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Oceania Cruises: Nautica

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Nautica Review

Originally built in 2000 as the fifth of a series of eight ships for Renaissance Cruises, which ceased operations in 2001, the former R5 was acquired by Oceania Cruises and launched as Nautica in 2005—as a sister ship to Regatta and Insignia. After refurbishment in 2010, the ship retained its original midsize ambience with an increased emphasis on cuisine and enrichment programs.

Carefully furnished to impart the atmosphere of a private English country manor, these midsize ships are casual yet elegant, with sweeping central staircases and abundant flower arrangements. Brocade and toile fabrics window coverings, overstuffed sofas, and wing chairs create a warm and intimate feeling throughout. The entire effect is that of a weekend retreat in the English countryside.

Authentic-looking faux fireplaces are adjacent to cozy seating areas in the Grand Bar, near the martini bar's grand piano, and in the beautiful libraries—some of the best at sea, with an enormous selection of best sellers, nonfiction, and travel books. The casinos are quite small and can feel cramped, and smoking is prohibited. Though there may be a wait for a seat at a poker table, there are enough slot machines to go around.

Other than decorative trompe-l'oeil paintings in several public areas, the artwork is unremarkable.

This distinctive cruise line was founded by Frank Del Rio and Joe Watters, cruise-industry veterans with the know-how to satisfy the wants of inquisitive passengers. By offering itineraries to interesting ports of call and upscale touches—all for fares much lower than you would expect—they are succeeding quite nicely. Oceania Cruises set sail in 2003 to carve a unique, almost boutique niche in the cruise industry by obtaining midsize R-class ships that formerly made up the popular Renaissance Cruises fleet. The line is now owned by Prestige Cruise Holdings.

Intimate and cozy public spaces reflect the importance of socializing on Oceania ships. Indoor lounges feature numerous conversation areas, and even the pool deck is a social center. The Patio is a shaded slice of deck adjacent to the pool and hot tubs. Defined by billowing drapes and carpeting underfoot, it is furnished with plush sofas and chairs ideal for relaxation.

Thickly padded single and double loungers are arranged around the pool, but if more privacy appeals to you, private cabanas are available for rent. Each one has a double chaise longue with a view of the sea; overhead drapery can be drawn back for sunbathing, and the side panels can be left open or closed. Waiters are on standby to offer chilled towels or serve occupants with beverages or snacks. In addition, you can request a spa service in your cabana.

Varied, destination-rich itineraries are an important characteristic of Oceania Cruises, and most sailings are in the 10- to 12-night range.

What You Should Know


  • A relaxed, social atmosphere pervades all areas on board
  • The lobby staircase is a must-see—it's practically identical to the one in the movieTitanic
  • On board, you’ll find some of the most lavish afternoon teas at sea


  • Shipboard charges can add up fast, because drink prices and even Internet services are on the high side
  • There is only one self-serve laundry room
  • The absence of a sauna in the spa is an unfortunate oversight
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 400
  • Entered Service 2000
  • Gross Tons 30,277
  • Length 594 feet
  • Number of Cabins 342
  • Passenger Capacity 684 (824 max)
  • Width 84 feet
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May 18, 2016


Beijing to Hong Kong voyage 02/03/2016 - 24/03/2016 on board the Nautica 1. When we had booked this cruise it shows that we had 2 days in Shanghai 18/3/2016 arrive at 8.00am depart 19/03/2016 at 5.00pm. We received a final cruise summary from Oceania via Virgin this shows that the Shanghai had changed to 2 half days 18/03/2016 arrive 12.00pm depart 19/03/2016 1.00pm we did not notice change and where not aware until a passenger on the

