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Jul 2, 2017

NCL Getaway ship is too big for the Baltic ports

We chose this NCL Getaway Ship cruise, 6/12/17 thru 6/21/17, Copenhagen, Warnemunde (Bering), Tallinn Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockhom, Copenhagen, as a vacation to celebrate our anniversary and a birthday. We also booked land excursions for touring Bering and St. Petersburg. It turned out to be a bad choice. We had a serious problem in the morning of the second day when the ship got close to Warnemunde. The sea channel leading to the

pier is only 100 meters wide which is not much wider than this big ship. The captain determined that the sea current was too strong in the channel and decided to circled outside of the channel, eventually for a day and a half (no joke), in order to wait for the sea current to slow down. However there were other very large sea ferries sailing through the channel without problem. By the time when the ship was able to dock, it's too late (didn't have enough time) for the Berlin tour. Then it became even worse, because of the extra day wasted by circling out the sea channel, the captain had to skip Tallinn, Estonia, which is storied medieval town that we really wanted to visited. The real problem is that NCL is knowingly picking (still does) this large ship for this itinerary for the economy of scale. But the ship is simply too big for entering Warnemunde during a relatively mild adverse condition. Captain couldn't even skip Warnemunde, which could save the next port of call, Tallinn, because he had to pick up and to discharge passengers in Warnemunde. The decision was made long ago by NCL management. A small and equally comfortable ship will avoid the problem. Thus we missed the visit of Berlin and Tallinn. But this was not the end of the story. The ship was advertised to dock in Stockholm in the city pier, so we could walk off the ship to begin the tour on our own. NCL without providing any communication changed to dock in the coastal town call Nynashamn after we had made the reservation. Nynashamn is more than a hour from Stockhom. The traffic was always heavy. It consumed more than 4 hours by waiting and riding the bus for the round trip, and it added additional cost to us. The reason for the change, it was likely that the ship is too big the city pier. Our vacation was basically ruined. We contacted and complained to NCL. The answer we got is that NCL has the right to make any changes.

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By Chas_CR

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Apr 8, 2016


I have cruised with Crystal, Carnival, Princess and Disney. This was our first Norwegian Cruise. I selected the Getaway during Spring Break for my kids aged 14, 12 and 10. We really enjoyed Disney a few years back but thought that they were now older and would probably enjoy a cruise directed at tweens and teens. We made our reservations through Norwegian directly. We chose 2 connected inside staterooms where 3 would sleep in one

