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5 Must-Have In-Flight Beauty Products

No matter where you’re headed, helping your skin look good is just as important as the clothes you pack. If photoshopping vacation photos isn’t your forte, these carry-on friendly bottles of bliss will keep you looking glam wherever your flight path takes you. Easy to pack and under 3 oz., all of your skincare needs can be covered from blustering ski slopes to the sunny tropics, 36,000 feet to the Grand Canyon.

Darphin Essential Oil Elixirs


You’ve just flown 17 hours with a crying baby sitting 2 rows behind you, and now it’s time to get in a cab and hurry to your first meeting. Bet your complexion could use a pick me up! A few drops of these natural aromatic oils before departure will prevent dry spots courtesy of cabin pressure, and restore a natural glow that looks like you’d slept like (well, better than) a baby. 8 different formulas are specifically suited to your individual skin’s needs. To go big, enhance the treatment with Darphin’s Aromatic Renewing Balm. Great for steep climate changes and bad weather, it can also serve as a lip balm and cuticle soother.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin


Better known as the inventor of BB Creams, Dr Jart has put Korea on the map for years with lines of high end skincare products, now sold all over the USA. Their newest product called Ceramidin Cream has bestowed us with a 26-hour moisturizer no flight should take off without. With anti-inflammatory and cellular regeneration ingredients, this deep moisturizing lotion will prevent dryness no matter what continent you’re jetting off to. Keep an extra one in your beach bag for those long summer days of Vitamin-D overdose.

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Sisley Supremya Eye


We all love Paris in the springtime, but let’s face it—jet lag stinks, and whether your early wake up calls are for sightseeing or board meetings, you want to look fresh as a flower. This is where Sisley’s newest eye cream, Supremya Eye, comes to the rescue. It’s botanical extracts and patented technology slows down the rate at which cells age and it is important to start using before you travel, so whether the time zones or the Bordeaux keep you up all night, a few drops of this heavenly crème will continue to protect your eye area while you travel. Unlike other eye creams, this one is meant to be used even on the eyelids, not just the under eye. Sagging eyelids and crows feet? Au revoir!

Maybelline Baby Lips


Cold winter winds on the ski slopes are no joke, and few things are as unattractive as chapped lips. So at high altitudes in the air or on the summit, keep your lips plump and fresh for a full 8 hours with Baby Lips. It features an SPF 20 and comes in both clear and tinted varieties for those that need a little color in their pucker.

La Mer Mist


Early explorers crossing the Sahara wish they could have seen a mirage like this. Whether traversing the dunes on a camel or baking on the sandy shores of St. Barths, nothing says refreshing like a spritz of La Mer Mist. Formulated with marine nutrients, the bottle has a live magnet inside to continually charge the ingredients. Don’t stop at just your face—give your whole body a little misty indulgence too. This is also great to keep in your gym bag for a post workout refresh.

All of these products go hand in hand to combat the stress and exhaustion of travel. So when you come home from that week long conference looking like you had a week at the spa, let your friends be suspicious all they want. You can let them in on your beauty secrets another time…

Photo credits: La Mer Mist courtesy of La Mer; all other photos courtesy of Jonathan Pozniak

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