ship told us, they companied and got the internet package for free. Note there times will change again during the cruise. 2. Day of transfer from the hotel to the port Tianjin. We where told at first that the bus would leave the hotel at approx. 11.00am, it was then but back to 12.00 then again to 1.00pm. We where not told why. Boarded the bus had a break half way to the port when we get back on the bus where were told the boat could not dock due to fog this might lift when we got to the port. Arrived approx 0400pm in Tianjin the bus parked on the street, for over 2 hours the driver went missing and left the bus door open the weather was cold. The Oceania rep went to find out what was going on was gone for approx. 2 hours. People where now getting off the bus as no one know what was going on. The Oceania rep arrived stating that the ship could not dock and we where bussed to a Chinese restaurant the food was terrible. Then to the hotel, the hotel was fine but the breakfast next morning was poor. Note this is a 19 day cruise now. 3.We set sail to Seoul ok. Now we are told that the next port Jeju South Korea was not going to happen, bad weather and the other excuse North Korea [ I know that every time that the USA and South Korea have mauves in the china sea there is a problem but Oceania did not have a back up plan?.] Note Oceana now save on port, tugs and pilot frees. The next ports in Japan no problem. Then we arrive at Shanghai, fog could not get into port on the 18/03 arrive late next evening 19/03. Now we are told that the captain thinks it better that we cancel the next port or call Xiamen 2days, and spend the extra day in Shanghai note we was suppose to spend 2 days in Shanghai in the first place. Note Oceana have now saved a other 2 days on port, tugs and pilot frees in Xiamen The Ship 4. We arrived in our room this is ok when on to the balcony only to find a plank of wood sticking out of the floor on the balcony that you had to step over to enter the room. I companied to the house keeper nothing was done for two days so I went to the reception desk and companied it was sorted out within the hour. My point is this should have been inspected before we entered the room. I do have a picture of this. 5. Due to all of the immigration problems at several ports[ we were queuing up to 4 hours] in China & North Korea the captain on two occasions gave a free complimentary cocktail drink to everyone, We do not drink 6. The sheets on the bed had a hole in it, it was replaced but again it should not have happened. 7. We went on a Highlights of Tokyo Western style BBQ which turned out to be raw fish with noodles. We did complain to the tours desk only to be asked "what did you expect"!!! We did eventually get a small refund but not until the day we left, 10 days after the tour. We where told 2 that the letter had been sent to our room we never revived one. 8. We orders a early breakfast in our room on 4 occasions as we had booked tours with Oceania. The first breakfast we ordered toast only to be given plain bread phoned to complain was told it would be sent straight away did not arrived. We had to make our way to the tour bus. The second time we ordered one coffee and on tea only the coffee arrived, the third time we ordered two cakes none was delivered this time again we complained and the cakes did arrive. The forth time they did get the order correct. 9. On the Grand dining room we did in counter on two occasions the dinner was served on cold plates! 10. We know before we sailed that the entertainment was not going to be great but so it was poor. 11.I have phoned the Southampton on two occasions the first time was 31/03/2016 and the second time was on the 04/04/2016 in the afternoon both times I left a message no on has phoned be back. 12. It seams to us Oceania was cutting the out the ports to save money due to the problems in Tianjin. 13. As two of our tours where cancelled due to cancelled visits to Jeju and Xiamen we had on board credit, so as we made our payment in English pounds, I expected to be reimbursed in pounds. But no I was given $ WHICH WE THEN HAD TO CHANGE INTO STERING. at a loss to ourselves, not Oceania's loss. 14. The last comment we like to make is that we spoke to the cruise staff and fellow Oceania passengers a large portion have been on several Oceania cruises, and they were telling us that this the worst cruise that they have been on, and this also applies to my wife and I. 15 We would like to know is this the service that we should have expected from Oceania a 5 star plus ship. The room was keep tidy but we where disappointed with the size .

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Jan 30, 2016

Singapore to Hong Kong

Disappointing! The rooms are outrageously small and the furniture lacking. Our bedside table had no drawer and was 7" below the level of the mattress. My husband had a negative reaction the first evening dining in the Polo Grill. The 4th day he saw the medic and req'd a charcoal drink, an anti-spasmodic and a 3 day course of antibiotics. For this lovely introduction he was presented with a $570. US bill. Unfortunately a week later I had a bout

as well which cost me the arrangement to cruise the Mekong River in Saigon. I had a full day confined to my room, undercooked eggs? Our destinations were all amazing and we did an overnite, off the ship in Hanoi which was a highlight. We did only one of the ships tours in Bangkok, down the Chao Phrya River, which was unremarkable. They had the obligatory spot to shop and boarding the boat from one of the stops was particularly dicey...a gentleman on our boat ended up with a bad gash on his leg. The entertainment also was very mediocre, the Thai dancers was so poor & the music so loud and screechy most of the room was on their feet and out within 5 min. The only marvelous entertainment was the 2 nites with Sally Jones, she was great! All in all, we have had the best experiences in the past on Princess, Seabourn and Regent, we are probably off cruising after this adventure. Oddly, everyone one who had spoken to us previous to our booking with Oceania raved about how terrific the food was? We both had the worst experience with the food..and as we have owned a home in Los Cabos, Mexico for the past 20 years we are careful but adventurous diners. Dismal, furniture was underwhelming and the room & bathroom were So small we found ourselves on our hands and knees trying to access drawers and shelves. On our introduction to the room we were forced to have housekeeping up for a thorough cleaning( a 2 hr. Delay) as there were black, grimy fingerprints on the bathroom door, sticky spots on the carpet and the shower was filthy with dirty soap scum. Bingo, paddle tennis and putting contest were the activities. The excursions, and we conferred with other passengers as well, are expensive for what they offer and have no special advantage. They have canned tours with obligatory shopping stops( maybe they get a kickback?) The destinations were fabulous and for the most the dockings were well placed.

