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SeaDream Yacht Club: SeaDream II

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Sep 18, 2008

Trans Atlantic

Revamped Seabourn/Cunard Sea Goddess 2. Company publicity cites cruise experience improved. Sailed many times on Goddess and you are assured this is truly inferior. The ships have been nicely refurbished, but service is lacking, We - party of 20 friends plus 29 other passengers, cruised transatlantic, Barcelona to St Thomas Oct 2002. The overwhelming majority of co-passengers opined that this new cruise experience was considerably inferior

to Cunard/ Seabourn old Sea Goddess 1 & 2 in most ways, the exceptions being decor, deck layout, gym and library features. Arrival and greeting is substandard, more especially for a ship of this caliber, nothing more than a dressed up, stressed out cargo Capt shaking hands, pointing the way inside the ship, as if we couldn't find our own way in through a door! No flowers, no music, no fruit, no welcome drinks, no crew. Packing cases stacked on deck, ski-doos lashed down on the aft deck, a previously important space for deck activities. Giving the overall impression of a holiday resort closed for the winter. Food. Is at best nothing more than US 'diner standard'. Breakfast is good, lunch passable, dinner appalling. I awarded a lifejacket to the grossly misnamed Chef de Cuisine, for he may have needed it if the food didn't improve -it didn't, but unfortunately he stayed to plague the passengers with his miserable attempts to cook. He, his Faulty Towers style unbelievably shambolic kitchen (my wife was a professional chef), supported by the disorganized restaurant waiting staff served to cap the horrible boring experience. No entertainment, 'excused' by placating us with the storyline -appealing to the unstructured lifestyle of the demanding rich. I think the owner should leave the cold and misery of Norway and Scandinavia and gain some experience of how we really live in the real 'unstructured rich world'. Passenger Crew are mismanaged therefore disorganized. The Capt (competent) but poor chap is ex cargo ship, and clearly cruises with cost saving in mind i.e. shortest distance, to hell with passenger comfort (I'm an ex seafarer). Overall: Rubbish and a never again experience. My advice is forget these ships until they are sold to a proper company who know how to run cruise ships.

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