and 2 in the other. When we made the reservations, the prices automatically included free Package to select. We chose the dining package, which allowed 2 individuals in each cabin to dine at 4 of the specialty restaurants. The agent said that would be fine because our youngest (10) could just order from the kids menu which was either free or a few dollars. That sounded fine and we didn't have a choice so she set up the reservations. Once on board, we looked more closely at the paperwork and noticed that my youngest and me were in one room while my wife and the 2 older kids were booked in the other. You have to have one adult per room. We didn't really think about it because we were in connecting rooms. When I noticed that it occurred to me that if only 2 per room could participate in the Dining Package, then my younger might be forced to order from the adult menu while the oldest might have to pay for her adult meal or order from the kids menu. I wanted to clear it up so I went to Guest Services and the agent quickly told me there was nothing she could do to change the names. She confirmed that the arrangement, made by a Norwegian agent, would in fact force the youngest to order from the adult menu and/or the oldest would have to pay full price. I told her that was silly because we didn't care who was in which room because we were one family in 2 adjoining rooms. Didn't matter. She couldn't or wouldn't do anything. Just to test her and Norwegian's philosophy, I told her both kids would order what they were forced to order and then just swap dinners. She said you could do that. I found the fact that an agent was telling me to cheat my way out of this disturbing. Back to boarding. Boarding was reasonable considering it was a Spring Break cruise and there are 4000 or so potential passengers that need to get on board. We boarded at about 12 noon. We carried our important items, change of clothes etc, in 3 carry on suitcases while we checked the 2 large suitcases we had. We were scheduled to eat at Cagney’s Steak House at 5:30 on the 1st day. The only times we were offered were 5:30 and after 8:30. However, our bags never arrived to our room. Unfortunately, our dress clothes were in the checked bags. We called Cagney’s to tell them that we were dressed in very casual shorts and T-shirts and that our bags had not arrived to our room yet and asked them for advice. I purposely asked them for advice, again to test the Norwegian philosophy. Cagney's said, you can just come as you are dressed€. I thought that was odd. A supposed upscale steak house where they charge $30 for entrees and $50 for a bottle of wine and they were encouraging passengers to show up in gym shorts, tennis shoes and a Miami sweaty T-shirt. But we had no choice to we did it. At Cagney’s, we explained the mix up in room names and its effect on the kids ability to order from the main menu. The waiter initially towed the company line and said there was nothing he could do. The eldest child must pay or order from the kid’s menu. I told him that was odd given that we didn't select the room assignments (it was a Norwegian agent) and that we were a family sharing 2 adjoining rooms. He was nice and ended up investigating. During our dinner, a Norwegian official who said she was the head of dining came up to our table to hear the problem. She said she might not be able to do anything and even if she could, it might take days. Low and behold, she returned and told us she took care of it. This is not the customer service I experienced on every other line I have cruised with. Very disappointing way to start a cruise. Bags finally arrived after we returned from dinner. DRESS CODE: The dress code polity is schizophrenic. It is simply not enforced. You can go to any restaurant if you have footwear, a shirt and pants. Same dress code as any beachfront bar in Miami. It is odd to be fine dining with people dressed for a basketball game sitting alongside people dressed in a suit or nice dress. Not sure why they don't separate the Savor, Taste and Tropicana into casual, cruise casual and tie required types of categories so that those who want to dine in a certain atmosphere can do so. TV: Most of the 20 channels are Norwegian advertisements. Only TV is Fox News, CNN and MSNBC and BBC. Aren't those things that people on a cruise are trying to escape? There was one movie channel that played old, second rate movies. Most of the movies cost another $9. Only 4 were free. ESPN showed mostly soccer and European basketball. I found that odd considering March Madness was going on and it was playing in some of the bars. Why not in the rooms I couldn't understand. There was very little on TV for the kids that this ship supposedly is directed towards. LAUNDRY: Every cruise I've been on has had Laundromat facilities where you could wash your clothes. No such facility on the Getaway. They will do your laundry for &20 a back. However, when we called on Wednesday (mid cruise), they said it would take until Friday evening to complete. Why would we want to spend $20 when the clean clothes would take over 2 days and arrive with just one day left in the cruise? FOOD: Thankfully the Dinner Package was forced upon us. I would have hated to pay 2 hundred dollars a night for my family to eat in the specialty restaurants. And as it turns out, I would have hated to eat in the main dining rooms, Savor, Taste and Tropicana every single night of our cruise. The specialty restaurants added variety and their food and service were at least what you would expect. Norwegian definitely fails in the bakery department. Most pastries and breads in all restaurants were hard, cold or stale. The only fresh baked product was the bread served with dinner in La Cusina, the Italian restaurant. I wasted a lot of baked goods trying to find something fresh, soft or warm. One bite and I couldn't finish it. I guess with 4000 guests, fresh baking is not possible. CABINS: Our inside rooms seemed to be as small as could be. I think they start at 129 square feet. Towels were of the thin and rough texture typically found in highway motels. We found a dirty sock and a sea sick wristband in our room left by previous passengers. Our Freestyle Daily News was not delivered (or someone took it) on the first night of the cruise. No body lotion offered. No wash clothes. Shampoo and body wash is provided from dispensers in the shower like in public or gym showers. One small bar soap was provided during the 7 day cruise. KIDS ACTIVITIES: While the kids clubs are open much of the time, scheduled kids activities were rare and they seemed to begin after 10pm. While odd, I am sure that this was a way to get the drinking and gambling parents a place to dump their kids while they drink and gamble. After one long shore day, there was a Late Night Fun Zone scheduled from 10:30 to 1:30am for 3 to 12 year olds. During the day, there were far fewer family events scheduled than I expected. Movies Bears and Disney Nature- Wings of Life were shown at midnight. Saw a fight almost break between teens during the Family Dodge Ball game. Staff dealt with it well and ejected the main culprit. Then one evening a pack of teens filled the elevator I was in. One boy was holding his bleeding fist. When we got to the top deck, security and emergency personnel were rushing toward Entourage, the teen space. Not sure what the excitement was but just felt like the kind of thing that happens in a big city. Also, unlike most other cruise lines, there are no walkie talkie options for keeping in touch with kids and family. Again, you are on your own. Trying to find someone you get separated from on this ship is very difficult. FITNESS: Fitness room was amazingly tiny for a 4000-passenger ship. I tried to use it a couple times but immediately gave up when it became clear I would have to fight for equipment use. The jogging track seems like either an afterthought or a mistake. It is a tiny 1/8th mile loop taking up most of the walkway in one of the busiest parts of the ship. I watched in amazement as joggers avoided human obstacles every few feet of their run. Every other ship I've been on has a running track on a wide path that encircles the entire ship. This one just goes around the smoke stack in the back of the ship not far from the 24hr buffet restaurant, the Garden Cafe. Not surprisingly, I didn't see many joggers. CONCLUSION: There were many other little things that I won't dwell upon. Overall there was a lack of attention to detail that I did not find on the other lines I've cruised with. Very crowded city feel where you never walk a straight line, always having to zig zag around the crowds. I was most disappointed in the fact that this cruise attracts kids with the Rope Course and Water Slides, but then seems to lack a solid kid/family entertainment program during the day. As others have pointed out, there was a lot of PG-13 and R language that snuck into the before 10pm public entertainment. The Getaway is very good at bars and gambling and sales of artwork or jewelry. I would describe it as Las Vegas with a few activities to keep the kids out of the adult's hair while they are enjoy their cruise drinking, gambling and shopping. For a true family cruise for teens and tweens, I will look elsewhere.

