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Feb 3, 2012

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This was the worst ever cruise experience. The many standards that make cruising enjoyable had been shaved and from the second we got on to the ship we were treated like 'Euros with legs' The whole 10 days was geared around the needs of the ships routine and not the guests. Again, the poorest food yet on any cruise ship. The selection of ingredients, the cuts of meat,, fish etc were of poor quality. The food was adequately cooked but the portions

were miniscule and the garnishes un-inspiring. I had one hot meal during the week and that was when I demanded the tepid plate to be replaced. For the first time ever there was no lobster on gala night. It being replaced by two thin slivvers of tough lamb on a soggy piece of fried bread with half a sun-dried tomato, that was the main course. The appetisers were good, varied and interesting. The deserts were un-inspiring, predictable with minimal choice. There was only one flavour of ice cream available each day. For the first time ever drinking water was not provided at dinner, niether was tea or coffee. There was one 24 hr drinks station which was difficult to find on deck 13 and every day we had to ask for milk. Overall the food resembled 'canteen' food but cooler.The self service buffet resembled a cattle market and frequently ran out of various dishes despite the fact that the meal should be available for another hour. The pasta as one would expect on an Italian ship was superb but the pizzas were stodgy and undercooked. Another first for MSC, room service, eg a sandwich was chargeable!!! Tea-time, a half hour before dinner consisted of dry curled sandwiches which could have been made the day before! Adequate, clean and comfortable The entertainment in the theatre in the evenings was amongst the best we have enjoyed on a cruise ship though the routines became a little monotonous towards the end of the cruise. The evening show was spoiled a little by the laborious 10 minute sales talk by the cruise director in six languages prior to the commencement. The entertainment in the bars was acceptable most of the time though some of the musicians/singing was embarrassingly poor. Did not do any far too expensive. I think that cruise companys have dumbed down the cruises including the actual cost in order to entice a wider audience on board. However once on board it's 'lets screw them for all they are worth' time. Bar prices expensive to start with are all enhanced by an automatic service charge of 15%. Everything about this particular cruise was about taking the maximum amount of money from you. There was no individual care or attention given to the quality of your experience.The staff whilst not hostile were clearly stretched and tired and on many occasions simply could not be bothered to look into what you were saying or needed. On one occasion I was told by the man at the tea station that 'it wasn't his job' when I asked for some milk! The normal multi-national arrangement with staff was largely replaced by a majority Indonesian work force who whilst readily smiling and pleasant often simply could not understand what you were asking for. I cannot count the number of times I saw guests throw their arms up in despair with frustration over simple requests being ignored or not understood.

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