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Viking River Cruises: Viking Jarl

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Oct 20, 2014

Grand Eurpean Tour

In the middle of the cruise. Thus far very pleasant. Staff is very good and accommodating. There is one MAJOR problem. We are in one of only seven 2 room suites (besides the two Owner's suites) on the ship. It wasn't worth the huge cost increase. The walking track is above our deck. The noise, all times of day and evening is extremely loud. It sounds like someone is going to fall through the ceiling. The noise is pounding at times and you

can't even carry on a conversation, let alone take a nap after an all day shore excursion. Alarm clock......why need one when the pounding starts sometimes at 6:30 AM. I can't understand why there isn't some restricted hours for use of the track especially since the noise affects the higher priced berths. While we like the space offered by the upgraded suite, I wouldn't recommend a suite on the deck right below the track unless you sleep with ear plugs. The only good night's sleep has been when they close the top deck going through the Locks. Fairly good food with nice selections. It's not gourmet but it's good. If you don't like something you ordered the staff is very accommodating and will get you something else. I can imagine staying in a single room as it is extremely small. We have a suite which is a living room and bedroom and while still somewhat small, it is comfortable. Closet and shelf space is limited so pack accordingly. Fair entertainment. Need to take advantage of all included shore excursions.......some better than others. We are going to do the optional Nuremberg WWII excursion and the Vienna evening concert. There are some very good excursions in Budapest but we have our own private Budapest local tour guide planned (for 4). Except for the noise, it has been enjoyable. However, we will not be back on Viking if the ship configurations are similar to the Jarl.

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