Dining Out in Arabic


Click on a phrase to hear it, then repeat the phrase out loud.
Play the clip again. How did you do?

Dining Out

  • Where is a good restaurant?Play Clip hal hunaaka maTxamun jayyidun?
  • A table for two, please.Play Clip Taawila li ’ithnayn, rajaa’an.
  • The menu, please.Play Clip qaa’imat Taxaam, rajaa’an.
  • The wine list, please.Play Clip qaa’imat al- nabiidh, rajaa’an.
  • appetizersPlay Clip mushahiyaat
  • main coursePlay Clip al-Tabaq al-’asaasi
  • dessertPlay Clip al-Hilu
  • I would like something to drink.Play Clip ’uridu mashruuban.
  • A glass of water, please.Play Clip kubbaayat maa’, rajaa’an.
  • A cup of tea, please.Play Clip kuub shaay, rajaa’an.
  • coffee with milkPlay Clip qahwatun maxa l- Haliib
  • beerPlay Clip biira
  • Do you have a vegetarian dish?Play Clip hal xindakum Tabaqun nabaatiyyun?
  • That's all.Play Clip haadha kull shay’.
  • The check, please.Play Clip al-faatuura, rajaa’an.
  • Is the tip included?Play Clip hal al-baqshiish maHsuub?
  • breakfastPlay Clip al-fiTaar
  • lunchPlay Clip ghadaa’
  • dinnerPlay Clip xashaa’
  • Enjoy the meal!Play Clip ’istamtix biTaxaamak! (m.)/’istamtixii biTaxaamik! (f.)
  • To your health!Play Clip fi SiHatak! (m.)/fi SiHatik! (f.)
  • It's delicious!Play Clip ’innahu ladhiidh! (m.)/‘innaha ladhiidha! (f.)
  • platePlay Clip SaHn
  • forkPlay Clip shawka
  • knifePlay Clip sikkiin
  • spoonPlay Clip milxaqa
  • napkinPlay Clip miHrama
  • cupPlay Clip kuub
  • glassPlay Clip ka’s
  • a bottle of winePlay Clip zujaajat nabiidh
  • ice cubesPlay Clip mukaxabaat thalj
  • saltPlay Clip milH
  • pepperPlay Clip filfil (‘aswad)
  • sugarPlay Clip sukkar
  • soupPlay Clip Hisaa’
  • saladPlay Clip SalaTa
  • breadPlay Clip khubz
  • butterPlay Clip zubda
  • noodlesPlay Clip makaruna
  • ricePlay Clip ’aruzz
  • cheesePlay Clip jubna
  • vegetablesPlay Clip khuDaar
  • chickenPlay Clip dajaaj
  • porkPlay Clip khanziir
  • beefPlay Clip baqar
  • I like my steak rare.Play Clip ’uriidu shariiHat laHm ghayr naaDija.
  • I like my steak medium.Play Clip ’uriidu shariiHat laHm naaDijatun qaliilan.
  • I like my steak well done.Play Clip ’uriidu shariiHat laHm naDija jayyidan.
  • juicePlay Clip xaSiir
  • piePlay Clip faTiira
  • ice creamPlay Clip buuza, aays kriim
  • Another, please.Play Clip waaHidun ’aakhar, rajaa’an. (m.) (waaHidatun ’ukhra, rajaa’an. (f.))
  • More, please.Play Clip al maziid, rajaa’an.
  • Please pass the…Play Clip rajaa’an marrir li l- ...
  • spicyPlay Clip al-Haar
  • sweetPlay Clip al-Hilu
  • sourPlay Clip al-HaamiD


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