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Viking River Cruises: Viking Emerald

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Jun 9, 2014


We have not even departed on our trip yet and we have had problems with Viking. The cruise line states that they will send out documents 2-3 weeks before the departure date. We are two weeks away from our departure and our travel agent has repeatedly tried to get the documents from Viking. Viking keeps saying that they are on their way. My husband and I have heard nothing from Viking since we booked out China cruise six months ago except repeated

attempts to get us to book another cruise. Before I do so, I would like to be assured that I am going on the cruise I already booked. My husband and I will probably consider booking another cruise line next time as we do not want to have to worry about receiving our documents in time before our trip and would like to avoid having to call our travel agent and Viking several times before our departure. Viking does not seem too attentive to their customer's needs in this respect.

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