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Viking Magni Cruise Review

Offering Rhine cruises between Amsterdam and Basel, as well as seasonal tulip cruises and other itineraries on the Danube, the Viking Magni is one of several that were launched in 2013. Cabins include two Explorer Suites with spectacular 270-degree views as well as private wraparound verandas. The ship, with 95 outside cabins, many with balconies, promises a smooth ride. This is one of the newer Viking Longships, so all cabins come with flat-screen TVs, comfortable baths with L'Occitane amenities, and cushy beds.

In the luxury river cruising niche, Viking is an absolute winner, receiving praise from both the industry and demanding clientele. In 2013, Viking will operate 30 vessels. Nearly half of these were added in the last two years as the new Longship-class of next-generation vessels, inspired by ancient Norse longships and designed with sophisticated elegance by famed Norwegian maritime architects Yran and Storbraaten. All-inclusive fares, superb service, and sleek rooms with exceptional views are showcased. Apart from minor design flaws, river cruising doesn’t get any better than this.

Viking’s two smallest ships are the intimate 124-passenger Fontane and Schumann, both built with the shallow Elbe River in mind. Among Viking’s other ships, capacity ranges between 150 and 160 guests. These include the Danube, Europe, Neptune, Pride, Sky, and Spirit. With capacity for 198 guests, Helvetia and Sun are larger. The first “green” ship, built in 2009—the 189-passenger Legend—features diesel electric hybrid engines. The wow factor is high for newer green vessels Aegir, Embla, Freya, Idun, Njord, and Odin—all launched in 2012.

Cruises in Europe are offered on the Rhine, Main, Danube, Elbe, Saône, Seine, and Rhône rivers, as well as the canals of the Netherlands and Belgium. Viking also has five ships in Russia and Ukraine. Kirov, Pakhomov, Peterhof, and Surkov sail on the Volga, while Lomonosov meanders the Dnieper.

By nhonig

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May 6, 2015

Viking Magni - Worst Cruise Ever

Left Tampa 6:30 pm, flew to Kennedy, then to Paris, then to Amsterdam, arrived around 3:40 pm local time. Transfer Driver not there. He had picked someone else up who was wearing a Viking sticker but never asked their name. Took them to our hotel, the Movenpick, which was very nice but too far from downtown. They weren't even staying there. That's when they found out they left us at the airport. We had to get a tour guide from another company to

make phone calls for us. Not a good start! Was told that the Flower Parade which is held once a year was nothing to bother seeing so settled for a walking tour of Amsterdam, which we could have done on the last day of the cruise. They should have offered it as a special excursion. WE thought we were getting an upscale cruise, but it was horrible.Viking River Cruise - Worst cruise we have ever been on. Between lousy weather, wind, rain, cold, even saw hail, for half the week, then we couldn't use our veranda which we paid extra for because the ship kept docking up against either another ship or the rusty metal docks which became our view, and then illness. We had to walk thru another ship at times to get to the shore and people had to walk thru our ship at times to get to the shore. That wouldn't be bad if it didn't block our view. The second half of the cruise also had horrible weather. I have pictures to prove our view. The water canal cruise was in the pouring rain; the guide in Hoorn kept forgetting what he was supposed to say. The poor people whose homes we visited had to deal with cold wet people with wet shoes. But they were very gracious about it. In Kinderdjk, even the guide, who lives there, said the weather was horrible and couldn't wait to get back indoors. Again, another cold wet windy raining day. Yes, both of us came home sick. He came down on Wednesday or so with a sore throat, cold, runny nose, cough, etc. I caught it towards the weekend. Came home 10 pm Sunday night, He went to Urgent Care as he was so miserable didn't want to wait until 3:30 for reg doc. He has a strep infection, sinus infection, fever was 101.7 at the docs and higher later and can't hear. I have something wrong with my ear, inflamed or something, couldn't catch what the doc said but both of us are on antibiotics and other meds for this darn thing. I am trying to prevent my symptoms from becoming worse since he was told he could be contagious. He had to have exrays for his lungs today, and changed to a stronger antibiotic. And when on the River Cruise we were told they are not allowed to sell any medications including simple aspirin. We had brought some things but fortunately one of the other guests had some Nyquill they shared, and we found a local doc who gave us the equivalent of Tylenol but stronger, and I gave him my nasal spray to use until we could find a pharmacy. We were able to get some other simple meds for him but were told that things like Nyquill, Dayquill, Contac are too strong so they don't sell them. He missed a couple of excursions and meals, but he did get to see the Keukonhoff Gardens and I think I would have put him in a wheel chair to see that as it was the highlight of the trip since we missed the Flower Parade the Saturday before we left Amsterdam. Fortunately another of the guests that we were spending time with is a Doctor and he helped us figure out what to do. But after 17+ hours and 3 connections to get home we are still functioning but not well. We had the dog sitter keep the dogs an extra day and will pick them up today. Had to cancel two social events because of this dam thing. The Concierge said he tried to get Viking to change our flight arrangements but to no avail, so we had to do the triple change on the way home. Our expensive Travel Insurance program ($1500) was worthless. We were told that either he would have to be admitted to the hospital and if they could not cure him then they would jet him home. And also, he would have to be seen by a doctor and certified that he was not well enough to fly and maybe they might have jetted him home. Or we could have made other flight arrangements on our own ($5,000+) extra and then try to collect from the Insurance company's claims department later. And it was bought thru Viking. Have no plans to go on another Viking cruise. And am not a big fan of Air France either. We sat on the tarmac for 1.5 hrs after arriving 1 hour early and we thought for sure we were going to miss our Delta flight home which is the last flight out of Kennedy to Tampa. Last time we flew this combination we did miss the flight home and had to stay overnight in NY. I think that Viking is expanding too quickly and cannot give the service their clients deserve. The ships are getting old and could use a bit of freshing up. The people we met were delightful which was a lifesaver.

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