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Jan 25, 2016


What a horrific cruise experience!!! Arrived to a dirty, filthy cabin with no wash cloths - not even vacuumed. Room Steward nasty and mean. Had to beg almost every day of the cruise for more towels, clean sheets, and any wash cloths at all - room 9 times out of 10 never stocked properly. Guest Services always appeared and acted very mad and disgusted - they treated my friend and myself with great disdain!! Never accommodated us one iota and always

left us feeling miserable and abandoned. I have traveled a lot of the world, and I have never been treated as badly as on the Norwegian Getaway. The Getaway made me want to getaway from the boat and NCL!!! I would not recommend Norwegian Cruise Lines to my worst enemy!!! I have to say, the food was good - good variety. Terrible cabin - not stocked - dirty and filthy. Had to constantly beg to receive even a wash cloth. Just okay shows and activities. Shore excursions okay, however, some are way overpriced for what you get - Be Careful! The most miserable cruise I have taken out of 22 cruises. My second bad experience with Norwegian Cruise LInes - I am so done with NCL!

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Sep 21, 2015


This cruise line nickel and dimes you for everything, no where were we told that there will be a 26.00 a day charge for room steward - didn't know that until we looked at our bill. If you want coffee from the barista bar - that is an upcharge and not included in the drink package. The up charges for the specialty restaurants are pretty pricey so keep an eye on that. The salon will push products on you the second you get done with a service.

Just when you thought you were relaxed from a massage or facial, the salon staff will tell you that you need to buy this or that product. The are very pushy on getting you to sign up for more services. My husband felt pressured so he signed up for a message but cancelled later, they charged us anyway so WATCH YOUR BILL! They did take the charge off but we had to go talk to them about it. We also signed up for the adult pool understanding that on the Norwegian Epic you could be topless. My husband also asked the bar staff if that was acceptable and was told yes. I am French-American and this is normal for my culture. I sat clear off to the side and did not parade around. On the 6th day, Friday, one of the management staff came over to me and my husband and told me to put my top on. I was so humiliated and embarrassed to tears. We also found out that the policy had just been changed a couple months ago and it was not posted anywhere, even the bar staff didn't of know the new policy. Later, we learned that some prude, overweight elderly woman wrote a letter and complained. I will never sail with Norwegian again because of this embarrassment and how it was handled. Also, on the final day of disembarkment if you do the early "walk-off" program -it is completely disorganized and a complete nightmare. The line was all the way down the length of the ship and we heard there were fights that broke out in line because of people getting tired and impatient with zero organization. Food was good but the buffet was a nightmare because of how people act. People lose all sense of composure around food. Room was very good and our steward was awesome

