Directions in Japanese


Click on a phrase to hear it, then repeat the phrase out loud.
Play the clip again. How did you do?


  • wherePlay Clip doko
  • Excuse me, where is Tokyo Station?Play Clip Sumimasen, Tookyoo eki wa doko desu ka?
  • Where are the taxis?Play Clip Takushii wa doko desu ka?
  • Where is the bus?Play Clip Basu wa doko desu ka?
  • Where is the subway?Play Clip Chikatetsu wa doko desu ka?
  • Where is the exit?Play Clip Deguchi wa doko desu ka?
  • Is it near?Play Clip Chikai desu ka?
  • Is it far?Play Clip Tooi desu ka?
  • Go straight ahead.Play Clip Massugu ni itte kudasai.
  • Go that way.Play Clip Achira e itte kudasai.
  • Go back.Play Clip Modotte kudasai.
  • Turn right.Play Clip Migi ni magatte kudasai.
  • Turn left.Play Clip Hidari ni magatte kudasai.
  • Take me to this address, please.Play Clip Kono juusho made onegai shimasu.
  • What is the fare?Play Clip Ikura desu ka?
  • Stop here, please.Play Clip Koko de tomatte kudasai.
  • Does this bus go to Aoyama Street?Play Clip Kono basu wa Aoyama doori made ikimasu ka?
  • A map of the city, please.Play Clip Koko no chizu o kudasai.
  • A subway map, please.Play Clip Chikatetsu no rosenzu o kudasai.


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