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Royal Caribbean International: Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas Review

Christened in 2009 as the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas set the bar high for Royal Caribbean’s fleet with innovative features and amenities, some of which are making their way to other fleetmates.

The world’s largest cruise ships are so massive that each is divided into seven neighborhoods—distinguished by purpose (spa and fitness, pool and sports), age (youth zone), design (Central Park and the Boardwalk), or function (entertainment). At the heart of the ships are the indoor Royal Promenade, lined with café-style eateries and lounges. Outdoors, Central Park’s pathways meander through the ships’ “town square,” which evolves from a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere during the day to a gathering space for alfresco dining and entertainment in the evening. Connecting the two is an open-air elevator that doubles as a bar where patrons can order drinks during the ride.

Royal Caribbean hits all the marks with nearly two-dozen bars and lounges and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. There are many open spaces to play in—including two surfing simulators, two rock-climbing walls, and the first zip line on a cruise ship that stretches across the Boardwalk neighborhood. The Boardwalk itself features a carousel in a setting that evokes the nostalgia of seaside piers of yesteryear. The centerpiece of the AquaTheater is the largest and deepest freshwater pool found on a ship where you can swim by day and watch a water show after the sun goes down.

Big, bigger, biggest! In the early 1990s, Royal Caribbean launched Sovereign-class ships, the first of the modern megacruise liners, which continue to be the all-around favorite of passengers who enjoy traditional cruising ambience with a touch of daring and whimsy. Plunging into the 21st century, each ship in the current fleet carries more passengers than the entire Royal Caribbean fleet of the 1970s, and has amenities—such as new surfing pools—that were unheard of in the past.

All Royal Caribbean ships are topped by the company's signature Viking Crown Lounge, a place to watch the seascape by day and dance at night. Expansive multideck atriums and promenades, as well as the generous use of brass and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, give each vessel a sense of spaciousness and style. The action is nonstop in casinos and dance clubs after dark, while daytime hours are filled with poolside games and traditional cruise activities. Port talks tend to lean heavily on shopping recommendations and the sale of shore excursions.

What You Should Know


  • Reservations for specialty dining and most shows can be made prior to sailing
  • The adults-only solarium has cabanas for rent that afford extra privacy
  • To keep in touch with family members, you can rent a "Wow Phone," essentially an iPhone that only works on board


  • You might want to pack an umbrella—the sprawling Central Park is open to the elements
  • On ships this large, lines are inevitable
  • Hold onto your wallet—there are extra charges at every turn, even for cupcakes
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 2,394
  • Entered Service 2009
  • Gross Tons 225,282
  • Length 1,187 Feet
  • Number of Cabins 2,706
  • Passenger Capacity 5,400
  • Width 208 feet
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Mar 4, 2017


Our time on the Oasis of the Seas was fantastic. Port Canaveral wasn't a very pleasant experience. We started our adventure by returning a rental car to Alamo. We had to wait in line for a shuttle bus to bring us to the port. It took 45 minutes to go 2.8 miles which should have taken six minutes, the port was very unorganized. Then standing in line to get on the ship was another hour. It was a rainy cold day for Florida. Finally on the ship