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Dec 27, 2014

Eastern Caribbean

My family just returned from a weeklong vacation on the Getaway. We are experienced cruisers, with each of us taking over 25 cruises over the past 15 years on Royal Caribbean, Princess and even Carnival, and we all agree that this cruise was by far the WORST cruise vacation we have ever had to endure. The food was POOR and there was no variety. The entertainment was not entertaining, the security on the boat was lacking and the staff

seemed totally unprepared to handle the over 1700 youth on board as well as the large influx of overall passenger count. There were multiple security issues, which when we went to discuss with the appropriate staff, were delayed over an hour to speak with them. All that, on top of the continually DRUNK and OBNOXIOUS NCL sales employee on vacation, who stated that he was there to CHANGE THINGS for the better As cigarette smokers, we are sensitive to the non smoker, but being placed in either a CAGE on the pool deck or an area with only 8 seats on deck 8 were embarrassing and humiliating. There was NO VARIETY of edible or palatable food in any of the FREE dining areas. As much as we enjoy a cut of Prime Rib, having that as a featured meal on 4 occasions is not acceptable. On top of it all was the endless loop of Christmas music without variety for the entire 7 day voyage. Passengers were leaving the ship mid-trip to escape the poor service, poor food and entertainment. As we cruise several times yearly, NCL does a great job attracting the first time cruiser. They will not complain because they do not know any better. AS for the repeat cruiser, we will gladly spend our money elsewhere. Food: No Variety, Very repetitive. No taste Small cabin. It was Clean Entertainment was horrible STAY AWAY. Read above

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Jul 27, 2014


This was a fantastic cruise! My husband and I, along with our two children ages 13 and 7, had an amazing time! We have been on many cruises before, with different cruise lines; however, this was truly the best one yet. We are a very active, sporty, and adventurous family who love to stay busy. This cruise offered a multitude of activities that kept us entertained the entire time. There is plenty of opportunities to rest and take it easy, though, if