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Jan 30, 2014

Accent On Antiquities Istanbul to Athens

My worst experience related to this cruise was with the Oceania Cruise Line headquarters. I wrote a letter to the President who passed it down to the Guest Relations Administrator concerning the conduct of our tour guide on the Island of Delos Tour. The tour was conducted in very heavy rain, strong gusty wind and dangerous lightning - while on a hill, no less.. I felt, as did all the others, that our guide exercised bad judgement in wanting to press

on even when we were drenched. The only place on Deos that had cover was the Museum. The other tour groups were taken there but by the time the guide brought us there, we were literally soaked to the skin including the money and documents in my wallet. We were so chilled that we needed to take a hot shower on returning to the ship and our shoes were so wet that we spent that evening in the ships laundry room using the dryers to dry them. While we were on the Delos tour, the Nautica Captain used better judgement when he suspended the shore tender service because of the frequent lightning! This was a bad day in all regards and amounted to a lost day on our cruise. My Canon camera, an ELPF 500 HS was damaged from getting soaked even in its pouch. In the days afterward, the camera display was only partly visible making it very hard to compose further pictures and the shutter cover would not open properly causing cutoff pictures. As far as my camera was concerned, I asked that Guest Relations see to it that the Tour company repaired or replaced my camera. It has a used value of about $150.00. I also asked for a refund for the cost of the Tour. (I wish they were able to replace the day we lost being so miserable.). I felt the reply I did receive from Guest Relations was insulting in that she referred to "my perception" as being not the reality and that she had done an investigation that did not support my description of the events on Delos. I know that almost everyone on the tour wrote about that bad experience on the mid cruise comment form. She closed her letter by saying “We hope your actual cruise experience aboard Nautica met or exceeded your expectations.” Did this person read my letter? NO - it did NOT meet and it did NOT exceed my expectations! I contacted another person on that tour and they wrote a letter confirming everything I described and sent another letter along with this additional support to both the company president and Guest Relations management on Nov. 26,2013. To date neither has chosen to reply. I am very disappointed with the brush off and I know that their dismissal of my experience will be uppermost in my mind when I plan our next cruise or when someone asks about our trip with Oceania. Food was OK but much better in the specialty dining rooms. Adequate. Nothing fancy. Entertainment was OK for a small ship - 600+ passengers. Every stop had must see sites. My Oceania "Accent on Antiquities" cruise, Istanbul to Athens September 28, 2013 was NOT the experience I had expected. I delayed posting this in hopes that Guest Relations would see fit to respond to my second letter. The good: The crew aboard the Nautica was everything I had read in on line reviews. Everyone onboard was courteous and very attentive always anxious to make our trip the best possible. The bad: On this Itinerary, The Nautica spends the first two days at dock in Istanbul. A terrific city to explore and I would encourage everyone who has not been there, to come several days earlier as there is so much to see and do and the people were very friendly and charming. Our cabin number was 8008 a PH-2 Penthouse Suite located somewhat forward of midship on the port (left) side of the ship. The Salipazari Port Terminal is an old building and there is nothing appealing about it. What made our two days aboard very miserable, is that there is a large fuel barge parked there to refuel the ships and it was right next to our ship and our stateroom. There was no way we could enjoy our veranda as the view was “Industrial” at best and there was a constant smell of fuel oil anytime we tried going outside. My advice, DO NOT accept a Port side cabin if you plan to do Istanbul aboard this ship.

