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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, guys! This may sound obvious, but we kind of love this gorgeous planet of ours. (Hence this whole exploring-it-all-the-time thing.) So in honor of Earth Day, we rounded up a handful of ways to travel greener and to keep celebrating the Earth long after today.

Splurge vs. Save: Eco-Friendly Stays


Now that Earth Day is here, we’ve got nothing but excuses to celebrate the only way we know how—by booking imaginary trips to some of the world’s greatest eco-friendly hotels in stunning locales. Join us!

Travel Tech: Green Travel Gadgets


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When you’re on-the-go, why not also go green? We chose seven of the best eco-friendly, well-designed, and multipurpose products to help keep you organized, entertained, and green on your journeys.

North America’s 5 Greenest Hotels


It is one thing to call yourself "green," but it’s another to practice what you preach. So we investigated some self-proclaimed leaders in eco-consciousness hotels and came up with five top picks that leave the others green with envy.

The 10 Greenest European Cities


Even when deciding on your next great European getaway, you can keep green in mind. Choose one of these 10 cities, where biking is the norm, organic food is available everywhere you look, and recycling is easy.

Volunteer Vacations: See the World, Change the World


Vacations do the body (and soul) good, and none more so than volunteer trips. They are among the best ways to see, and connect with, the world. Here are a few choice trips to get you started.

Photo credits: Bungalows at Four Seasons Bora Bora: Peter Vitale/Four Seasons Bora Bora; Travel Tech collage by; Bardessono hotel pool courtesy of Bardessono; Bikes in Amsterdam via Shutterstock; Volunteer vacations courtesy of American Hiking Society

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