Basic Arabic Phrases


Click on a phrase to hear it, then repeat the phrase out loud.
Play the clip again. How did you do?

Basic Phrases

  • Thank you.Play Clip shukran.
  • Thank you very much.Play Clip shukran jaziilan.
  • You're welcome.Play Clip ’ahlan wa sahlan.
  • Please.Play Clip rajaa’an.
  • Yes.Play Clip ’ajal./naxam.
  • No.Play Clip kalla./laa.
  • Excuse me.Play Clip xafwan.
  • Pardon me.Play Clip xafwan./xuzran.
  • I'm sorry.Play Clip ’anaa ’aasif.
  • I don't understand.Play Clip la ’afham.
  • I don't speak Arabic.Play Clip anaa la ’atakallam al- xarabiyya.
  • I don't speak Arabic very well.Play Clip ’anaa laa ’atakallam al- xarabiyya jayyidan.
  • Do you speak English?Play Clip hal tatakallam ’ingilizi?
  • Speak slowly, please.Play Clip rajaa’an takallam bi biT’.
  • Repeat, please.Play Clip ’axid, min faDlak.
  • What's your name?Play Clip ma ’ismuk?
  • How are you?Play Clip kayfa Haaluka? (m.) (kayfa Haaluki? (f.))
  • Do you speak English?Play Clip hal tatakallam ’ingilizi?
  • Where is the subway?Play Clip ’ayna metro al-’anfaaq?
  • Where is a good restaurant?Play Clip hal hunaaka maTxamun jayyidun?
  • Is the tip included?Play Clip hal al-baqshiish maHsuub?
  • How much does that cost?Play Clip kam huwa th- thaman?
  • Is there a public phone here?Play Clip hal hunaaka haatifun ’umuumiyyun huna?
  • Can I get on the internet?Play Clip hal ’astaTiixa ’an ’astaxmil al-’internet?
  • Can you help me?Play Clip hal tastaTiixa ’an tusaaxidani?


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