Shopping in Arabic


Click on a phrase to hear it, then repeat the phrase out loud.
Play the clip again. How did you do?


  • How much does that cost?Play Clip kam huwa th- thaman?
  • At what time does the store open?Play Clip fii ayyi waqt yaftaHu l- maHall?
  • At what time does the store close?Play Clip fii ayyi waqt yaghliqu l- maHall?
  • What would you like?Play Clip maadha turiid?
  • Can I help you?Play Clip hal lii ’an ’usaaxidak?
  • I would like this.Play Clip ’uriidu haadha.
  • Here it is.Play Clip haa huwa. (m.) (haa hiya. (f.))
  • Is that all?Play Clip hal haadha kullu shay’in?
  • I'd like to pay with cash.Play Clip ’uriidu ’an ’adfaxa naqdan.
  • I'd like to pay by credit card.Play Clip ’uriidu ’an ’adfaxa bi biTaaqata l-’itimaan.
  • Can I order this online?Play Clip hal ’astaTiixa ’an aTlub haadha xala l-’internet?
  • Women's clothesPlay Clip malaabis nisaa’iyya
  • Men's clothesPlay Clip malaabis rijaaliyya
  • Blouse, skirt, dressPlay Clip bluuza, tannuura, fustaan
  • Pants, shirts, tiesPlay Clip banTaluun, qamiiS, ribaaT al-xunuq
  • Shoes and socksPlay Clip ’aHzia wa jawariib
  • JeansPlay Clip jiinz
  • BookstorePlay Clip maHall al-kutub
  • BakeryPlay Clip makhbaz
  • MarketPlay Clip suuq
  • SupermarketPlay Clip suubermaarkit


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