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Nov 1, 2013

Mediterranian-Istanbul to Athens

We took our second Ocenia cruise this year from Istanbul visiting some Greek Islands and Turkish ports before ending up in Athens (Sept/Oct 2013). This followed our first cruise on the same cruise line from Vancouver to Alaska in May 2013. Although for the Mediterranean cruise was on the Nautica, and the cruise to Alaska was on the Regatta, the two ships were so similar that sometimes, we forgot exactly which ship we were on! The Oceania

staff and crew were an asset to the company. They were so pleasant yet professional. They always smiled and greeted you when they passed by you. They worked hard and always tried their best to please, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. We were very impressed with their positive attitudes and the good training from Oceania management. Our belief is that the high quality of staff at Oceania Cruises is really one of the key strengths of the company, and that's why their cruises are so popular and successful. We know a lot of people raved about the wonderful cuisine and high standard of cooking on Oceania. Yes, we agree with them to a degree, but we have to say eventhough the cooking on Oceania was generally very good, it was not perfect! (Sorry, sorry, we know, we are being rather picky here! Gulp!!). To us, the bread served on Oceania Cruises (both Nautica and Regatta) was not very nice - it tasted to us as if it was dry and some was quite hard - the exception was the selection of breads in the Toscana Italian restaurant. We were also disappointed by the roast "lamb" which was really very tough , and the lamb curry with chewy meat, all were served in the Terrace (Buffet) restaurant. Their smoked salmon did not always taste fresh, it was as if it had been in the freezer for too long and the texture has gone past its best. Their scooped ice-cream curiously tasted as if was not properly frozen. Also, during their Asian-theme lunch in the buffet restaurant, their Asian dishes were not very authentic and some of their Asian dishes actually tasted pretty awful ! Being Asian, I dare claim to have some knowledge of how "good" Asian food should taste like! An exception to the poor quality of their Asian dishes was their sushi, which was very nice. Of course, as there was such a large choice of foods to eat, we never went hungry because if some dishes or food items were not to our tastes, there was always something else that we would enjoy. We won't list them as we are sure other passengers in other reviews have mentioned them already! It was a shame that in the buffet restaurant, passengers could not help themselves but had to be served by ship staff. Perhaps this might have something to do with hygiene but the dishes were covered by plastic covers which steamed up so much it was sometimes difficult to see what was being served at meal times. Service in the Grand Dining Room as well as the two specialty restaurants could be a bit slow at times - to be on the safe side, we gave ourselves up to 2 hours for a sit-down dinner. Like all staff, the waiting staff were all very friendly but professional. They also moved from restaurant to restaurant daily. We were told by a waiting staff that they work on average 10 hours a day yet amazingly, they seemed still to manage to be so pleasant and nice. So we never complained even if they were slow - which they weren't really, just had too many tables to serve, that was all! Soft drinks were complimentary but wines and other drinks had to be purchased. The wine and drinks prices were quite expensive, in our view, and this was made worse because like most American cruise lines, Oceania Cruise Lines added an extra 18 per cent on top of their already pricey drinks! The cabins in the Nautica had beds with luxurious mattresses and plump pillows and it was very pleasant to sleep on. We never had much problems sleeping because of the comfy beds - even when the sea was quite choppy and the winds was tossing the boat a bit, we were sleeping fine! Each room had a fridge stocked with a selection of soft drinks and sodas and it was replenished every day. The room was cleaned twice a day and towels were replaced twice daily as well (if needed). The towels were not as luxurious as in some really nice hotels but they were adequate. As some passengers commented the shower rooms were quite small, however, it is untrue that all cabins have the same small shower rooms. The larger rooms from penthouse suite upwards have bigger bathrooms. Even the smaller shower rooms were not that bad - you could move around quite adequately unless you have a back the size of an elephant! We were not sure if Oceania cruises were trying to do some "cost-saving exercise" because the luxurious Bulgari toiletries which we had in the earlier Alaskan cruise were replaced by Oceania's own home-brand toiletries, which seemed somewhat cheaper-looking . A "down-grade" in toiletries, maybe? There was a daily newsletter that keeps passengers informed of the activities on board. The cruise director also made regular announcements and appearances on TV to keep us up-to-date on the cruise. As the Nautica was a medium-sized boat, it probably did not have as many activities as in the larger cruise ships. There was a small but comfortable library, an ultra-expensive internet room, a spa and sauna, destination talks, cocktail piano sessions, string quartet, and the evening entertainment in the Nautica Lounge . We were disappointed that the evening entertainment in the Nautica Lounge was not on every evening. The standard of their own home singers were just average - their song choices were not all very good -, but the ship had some guest entertainers who were actually better than we expected. There was a magician, a guest musician, and a guest singer. The African-American guest singer was really a class act and we wished he had done more shows on our cruise - he was great. There was also a couple of channels on the ship TV but one area we thought the company could improve on is the quality and choice of TV channels. The library could offer some "giant jigsaws" for passengers to partake throughout the cruise (some cruise lines like Fred Olsen already have that) From our previous Oceania cruise, we realised that the excursions offered by Oceania were very expensive and you could get better deals else where - instead of taking any excursions from Oceania, we checked for alternative and cheaper cruise excursions online. Also we read somewhere that Oceania may be one of those few cruise lines that allow you to bring your own alcohol to consume in your room but we cannot be sure. We had thought they were quite strict and prohibitive on anyone "smuggling" some of your "plonk" which you bought while in port - they scanned all our bags and shopping each time we returned from a port visit back onto the boat. So please check with the cruise company yourselves about their taking-own-alcohol policy on this before doing so, just to be sure - we do not wish to be responsible for your bottle of alcohol being confiscated ! Our cruise started from Istanbul, and it sailed to Kusa Dasi, followed by Marmaris ,Mykonos and Santorini. Before we sailed to Santorini, the Cruise Director whetted our appetites as he indicated Santorini was one of the most beautiful islands he had even seen. However, when we reached Santorini, we had an announcement that because the sea was too choppy, the captain had cancelled our stop there - it was too dangerous to take the tender boats to land on Santorini Island. We would have preferred that even though we could not land on Santorini , the captain could have at least sailed around the island. Instead, we sailed away into the seas without any fixed destination in mind, as if just to kill time and to pass the day. So all we did was waste fuel , saw no land, and adding more carbon to the earth sailing almost aimlessly ! What a waste of time that was!! We had nothing much to do at sea that day and found ourselves eating even more of their delicious food out of boredom! At least, that was our excuse for eating more! Lol. Eventually, the boat headed for Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete which we docked the following morning. Our last port of call before reaching Pireus (for Athens) was Nafpleon. All these places we visited were nice, but it was a shame we had to miss the "Jewel in the Crown" of Greek islands, Santorini. Still, nevermind. We really enjoyed our first Oceania cruise to Alaska. Although we enjoyed the second Mediterranean cruise as well, because practically everything on board was the same as the boat on the first cruise - decor, cuisine, etc, etc - by the time our second cruise finished, we thought that we had a nice time but we have had just ample experience of Oceania cruises to last us for a little while. The next time we would like to try going on another cruise line for a bit of "difference" in experience. The thing with Oceania is, you know what you are getting, but many things remain the same for a long time, cruise after cruise. The same menus, the same decor, the same rooms, etc, etc. Only the ports of call are different. I supposed you could say we were spoilt but you could get a bit too much of a good thing. Didn't someone say you could even get bored on champagne and caviar ??!!!. Oceania cruises may not be quite champagne and caviar yet but its standards are very high. We have already booked on a cruise middle of next year with the rival company to Oceania, Azamara Club Cruises - curiously, it will be on the Azamara Quest, which is the same "R" class boat as the Nautica (as well as the Regatta) . Hopefully we can compare the two cruise companies to see which one is better!

