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Silversea Cruises: Silver Spirit

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Silver Spirit Review

Christened in 2010, Silver Spirit, the largest ship in the Silversea fleet, includes all the signature features of her smaller fleetmates on a grander scale, as well as additional elements such as the expanded spa facilities and more dining options.

The stylish interiors of Silver Spirit’s public rooms reflect a 1930s art deco flavor. Although the decor is warmer and more inviting than previous Silversea ships, you’ll still find signature spaces like the Humidor, the Bar, and the indoor–outdoor La Terrazza restaurant.

With one of the most generous space-to-guest ratios in the cruise industry, Silver Spirit features an expansive 8,300-square-foot spa with a thermal suite and outdoor whirlpool; a state-of-the-art fitness complex with two aerobics studios; six places to dine; three high-end, duty-free boutiques; and the largest suites in the Silversea fleet. In addition, deck space is expansive, with plenty of teak chaise longues, two whirlpools, and a bar poolside. The resort-style pool is even heated for cooler weather.

Silversea Cruises was launched in 1994 by the former owners of Sitmar Cruises, the Lefebvre family of Rome, whose concept for the new cruise line was to build and sail the highest-quality luxury ships at sea. Intimate ships, paired with exclusive amenities and unparalleled hospitality, are the hallmarks of Silversea cruises. All-inclusive air-and-sea fares can be customized to include not just round-trip airfare but all transfers, porterage, and deluxe precruise accommodations as well.

Personalization is a Silversea maxim. Their ships offer more activities than other comparably sized luxury vessels. Take part in those that interest you, or opt instead for a good book and any number of quiet spots to read or snooze in the shade. Silversea’s third generation of ships introduced even more luxurious features when the 36,000-ton Silver Spirit launched late in 2009. Silversea’s Silver Explorer is the top choice for luxurious soft adventure expedition cruising, and in 2013 Silversea added a second exploration ship, Silver Galapagos, that will sail exclusively in the Galápagos Islands.

What You Should Know


  • Onboard atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed
  • Chilled champagne welcomes every passenger to his suite
  • Silver suites are the most popular accommodations on Silversea ships, and Silver Spirit has twice as many as her fleetmates


  • One accommodations deck doesn’t have a passenger laundry room
  • The addition of a limited children’s program could mean more youngsters on board than normal
  • You could get so spoiled aboard Silver Spirit that you’ll never want to go home
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 375
  • Entered Service 2010
  • Gross Tons 36,000
  • Length 642 feet
  • Number of Cabins 270
  • Passenger Capacity 540
  • Width 86 feet
  • Service

  • Food

  • Décor

  • Value

Apr 20, 2017

So bad we walked off the ship before it left port

We booked a $17,850 “luxury cruise” with Silversea Cruises for our family of four departing March 20, 2017 on the ship Silver Spirit and the experience was so horrible in the first four hours, we walked off the ship before it left port. Although we were led to believe we would get a refund, the tiny little copy at the bottom of the disembarkation request (that we had to sign to get off the ship) said our decision does not “entitle us for any

reimbursement” so says Frank Sansone the Director of Guest Relations. We experienced: horrible customer service, horrible atmosphere, horrible food & horrible communication.

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  • New

Feb 26, 2014

eastern Caribbean

we had the ROYAL SUITE #702. right up at the front of the ship. it was a BEAUTIFUL room. lots of space, very comfortable (during the day ONLY). at night every time the ship went up in down in the water we heard what sounded like a refrigerator being thrown down a stairwell (the nights at sea). ear plugs helped diminish the noise enough to sleep. Each morning that we would arrive into a port (about 5am'ish') we would hear the anchor

falling into the water with its heavy chain behind it. NO NEED FOR AN ALARM CLOCK!!!! IT SOUNDED LIKE WE WERE BEING BOMBED!!! this would happen 4 or 5 times at each port. just an absolute terrible place to put the luxury cabins!!!! The food was not as good as we expected. desserts, pastries & ANYTHING chocolate - were poor quality. the chocolate ice cream them served was ZERO CALORIE and came in a container, other ice creams where made on ship. ZERO CALORIE on a vacation?????? specialty restaurants: le champagne - we think it is overrated. la terrazza - we didn't care for it. the grill - guests cook their own food at the table. i did not go on vacation to cook for m entertainment - exact same show we saw on a previous cruise. (editor's note: cruise ship shows typically are run for two years at least, before being replaced.) the cruise line owners have a charity foundation and early on in the voyage they take the liberty to charge your shipboard account for a donation to their foundation. they leave a brochure in your cabin informing you about the foundation and then state if you do not want to make a donation please see the reception desk to make an adjustment. this happened on our last voyage as well. we have traveled on silver seas before and greatly enjoyed it! this was a great disappointment! if it were not for the staff and the people we met we would have disembarked and found our own way home! just an absolute disappointment!!!! as a guest you can tell that the management just does not care!

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Nov 28, 2010

Barbados to Ft Lauderdale

The Silver Spirit was a very beautiful ship and the cabins were quite large. The one complaint with the cabins accross the board were the sinks in the bathrooms. They just were hard to use and always sprayed on the cabinet and mirror. Apart from that the cabins were quite nice. The food and entertainment on the other hand were quite lame. The entertainment almost was nonexistant and the food was the worst of the five cruises that I have taken. The

wait staff was very freindly and seemed to be working hard so the only thing I can come up with to explain the really slow service and poor food was a distinct effort by Silverseas to cut corners. Too little staff and too few cooks. This was by far the worst cruise I have ever taken and do not plan to curise Silversea again. I sincerely hope you have better luck. I thought it was the worst food of any cruise I have ever taken. If you go on this cruise I advise you to go the the Hot Rocks specialty restaurant as offte as possilbe. That was the one highlight of the cruise. An excellent meal everytime. I managed to get in 3 times. Very nice but the TV was a little glitchy. But all in all very nice. Non exsistant. Plan to read a book or watch movies or go to the casino. Otherwise for me there was nothing. I took four excursions. Nothing stood out as amazing but I enjlyed all of them With better food service and entertainment it would have been wonderful

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