultimate Packing List
    Do you see anything missing from these lengthy lists? We didn’t think so.

  • Travel check List
  • Using computer in France
  • What travel accessories do I NEED before Paris trip?
  • What to wear/pack….Part 2
  • Luggage You Love Lugging
    For those who want to be among the lucky souls who’ve found the perfect suitcase.

  • 29” piece of luggage: is it possible in Italy’s trains?
  • Do you love your luggage? If so, please share!
  • Luggage; does size matter?
  • Suitcase dilemma
  • Backpack or roller bag?
  • Baby on Board
    Short of growing several extra arms or hiring an entourage to carry your tot’s stuff, here’s “Packing 101” for harried parents who want to take Junior along on their next international adventure.

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