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8 Ways to Rationalize Returning to Your Favorite Destination Again and Again


Experienced travelers know that it’s practically impossible to take the same trip twice. If you return to a destination, chances are you’ll see, eat, and experience different things than you did on your previous visit.

This week in our Forums, Fodor’s member MAP shared a pleasant dilemma—should she return to a city she adores (Paris) or visit someplace new and unknown (Provence)?

Fellow members had little trouble relating to her reluctance to seek out the new destination when she already had a firm attachment to the old. Their encouragement to take time for at least a few days in her favorite city utilized logic that can be applied to many destinations beyond just Paris. Here are just a few of the reasons they choose to sometimes return to places they’ve already been.

Talk Travel in the Forums: What destinations do you return to again and again?

1. It’s my money

“If Paris gives you a satisfactory amount of bang for your buck, then I, for one, say go where you get the most enjoyment. It is, after all, your money and I would not even begin to tell you how to spend it.” — bob_brown

2. This destination completes me

“Who knows why a place calls to you. Why just that one place makes you say ‘ahhhh’ when you arrive. Some might say you are in a rut. You can say you have found your niche. As long as you enjoy what you do I say go for it.” — sher

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3. Because I already know my way around

“Just chiming in as someone who really enjoys returning to places that I love. There is less of an adjustment period, and you can build on what you’ve learned before. Every trip is different anyways, even in the exact same place.” — suze

4. Some destinations get better and better with each visit

“We wound up really loving Paris this time around. Since we had been there before and did all of the ‘tourist’ things, we had no agenda this time around. We walked aimlessly through neighborhoods, ate in small delis, cafes, met some great people and walked around just enjoying the little things!” — Masterphil

5. I can always tack on a new destination

“I’ve found that it’s easier to completely enjoy a new place in addition to Paris rather than instead of Paris, because in the latter case it’s hard to avoid the ‘was this worth the sacrifice’ comparison, a sure recipe for disappointment. If convenient, I prefer to fly round trip to Paris and do the side-trip from there instead of open-jaw because ‘going home’ to Paris is the best feeling.” — MademoiselleFifi

6. I can stay put, rent an apartment, and save

“We just booked our 7th trip to Paris for Sept.’09. Last year our friends said ‘Paris, again?’ This year they just say ‘When are you going to Paris this year?’ We looked at a lot of different options in Europe and finally decided we needed to be in Paris. We also rent an apartment to keep costs down and because we love the feeling of an apartment instead of a hotel.” — TPAYT

7. It’s impossible to ever really know everything about a place

“My feeling is why not go again and again to a favorite place. There is always something new and exciting to discover.” — TDK320n

8. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing

“There is no such thing as too much of Paris, in my opinion. I’ll be making my 107th trip there soon, so you see what I mean. Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with revisiting a place time and time again—I’ve had a house in the Dordogne for 18 years and spend weeks/months there every year. That said, I also make time to visit many, many other places, and Provence is one of my favorites. It is NOTHING like Paris—like another country entirely, and I’m sure you’d fall in love with it too.” — StCirq

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