you have a more laid back family. The food was delicious; Wasabi had some of the best sushi we have ever had! There was a wide variety of meals; freestyle cruising was great in terms of choosing dining times that fit our schedule. The entertainment was great, although some shows were PG-13. We will pay closer attention to that next time, instead of assuming every show is like a Disney one. The excursions were fantastic; well organized and planned. The ship was almost to full capacity, yet it was well organized; we never felt claustrophobic. The cruise director, JC Sanchez, was the best we have ever experienced. We will return!!!! Great variety of choices that suited each of our family members. The inclusive/complimentary restaurants were just as satisfying as the specialty ones. Some restaurants offered an elegant ambiance, while others a more festive one. We had dinner at a different one each night. We highly recommend having sushi at Wasabi; some of the best sushi we ever had. Tropicana Room is great fun for a night of dancing. Our daughter's favorite was Savor; request a table by the window and enjoy the view while dining. Our son's favorite was the italian restaurant, La Cocina. We chose to sit outside for this one; the ocean was calm and simply breathtaking. We booked our cruise at the last minute due to my husband's work schedule. There were not many options left; however, we were able to book an oceanview family suite. To our surprise, we were upgraded to a suite designed for handicap use; it was huge! We recommend reading the daily itinerary that is delivered to the cabins every night. This has an hour by hour list of all activities the ship has to offer; it also lists the popular options. There are so many activities to chose from, for all age groups and interests. There was not a dull moment for our active family. My teen daughter's favorite activities were: rope/ zip lining course, rock climbing wall, cake decorating class, and teen spa treatment. Our 7 year old son's favorite activities were: mini golf, balloon animal class, Nickelodeon character PJ party, and family party (included face painting and cupcake making). My husband's favorites were: behind the scenes tour, wine tasting, rope course, and water slides. My favorites were: towel design class, Bingo, spa treatment, movie at the theater, and simply enjoying all activities with my family. There is truly something for everyone in your party! St. Martin: We booked the Dolphin Encounter/ beach one. There is a difference between the Dolphin Encounter and the Dolphin Swim adventures/excursions. Both groups are taken to the same place; however, the experience is completely different. For families with younger children or older adults, the encounter may be a better option. This includes interaction with the dolphins such as: kissing, touching, taking pictures, dancing, etc. There is no swimming involved. The swim adventure includes taking rides on the dolphin / with the dolphin. Both groups are well organized and we had ample time spent with the dolphins. We loved it! The beach portion was equally great. Head over to the right, away from the dolphin habitat, in order to truly appreciate the beauty of the beach. It is small but breath taking beautiful. The lunch is included, but it was the worse burger we have ever had! Not sure what the mystery meat was; quite a disappointment. Make sure you have a good breakfast, because you will not have another good meal until late in the day. The boat ride, 40something ft boat, was rough at certain points (45min ride). Our family is used to boats; therefore, we absolutely loved every second of it. However, some people were sea sick. The crew was incredibly helpful at all times. Do not be concerned about the amount of time it takes to get to the beach. There is plenty of time to do it all. We enjoyed each part of the experience. Upon return to the ship, we still had a couple of hours left to explore the many shops at the port. And yes, we also tried some of the real good local foods! St. Thomas - we chose the St. John beach and snorkel. We loved it and highly recommend it! We were concerned that the 4 hour time given would not be enough for it all, but it truly was. The beach was straight from the pages of a magazine; we felt so blessed to be there and experience such beauty. The snorkel gear/equipment is included. We have taken snorkeling excursions before which consisted of jumping off a boat in the middle of the ocean...not exactly safe for younger children. This excursion, however, suited every age group. There are designated areas on the beach for true snorkeling (deeper part of the ocean with beautiful reefs and hundreds of marine life), as well as great areas on the shallow side of the beach. My teen daughter and husband swam out into the deeper area, while my 7 year old son and I experienced snorkeling on the shallow end (equally fun and with a multitude of fish). Even non swimmers can enjoy the experience! After the excursion, we still had time to do some shopping in the beautiful port which is full of shops. Loved it!!!! Bahamas- We took an excursion to Atlantis Beach, for the day. Again, great choice for our family! The excursion included use of the beach, lagoon, and aquariums. The beach offered options for jet skis, banana boat, para sailing, and boating (reasonable and negotiable prices). The lagoon offered paddle boats, and snorkeling rental equipment. Our family enjoyed a multitude of activities and had a blast! Again, appropriate for all age groups. The aquariums were dirty, but the children did not notice that. We were surprised that for such a lavish resort, the upkeep for the aquariums was truly lacking. The great thing about this excursion is that it includes an air conditioned tour bus ride to and from the Atlantis Resort. The buses run, every half hour, from 3-6. Therefore, you are free to leave at whatever time you chose. We have been to the Bahamas many times; therefore, we chose to stay at the beach. However, some people spent three hours at the beach and then three hours shopping. Again, something for everyone. Advice for all excursions----- on every cruise that we have ever taken, we always notice so many people complaining about the time it takes to actually arrive at the destination. Our advice to everyone is to incorporate the transportation portion, of each excursion, into your adventure. Our kids love to experience different modes of transportation; we make it part of our overall experience! Take in the bus ride as an opportunity to see the island itself, the locals, the houses. Take the boat rides as an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and get salty wet! Why not? We learned this from years of living in Orlando, FL. Our kids love the monorail ride as much as the actual Disney rides. Stop complaining and take in each moment! Have fun!!!! We had an amazing family vacation. Every aspect of this cruise was well planned, well organized, and well executed. It never felt like a crowded ship. There was a great mixture of fun and relaxation. The cruise director, JC Sanchez, was simply fantastic! The crew was friendly and helpful; nothing but smiles and attentiveness. The activities and entertainment were phenomenal. The excursions were the best we have ever experienced. The food variety and restaurants were great. The attention to detail was apparent at all times. For example, handing out cold, wet towels and juice and water as we arrived back on the ship from the excursions, was a very nice touch. We loved every aspect of this cruise, and will certainly return! Ship activities: For families with young children, we highly recommend the PJ jam with the Nickelodeon characters. This is at an extra cost, but includes two free photos with the characters, buffet breakfast, dancing and activities with the characters. It was incredibly fun! The rope / ziplining course is best when there is not much wind. We were surprised, one day, when people were still being allowed to go on the course during an evening of high winds. The zipline portion of the course was closed, but not the others. It was perfect when we chose to go. The Legally Blonde show and the Burn the Floor show were, in our opinion, PG-13 rated. We are conservative parents; therefore, we may be more picky than most parents.

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By Den_CR

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May 6, 2014


Food quality in the buffet is excellent with great variety. Service is great every where. La Cucina was average. Cagnes Steakhouse was excellent. Illusionariium was good but slow service. No bread provided unless asked for. Found it disruptive to serve food during the performances. It was distracting. O'Sheehan's was our favorite for good comfort food. Balcony's are EXTREMELY small. Maybe 3 feet wide. Barely

room for a chair. Very disappointed with balcony. Don't miss Orient beach. Great beach. Some nudity so be advised. Beach and water are great. Norwegian Getaway has some very nice touches for our convenience. They start you out with 2 pool towels in you room. Save you going to the pool area to get your pool towel.. When returning from excursions: - you can drop off you used towels at the gangway. very convenient - Cool towels provided as you approach the gangway. - water and punch provided as approaching gangway. These are great touches..