and we thought the crowd was overwhelming until the muster drill was over. Then the crowd thinned out. We had reserved shows for every night of our 7 day cruise on line, highly suggested. The first night the aqua show was cancelled apparently due to the weather. So far this sounds bad. But I have to say that we did our homework and had on board credits in excess of $400.00 by opening up two Royal Caribbean credit cards and charging the required amounts to get the credits, it was easy for us. The shows on the ship were outstanding, very talented performers. We enjoyed a show every night except the 1st. We missed the ventriloquist that was a replacement for a show cancelled due to tech. issues. . We had a scheduled early 5:30 dining. The food in the main dining room was excellent and our waiter Herb was the man, gracious, friendly and accommodating even when we showed up late to dinner. I even saw him assist diners with deshelling their lobster. We only ate in the Windjammer for a couple meals and the food was good. We found the Wipe out cafe a nice place to eat breakfast We had an interior stateroom. We didn't spend much time there. It was small but that is to be expected. It contained everything we needed for our week on board and housekeeping was more than sufficient. On another ship we were on the housekeeping kept us from entering our room while they were cleaning/vacuuming, that did not happen on this ship. We would have booked a balcony if we were able to smoke on the balcony. The shows were absolutely fantastic extremely talented performers. We missed only one show, the one that was cancelled and the other was rescheduled, but stuff happens. We went to the piano Schooner bar and had an enjoyable evening. We watched the Rising Tide bar, but we never got to ride on it, it stopped as it passed the piano bar for a few verses of "Sweet Caroline" that was fun. We are both smokers so we spent much time on deck 15. We met the regular smokers there and made some new friends, unfortunately they, some weren't having as great a time as we were. I would like to suggest that there should be some background music just to set the mood in the smoking area. We did enjoy a couple bands on deck 15 during the week. I don't even think I looked at the activities schedule. We had our excursions pre-set for days in port and used the casino as an alternate smoking place, deck 4, while at sea. No I didn't win, so that just added to the cost of the total cruise, but we had fun! We loved Labadee Haiti. The weather was perfect. We took the trolley to the market area and then walked to the Columbus beach. We bought some souvenirs and had lunch that was prepared by the ship. The water was clear and I enjoyed swimming/floating in the water. Lounge chairs were available and the view was gorgeous. We booked the Life of Bob Marley experience in Jamaica excursion through the ship online before sailing. We had a great time. The excursion said 7 hours which made us worry that we would be back before sailing but they had us back in about 5 hours and that included stopping for lunch, which was delicious. We booked an excursion through a 3rd party for Cozumel, Mexico. We went to El Cid for an all inclusive, food, drinks, pool, snorkeling and a very smalll beach. We met family there that happened to be in port the same day but on a different ship. It was a delightful day, although I found out that I don't know how to snorkel. My husband and I had an altogether great time on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. Can't wait to go sailing again. Hope to be able to go with our six grown adult/ children, their significant others and possibly our grandchildren next time. Bon Voyage! PS. Port Canaveral was a crowded mess getting on and off the ship as well. This is the only port we have ever sailed from and never experienced the confusion that we did for this sailing. I don't have another port to compare it to as of now. Maybe in a future review

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Sep 17, 2016


I took my family on oasis of the seas, it was very good , my waiter Darvin from Trinidad was very nice, my sou-waiter itentu (Java ) was perfect he alway have a smile on his face. Java told us about where he from, very pleasant man. Our house keeper Sam very nice . We planned on going back to the chip just because of those wonderful people . At the end of our vacation my 7 year old boy wants to take Darvin and Java with us. They like a family member

to us . Thank u very much for your service , hope to see u soon. The coconut shrimp, the lobster tail, the lamb was good Nice cabin, no body lotion but the housekeeper gave us some Fly with me was great, the oasis dancers rocked!‘ No professional photographer at the jet ski site when we were there. Good experience overall. September 12 was my husband birthday . We had a lot of fun , hope to see u soon!!!

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Jan 2, 2016

Eastern Carib

Cruise was fine for the most part. Found the staff to be overwhelmed with too many things, not concerned with many passenger comments or concerns. Ship was too large for personal service. Water shows were cancelled until the last night. Reservations were NOT honored. Unable to enter the casino due to HEAVY SMOKING. Food was just OK -- nothing special. Found many meat items in the dining room to be cooked very well - even if ordered

rare. Was told that is the only way it is cooked. Waiters seemed overworked - the assistant waiter, did not fully understand english. On one occasion, I ordered coffee after the meal, he took a cup from a table that just finished eating and placed other items on top of the cup, and proceeded to use it at my table. In addition - gave me regular instead of decaf. Menu items were the same daily -- just the "cover-up" sauce was different. Items arrived cold - Stateroom was clean and a nice size. Lots of activities -- many were at the same time - Reservations were not honored for shows. I stay away from ship shore excursions. Overpriced and really don't offer what is listed. Mainly for relaxation -- but it rained a lot of the trip. Food was OK -- nothing special. Lines were long - especially for the buffet and elevators. Service was OK -- many times slow.

