Using the Forums

How do I find my topics, comments, and trip reports?

The topics you have started or participated in appear in your profile. After signing in, click your Member Name at the top of any page on Fodors.com to view your profile. Topics you’ve started appear under “Recent topic activity.” Topics you have commented on appear under “Topics you commented on.” If you start a topic then add a reply to it, that topic will appear in both sections.

Keep in mind that you can click on other members’ names to view their profiles, including their trip reports and topics they’ve started or commented on.

What kind of topics and replies are not allowed in the forums?

Please see our guidelines for posting.

How do I know if a topic that I’ve started or participated in has new responses?

These topics appear in your profile in the order in which they last received a response. Therefore, topics at the top of “Recent topic activity” and “Topics you’ve commented on” might not be those you last started or added a comment to.

Why should I tag my post?

Tagging makes it possible for other members to see your topic when they browse individual forums by tags. You may select up to five topics by holding down the Ctrl key (PC) or apple key (Mac).

What should I do if I forgot to tag my topic?

Please email the title of your topic to [email protected], and we’ll tag it for you.

Can I sort topics by a destination within a particular forum?

The forums are classified by region (Europe, for example) and focus (Cruises, for example). Within each forum, destination and category tags allow you to further focus your browsing. In the United States forum, for instance, you can select “California” from the “View by tag” menu at the top of the page under “United States.” You will then see a display of topics added to the United States forum with the tag “California.”

How do I change forums?

Click the “Change forum” link to the right of the title of the forum that you are currently reading.

Are there RSS feeds I can subscribe to?

Our RSS feeds alert subscribers to new blog stories and new topics in the forums. Subscribe to the Fodor’s blog feed here.

Three levels of RSS feeds serve our forums:

  • a top-level feed that includes all new topics posted in every forum
  • a midlevel feed that includes all new topics in a particular forum (ex. United States)
  • a bottom-level feed that includes all new topics in a particular forum with a particular tag (ex. United States topics tagged Arizona)

Each can be subscribed to by clicking the orange RSS icon to the right of “New topics” on each level.

What is the column called “Recent activity” on the left side of each forum?

The “Recent activity” column displays the 25 topics that have most recently been started or have received a new comment. Click “View recent activity by day” to view older activity.

How do I save a topic or page so I can find it later?

The easiest way to save or bookmark a topic or page is to use your Internet browser’s bookmarking function.

How do I email a topic?

Click the “Share with a friend” button at the top of the topic. A window will open with fields for your email address and that of the intended recipient. This feature also enables you to easily reference a topic on your blog or preferred social network.

What does DD, DS, DH, YMMV, LOL, GTG mean?

Fodorites often use acronyms in the forums. Here are a few you might see:

DD, DS, DH, DW – Dear Daughter, Dear Son, Dear Husband, Dear Wife.
A quick way to reference a family member.

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary
Typically included after a suggestion, to stress that your experience may differ.

LOL – Laughing Out Loud
Ha ha…someone has a sense of humor.

GTG – Get-To-Gether

Members get together in person all over the world on a regular basis. Learn more

What are smileys?

Throughout our forums’ long history, icons or “smileys” have been used by members to clarify the intended tone of a post or simply add good cheer. You can view our smileys legend here. To use a smiley, simply enter the character set displayed to the right of the bullet.