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10 Tips for Traveling with Sensitive Skin

When traveling, do you know what hotel toiletries you can rely on and which products you should never leave home without? Especially if you have sensitive skin, here are a few expert tips to follow so both you and your skin can have a beautiful trip.


Packing and Planning Like a Pro

1. Stick with familiar hotel chains.
If you like a hotel, you can get familiar with the products. When you find products you’re into, take the extras home to put in your guest room. And then you can always buy them when you run out!

2. Get travel size versions of your tried and true products.
Fortunately for all of us, there are a variety of websites that sell travel-sized versions of very popular and effective products. has everything you need for face, body, men, kids and sun protection. There’s also a wide selection of more clinical-grade lines at (click on "travel sizes" and shop by your skin type).

3. Know the two items you can’t leave home without.
You don’t need to pack your entire skincare arsenal when you travel, but the most important products to bring with you are cleanser and moisturizer, since using the wrong formulation can upset your sensitive skin—and make for a less-than-fun vacation.

4. Plan ahead to prevent irritation.
And if you think of it while you’re packing, bring your own pillowcase since hotel detergents can wreak havoc on your skin.

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Things to Remember When Flying

5. Remember to hydrate before, during, and after your flight.
You can use your favorite moisturizer or go with a facial mist (just make sure it’s 3 ounces or smaller). Hand cream comes in handy as well.

6. Take advantage of the hot towels.
If you’re lucky enough to fly first class and you’re offered a hot towel, go ahead and refresh. Follow with moisturizer and you should be good for the duration of the flight.

7. Steer clear of airport samples.
It may be tempting to try new products when you’re exploring airport shops during a layover but remember this can be asking for trouble, especially with sensitive skin. Stick to what you know your skin can tolerate.

Hotel Product Pointers

8. Don’t get a facial while travelling.
As tempted as you may be to hit the hotel spa, opt for a massage instead. Your skin is more sensitive after air travel and climate changes.

9. Beware of body lotions and washes.
If you’re skin is accustomed to a humid environment, it’s more likely to react to fragrance if you travel to an arid destination. And whatever you do, don’t apply body lotions to your face.

10. Know the right (and wrong) way to use shampoo and conditioner.
Feel free to use the hair conditioner hotels provide to shave your legs (and on your hair, of course). Don’t use the shampoo on your body as it may be too harsh for your skin.

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