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Jun 15, 2015


MOHAMMED STATEROOM ATTENDANT - EXCELLENT! MOHAMMED AT GUEST SERVICES EXCELLENT! GIRLS AT STARBUCKS VERY WARM AND FRIENDLY. Boat staff in general were warm and helpful, ship was clean and kept incredibly well, kids area fantastic. Unfortunately however, overall we did not have the greatest experience on this cruise (which was my first cruise however my husband and his family have been on MANY cruises before, all around the world.)

The biggest issue for us has been some situations involving our belongings and the responses we have received. When we arrived, our flight had been delayed (Delta from NYC) and as a result our luggage did not arrive. We were without luggage until Tuesday when we docked in Jamaica. The merchandise available on the ship was incredibly limited, especially considering the size of the ship and the reputation of Royal Caribbean. There was nothing - not a hat, a swimsuit or even a t-shirt for my 11 month old daughter. Mohammed from guest services was kind enough to arrange a complimentary pack of diapers in her size. For myself and my husband the selection was very poor. There was one swimsuit available on the entire ship in my size. I was told that merchandise had not been restocked in a number of weeks. The same went for my husband. We had expected an exciting and luxurious array of summer merchandise to purchase and were totally disappointed. There was not so much as a pair of clean underwear to buy. And for a summer cruise I would have expected at the very least, many swimsuit and cover-up options, as well as dresses for elegant evening etc. We had to wear our clothes from the plane for 3 days. Disappointing. Finally we met our luggage in Jamaica. Our car seat arrived with a crack through the center. Assuming this is the airlines fault but still we are not certain. Furthermore, only two pieces of our luggage actually made it to our room, along with two pieces of another guests luggage!!! It took a number of hours to actually locate our remaining luggage which had been incorrectly delivered to another guests room. By this stage it was Tuesday night. (As a side note Mohammed from guest relations was incredibly helpful and diligent at this time and even called our room to apologize for the mistake. He was on top of our case from the time we boarded and in contact with the airline to make sure our luggage would be delivered.) Upon debarking the ship in FL we opted for the valet program. We left our 4 pieces of luggage outside our room according to the instructions outlined. We returned to NY on Delta without a hint that their should be any issue. When we arrived however, we discovered that our luggage HAD NEVER BEEN DELIVERED TO THE AIRLINE!!! Of course it took a number of hours to work this out. We had to pay the driver who had arrived to pick us up when the plane landed even though we never took the car because we were delayed for so long looking for our bags. We had an exhausted baby, who needed to get home to eat and sleep. And we were AGAIN looking to locate our luggage. Finally Delta said since the bags had been "Voided" there was nothing more they could do. We returned to Manhattan - now stuck in Sunday afternoon traffic which added an hour to our trip with a screaming baby in the car. And no luggage. Meanwhile my husband had called Royal Carribean 3 times. The first time someone fairly unhelpful said they would "look into it" - they didn't give any time frame or expectation as to when we should receive a response. Their reaction was as though we had left a tooth brush on the boat - not the concerned, helpful or apologetic response we would expect for 4 missing pieces of luggage, INCLUDING a baby stroller and ALL our summer clothes, elegant evening wear that we need for a wedding, shoes, toiletries, medicines etc. We received no return phone call. He called a second time an hour later - The same woman told him "I don't have any more information, you will have to call back on Monday". By this stage we were seriously concerned that our luggage was lost or stolen. He called a third time - He spoke to someone different. He got the same standard response. My husband urged the representative to do more, so he called the warehouse. My husband insisted to wait on the phone, and after some time he said "they have found one piece." Only at my husbands insistence they kept looking and managed to find the other 3 pieces. So we were relieved to have located all 4 items. Unfortunately we were told to call back on MONDAY to arrange for shipping, that we could expect around WED at the earliest. WEDNESDAY?!!! As i mentioned, it is all our summer clothing, toiletries, baby gear and a stroller - how are we supposed to go from Sat - Wed without that?! My husband asked to speak to a supervisor - none available. He finally convinced the man on the phone to allow him to speak to the person in the warehouse. The woman in the warehouse was slightly more helpful. She explained there was really no way to get the luggage to Delta to be flown out that day (Sat) but that we could request it to be sent via UPS "next day delivery" on Monday. So the earliest we can expect to receive our luggage is Tuesday. We are extremely dissapointed and angry. Firstly at the complete incompetence to deliver according to the valet promise. Secondly at the mediocre, unhelpful and unconcerned response we have received. We were offered no reassurance at any point and had we not insisted on more investigation, we still would not be sure as to the whereabouts of our personal belongings. We have also received no explanation as to WHY the pieces never made it to the airport. NOT ACCEPTABLE from a company of your reputation and size. Not acceptable from Royal Caribbean. We have had to go out and purchase personal belongings to merely make do for the weekend. So far this has come to approximately $1000 US; This does not even come close to covering what we really need for the next few days. Things like a baby stroller and a hairdryer, cosmetics, clothing etc. We also had to pay TWICE for car services from JFK to Manhattan as the first we couldn't make. We are completely inconvenienced by this, financially put out and not to mention the extreme aggravation and stress that has been endured during what was supposed to be a relaxing week. Needless to say we have come away with a very bad taste, and are waiting for Monday when we can start to follow up with your staff as to how they plan to get the luggage to us. Combined with the fact that the ports (in particular Haiti and Jamaica) were BEYOND disappointing (totally inauthentic tourist experience) it was overall not a great experience for my first cruise.

