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Viking River Cruises: Viking Tor

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By Yobt

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May 16, 2015

Poor travel experience

We were not pleased with the price or service we received with Viking travel arrangements made through Viking River Cruises. The following is a summary of our pre-travel arrangements: 1. We initially talked to the Viking Rep Jay Park who supplied us with his extension in case we needed any questions answered. Over a two week period I called him 3 times and left a message and our phone number for him to return our call. It never happened and I have

not heard from him since (first called in January). 2. We totally paid for our cruise + travel in early February, but our flight was not paid for and booked by Viking until April 15 and even after that date we could not book seats on our return flight until 36 hours before the flight on Austrian Air a partner of United Air. Also, the cost of the total trip travel booking through Viking was $2790 from Chicago which included two transfers to and from the ship . Booking directly through United ourselves would have cost $2164 but did not include the ship transfers. I doubt that would have amounted to the difference of $626! 3. When I talked to Viking I was told that getting the seat assignment was up to me and to call the airline directly even though they booked the flight. I was not informed of this at the time I booked the trip. 4. As of April 22 we still had not received our final information packet from Viking regarding our flight or trip package on May 7. Viking travel had us flying from Chicago to Munich then Munich to Nuremberg where the ship should have been 25 min away. Since the ship was not in Nuremberg due to high water conditions, we were told we would be bussed to the ship that would take about 4.5 hr. We were bussed back to Munich first to pick up about 15 more people and then took a detour to drop a person at a hotel since he was not on our cruise. Had Viking notified us earlier we could have avoided the cost of the travel from Munich to Nuremberg. We finally arrived at our ship in Vilshofen 4.5 hr after getting the bus. We had a 3rd level veranda room, but that first night another ship tied up to ours blocking any view or the use of our veranda. This happened once more later in the trip. Room was nice, food was average and service good for the most part. Would never do Viking again, even though they did comp us for an optional concert.

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