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By Kirk_CR

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Mar 1, 2014


Inaugural Norwegian Getaway Cruise = ONE OF THE BEST CRUISES EVER = with a few exceptions What we have learned from our many cruises is that the food in the buffet the first day will tell you how the food is going to be during the cruise. Once we tried the food in the Garden Café buffet on the first day we were delighted. The FOOD WAS DELICIOUS and we never had an issue finding a table easily. This continued throughout the cruise to the Main

Dining Room and most restaurants. The Garden Cafe has the BEST buffet food of any ship we have tried. The food is even better than most other ships Main Dining Rooms. MAIN DINING ROOMS There are 3 Main Dining Rooms. Savor, Taste and the Tropicana Room. We always ate in the Tropicana Room, because of its great atmosphere and dance floor. We also ate on a late night in Taste. The food in the Main Dining Rooms are DELICIOUS and is the BEST food we have had in any Main Dining Room on any ship. Also the variety is incredible. On the Menu are 8 starters and 8 main courses. The menu in Savor and Taste are the same while the Menu in the Tropicana Room varies slightly from the other 2 dining rooms. The menus change daily. The Tropicana Room reminds us of a very expensive dinner club with a live band singing nice and relaxing music. The atmosphere is EXCELLENT and so is the music. The dance floor is huge and the service is excellent. Also, the dancers from the Burn the Floorshow perform in the Tropicana Room the last 3 nights. We were able to get a table beside the stage and enjoyed a great dancing show and dinner, all included in the price of the cruise. After the show, we danced to very romantic music, especially on Valentines Day. This was one of the highlights on the cruise. For breakfast we ate in the Savor restaurant. The food and service was EXCELLENT everyday and the menu was the same as the buffet. SPECIALTY RESTAURANTS LE BISTRO $20.00 We were looking forward very much to dinner in Le Bistro, the French restaurant, as we have tried it on other NCL ships and it was our best meal. Unfortunately, this was the WORST MEAL OF THE CRUISE. The French Onion Soup had no onions and no flavor. It tasted like chicken soup without the chicken. The French Onion soup in the free Tropicana Room was much better. The Escargot had a lot of butter, but no garlic or flavor. The Scallops were over cooked and hard. The only dish that was eatable was the Lamb Chops and they were only OK. The Lamb Chops in Moderno was much more delicious. We sat outside and the atmosphere was very nice, just like been in Paris sitting outside a Café, including the unbearable smoke coming from the 7th floor casino above. After a few minutes all of our eyes were having reactions to the smoke from the casino. Because of the terrible food in Le Bistro, we cancelled our reservations for Cagney’s, the steak house as we did not want to pay $30.00 and get another very disappointing meal. MODERNO $20.00 The food in Moderno was excellent and so was the service. The best item from the all you can eat meats was the Lamb Chops. I highly recommend you try this restaurant. 24-HOUR FOOD The Getaway has the full service O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill, which is open 24 hours. But the menu is very limited after midnight, when they have only 5 items available, but at least they are hot dishes. The food is OK, the hot chicken wings had too much vinegar and the spinach and artichoke dip was just a bunch of unfinished spinach. The restaurant is located on the deck 7 and surrounds the 2-story screen from the 6th floor Atrium. O'Sheehan's has table seating, bar seating, a pool table and many arcade games. SMALL BALCONY The cabin was very nice and spacious, however the balcony was only 2 feet wide. Really, 2 people can barely fit on the balcony. The cabin was more like an ocean view cabin as the balcony was unusable. The only good thing was that since the balcony was so small, you could easily see the ocean from the bed, just like an ocean view cabin. ENTERTAINMENT The Getaway has some of the BEST entertainment we have ever seen anywhere. BURN THE FLOOR Definitely the BEST show you will ever see on a cruise ship or anywhere. The dancers are beautiful and talented. The singers sound great. We saw two shows in the Getaway Theater and 3 shows in the Tropicana Dining room while enjoying the delicious dinner. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a show and it wont be as good as this show. LEGALLY BLONDE We did not like this show nearly as much as BURN THE FLOOR. The Legally Blonde singers were not very good and the acting was terrible. We left halfway through the show. Other guests that really liked the movie and Broadway show, said it was only OK. ILLUSIONARIUM On this cruise they lowered the price from 40.00 to 30.00 for the Premium seats and 25.00 for the Standard seats, so you should really see the show. The magic itself ran from the average everyday things you always see to some spectacular feats. The dinner was really not worth it, a piece of steak and 2 shrimps. We went to the 5 30 PM show so we could eat after in one of the Main Dining Room. The dinner service was terrible. NCL should lower the price of the show, don’t serve dinner as there are much better free dining options on the ship, take out the dinner tables and put in more seats for the show. COMEDY SHOWS The comedy shows were either in the Getaway Theater or Headliners. The shows were very funny and worth the time. They had three comedians on the ship. GETAWAY THEATER The Getaway Theater is not a huge as other mega ships that is trying to seat everyone at one time. The Getaway Theater was cozy, nicely decorated and every seat was a good seat. FIREWORKS The same night as the 80s Deck Party, they had the fireworks show on the ship. Can you believe, fireworks on the ship. We originally started at the 80s Deck Party on the 16th floor, but it was a too loud. So we watched the fireworks on the Deck 8 Waterfront. It was incredible. We have been on over 35 cruises, including the NCL Seaward in 1988, and on almost every cruise brand, and the Inaugural February 8, 2014 Caribbean cruise on the Getaway was ONE OF THE BEST CRUISE WE HAVE BEEN ON, with a few exceptions to be discussed later. SHIP DESIGN The ship never felt crowded. The ship is designed beautifully and flows excellently. Most of the action takes place around 678 Ocean Place, which is the 6th, 7th and 8th floor of the ship. The floor plan is great as everything is easily accessible on the 3 floors and has all the nightlife, restaurants, bars, shows, and shops. There are so many things to do, you will never be bored. The Waterfront is a great idea as it allows you to sit on the outside deck of the ship and have dinner or a drink and see the beautiful ocean, one of the reasons for cruising. GUEST SERVICES Guest services is located in the Main Atrium on the 6th floor and is a very happening place as they have a large 2 story screen and many activities. Guest services was very friendly and efficient. We never had to wait in line more than a few minutes as they always had more than enough staff and also had someone talking to guest in line to try and resolve any issue so they did not have to wait in line. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND STAFF The staff on the ship was very nice and friendly, one of the nicest staff we have ever seen. Everyone from the buffet, dining rooms, shows, shops and guest services was very nice and friendly. ELEVATORS The elevators were fast and efficient. The trick is you have to press the button on both sides as the elevators on both sides are operated by each button. SPA We tried the Thermal Suite at the Spa, which is 199.00 per person per week and is limited to 120 persons. It was awesome. The hot tub is huge with special sprayers everywhere. One of the best things in the spa is the Salt Bath, it was very relaxing. EXCEPTIONS This was a wonderful cruise and we had a blast. However, these items we did not enjoy. SMALL BALCONY The cabin was very nice and spacious, however the balcony was only 2 feet wide. Really, 2 people can barely fit on the balcony. The cabin was more like an ocean view cabin as the balcony was unusable. The only good thing was that since the balcony was so small, you could easily see the ocean from the bed, just like an ocean view cabin. CASINO SMOKING There were only a few smokers on the ship and as usual they only thought of themselves. The smoke filled 678 Ocean Place atrium and casino and made it very uncomfortable for non-smokers. This is a policy NCL should change as almost everyone complains about it. CABIN STEWARD This was the worst cabin steward we have ever had. There were fingerprints on the TV, mirror and cabinets when we started the cruise and the same fingerprints were there when we completed the cruise and the fingerprints are probably still there now. We ran out of hand soap and bath soap on different days and had to call for refills, as the cabin steward never filled them. Also, some of our clothes went missing the first day the cabin steward cleaned the room, and they were never found, even though we spent the week checking the cabin for them. I am happy for my clothes, as they are still cruising the Caribbean, while I am back home. These things have never happened to us on any cruises we took. SUMMARY We had a blast on this cruise. We had such an awesome time, we did not want to leave the beautiful ship. The food was BEST of any ship we have cruised. The BURN THE FLOOR show was the BEST show we have ever seen anywhere. The Tropicana Room was INCREDIBLE. The food was DELCICOUS and the entertainment was AWESOME. We definitely plan to cruise on the NCL Getaway again or on the new ship, NCL Escape.

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