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10 Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other

080813_JL2003_romance_travel.jpgYou and your partner may be a perfect match at home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your travel styles mesh perfectly. Travelers in our Forums recently shared stories about traveling with their significant other; it hasn’t always been a breeze for some. A few expressed frustration at their partner’s unwillingness to take an active part in a trip’s planning. Others admitted to their own slightly dramatic meltdowns over trivial things. Many travelers shared the lessons they’ve learned along the way, including their unique strategies for dealing with a trip’s rough spots with their partners.

Can you relate to some of the wisdom below? View more tips and add your own experience.

1. Remind your partner that your vacation is not a business trip.

“I can travel the world and not have _____ happen”. We finally started finishing the sentence and my husband got the message! He does travel internationally a lot solo for business and traveling with the family was usually a different experience all together!” — cmeyer54

2. Stop getting lost

“I use to stress a lot because I was the map reader and navigator while my husband did the driving. That caused more squabbles than anything else. But now we use our GPS when we go to Europe and it has made a world of difference!” — bettyk

3. Find time for solo sightseeing

“We have found the best way to avoid crankiness is to void 24 hour togetherness. Be sure to schedule separate time on a regular basis – doing things you each like for a day or an afternoon. It will give you something to talk about – and lessen the pressure a lot.” — nytraveler

4. Recognize your partner’s strengths

“He puts things in spreadsheets so we don’t miss anything–and I’ve come to appreciate that, because we can make better decisions.” — Debi

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5. Tackle fights before they happen

“It’s taken us a long time to work out our secret and sacred peace treaty…our vow to have fun on vacation! The way we do it: we discuss in advance, before we leave, the things that normally cause fights. We work it out ahead of time.” — Melissa5

6. Keep your tank full

“Hunger is a dangerous issue – we have learned not to postpone the meal “until after this museum” or “when we get to Malaga” because it is a bad, bad idea.” –gruezi

7. Keep your discomfort in perspective

“I think it’s easily understandable: hot, not sure which way to go, being hungry for the last 2 hours, who knows how much longer and what you will get – the list goes on forever. We had it all and it was mostly me going nuts, must confess. But being away lately so often and for so long I’ve learned to enjoy us being together and realized that it goes into no comparison with what we’ll see and what we’ll miss, what and when we eat, when we get where we are going – as long as my wife is with me.” — mian11224

8. Let the small things slide

“I think we actually squabble less on vacation, even though we are spending more time together than usual, because we are just happy to be there. We usually have that “woo hoo, we’re on vacation” vibe and let things roll off our backs that would probably annoy us if we were at home.” — tcreath

9. Always find the silver lining of any disappointment

“If you miss a museum, there’s another one down the road. If you take a wrong turn, you find another way of getting there. If you order something you don’t like, order something else. If you don’t see something this trip, plan a return.” — LoriS

10. Take on the world as a pair

“Actually I find that we hardly ever argue or disagree when we are traveling. Maybe it’s because we are away from the stresses that usually cause differences. It’s the “us against the world” syndrome.” — Royal

Can you relate to some of the wisdom above? View all their tips and add your own experience.

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