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By abb_CR

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Jul 16, 2013

northern knights

The Ms Nautica is a particularly ADA unfriendly ship; it suffers from narrow hallways and very narrow doorways, extremely high thresholds and bathtubs without grab bars. It is clearly not suitable for wheelchair passengers. Oceania was informed in writing of the limited mobility and use of a personal wheelchair by my wife at the time of our booking in March 2012. Our Oceania scheduled transfer from the Hyatt Churchill to LHR on July 5th

never showed. The Hyatt concierge contacted your agent (Intercruises)and received no response, forcing us to take a taxi to LHR in order to catch our flight (see attached details). Our flight as booked by Oceania, at considerable added expense for business class, was to be on DL8655 (AirFrance1981) with a transfer at CDG to DL197. At check-in the AirFrance agent told us we would not be able to use my wife's personal wheelchair at LHR and CDG but that it would need to shipped as cargo. Delta's inability to accommodate personal wheelchairs at LHR and CDG is extremely disconcerting and contrary to their stated policies. Furthermore there is no sharing of wheelchair transfers between Air France and Delta which caused lenghthy delays in our boarding at LHR and CDG on July 5th. It took well over an hour after the plane arrived at the gate at PHL to retrieve her personal wheelchair after all luggage was long offloaded from the plane. All told I wasted in excess of $350. on additional taxicabs, skycaps and wheelchair pushers. OK if you like Pepin style food. The Italian restaurant was better. I would not call it a "penthouse suite", in comparison with other lines, more like a balcony stateroom. The usual activities: Bingo: overpriced kitsch art auctions Oceania excursions are overpriced compared with other lines Everything went ok till the day of our return home when the Oceania wheels came off.

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