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Nov 25, 2014

Eastern Caribbean

The ship was MASSIVE! It was clean and the service was great for such a large ship. The clientele was something to be desired. Guests on the ship were rude and uncivilized. Not everyone, but most. I mean grown men were yelling CANNON BALL as they jumped into the pool. Um, there are other people around that want to relax, HELLO! Breakfast: eggs were tasteless in the main dining room, Solarium and the Windjammer. The smoked salmon was very good

as well as the croissants. The other pastries were dry. There were muffins in the Solarium in the morning and they were good. Lunch: salad in central park was nice, but not great, the Solarium was a little fresher then the windjammer. Did go to any other places for lunch. Dinner was the best food overall. We ate in Silk every night, but 1. That night we ate in 150 Central Park. While it was good, it was not better than the main dinning room and we had to pay extra for it. We went on 1/2 price night, so it was $20 instead of $40. Silk was pretty good. The service was great and the head manager was overly friendly and made sure our meals were at it's best. The candy store has stale/old candy. I didn't know until I bought some gummies and they just were not fresh. I didn't say anything, I mean Why at that point? My teens liked the hot dogs on the boardwalk. We also got a snack sized slice of pizza most late afternoon in Sorento on deck 5. It was only OK, but eatable. While I didn't starve, the food overall was only OK. Our room had a balcony. It was great to sit on it to relax, since the pool deck was a bit too crazy for us. The room was clean and spacious for a ship room. Our Stateroom attendant was so kind and even checked in on my daughter when she was feeling sick one day. he knew her by name, which I was quite impressed about. The room had a TV which was by the sofa area. We like to watch in bed and the TV didn't move enough for us to see from the bed. not a huge deal, but worth a mention. The bed was quite comfortable, which we were surprised. There were so many activities that you can't possibly do them all. Our group liked the boardwalk for kids time around 3-ish. or was it 4? I forget. At the boardwalk there was face painting, a carousel, hot dogs and crew members with pirate games and other games each day. Plus there were character like Shrek that came so you can take your photo with them. There was ice skating, but only in the morning. My group ate breakfast late and wanted to go right to the pool. I think that there should have been an iceskating session in the afternoons. We did the flow rider, which was a lot of fun. The younger kids did Put Put and seemed to really enjoy that. The guests seemed to flock to the "sales". Stores or kiosks would have a "sale" and people went MAD! It was ridiculous. The only show we went to was Frozen. It was nice. We decided to have dinner late on the other nights and make that our evening instead. The excursions were expensive. Some of us went to Atlantis with the excursion, while others not knowing they could do this until later, went to Atlantis on their own for MUCH less! We ended up doing our own thing the other 2 stops and had a much cheaper and nicer time. We even found a little food cart in St.Thomas with the best burger EVER! Overall it was not our kind of trip. We can't understand why people love it so much.

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