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Costa Cruises: Costa Fortuna

Costa Fortuna Review

Launched in 2003, Costa Fortuna ushered in the mega ship size and style of vessels over 100,000 tons to the Costa Cruises fleet. Costa Fortuna sails a variety of European cruises in the Western Mediterranean and Baltic.

With a bit of interior alteration, Costa Fortuna and Costa Magica are essentially Euro-clones of parent company Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory. The mix and size of public rooms was determined to appeal to European as well as North American passengers sailing on itineraries that include the Mediterranean Sea.

Like Carnival ships designed by Joe Farcus, these Costa beauties have a theme running throughout—Costa Fortuna's decor is inspired by the grand Italian steamships of the past. Incorporated into the design of the ship, scale models of historic liners grace nearly every public area. A "fleet" of 26 former ships of the Costa fleet boldly "sail" upside down across the ceiling of the atrium. Ceilings in the formal, two-deck dining rooms are also decorated; aboard Costa Fortuna, Michelangelo Restaurant features reproductions of the master's frescoes, while Raffaello Restaurant displays its namesake's Vatican artwork. Art deco touches add grace to all the public spaces.

Europe's number-one cruise line combines a Continental experience, enticing itineraries, and Italy's classical design and style with relaxing days and romantic nights at sea. Genoa-based Costa Crociere, parent company of Costa Cruise Lines, had been in the shipping business for more than 100 years and in the passenger business for almost 50 years when it was bought by Airtours and Carnival Corporation in 1997. In 2000 Carnival completed a buyout of the Costa line and began expanding the fleet with larger and more dynamic ships.

An ongoing shipbuilding program has brought Costa ships into the 21st century with innovative large-ship designs that reflect their Italian heritage and style without overlooking the amenities expected by modern cruisers. Acknowledging changing habits (even among Europeans), Costa Cruises has eliminated smoking entirely in dining rooms and show lounges. However, smokers are permitted to light up in designated areas in other public rooms, as well as on the pool deck.

What You Should Know


  • With floor-to-ceiling glass walls, saunas and steam rooms are bright and cheery
  • Dance floors in the main "grand" lounges are large enough for real ballroom dancing
  • There is a dedicated lounge for cigar smokers


  • The library doesn't have many books and is staffed daily at limited times
  • Open decks feel pretty crowded on fully booked sailings
  • Wi-Fi is often slow, and the computer center can be noisy
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 1,027
  • Entered Service 2003
  • Gross Tons 103,000
  • Length 890 feet
  • Number of Cabins 1,358
  • Passenger Capacity 2,716 (3,470 max)
  • Width 124 feet

By Baig_CR

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Feb 20, 2016

Dubai Oman Abu Dhabi

I had heard some negative things about Costa but lets be fair, they were not bad at all although they fall short of the standard I have seen with Royal Caribbean for example. The staff are great people as is the case usually but the management has got a few things totally wrong. Let me give one example; there is no tea or coffee available at any other time than breakfast and 4pm tea time - meaning no hot drinks at lunch or dinner - only available

at hefty cost from the bar! It made some people vocally grumble - and how much money are they saving from this pathetic cut down? Internet was also of reasonable price and speed - about €25 for my package with 250mb allownce which is ok for checking emails and social media over seven days BUT WATCH OUT - you must disable auto updates on your device or the whole balance will go in no time as it happened to me but fortunately in my case it did so on the eve of the last day so was not such a loss having used it for most of my cruise. food was reasonable quality and range but not as wide a range as I had experienced with other cruise lines The outside cabin was nice and clean, had a window rather than a smaller porthole. Layout and overall facilities were good There is plenty to do onboard although we focussed on visiting places more Did not take any form Costa, we did our own explorations Overall a great experience but Costa can improve a great deal to get into the top league which they are not in at the moment

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Feb 16, 2010

virgin island

I am writing because we were so disappointed on this cruise because of the SERVICE of the personnel. We had to wait almost 2 days for the refrigerator to be unlocked and was causing a real problem because my husband is a diabetic and needed to get his insulin cool. A 2 day wait for Shampoo and conditioner to be put in our cabin. Breakfast at the restaurant was asking 4 times to get a cup of coffee and lunch was as bad as it could get. There were

no napkins at table and when ask the server was told to look at end of room which there was none. Tea or water machines was empty almost every day. Also the carving stations was always empty and when I asked for help, the server just looked the other way and the Dinner service was not good either when they poured the water and tea and never came back to refill the pitchers). Since we saved a whole year, since we are on social Security and it will be a long time before we can afford any other vacation, this was a real disappointed cruise. We have been on other cruises and the best part of the cruise was the service and food. I hope I will at least get a returned reply to this review. We heard from many who was on this cruise the same complaints and many more The food was fair, presentations was nice but the food was not of good quality. Also the soups was always cold when served. The baked potatoes was so hard we had to send it back 3 times. My husband dropped water on the rugs and the change in color showed it was very dirty. We did not even see the Steward on this floor Room 2376. While other people on different floors said their steward was good although the cabin was cleaned each night. There was a few on-board activities every day but we were out on sea for 3 days because at the last minute was told one of the islands was omitted (no reason given) which meant it was a long trip on seas. The excursions was nice, but would like to have the other island not cancel. Also we had to wait for over 45 minutes in the bottom of the ship with a crowd all because of one flood. It should have been announced so every one had to wait in the crowded area. As I said we were so disappointed because of the service given in every area. We live in a large 55 and older community and I feel you have lost many , many customers. We are not the only ones who was disappointed and we are not the type to complain but I feel there is no reason to give poor service. You should check the comments for this cruise because I know of many peoples have written their complaints and I hope this is how you should learn from your customers on how you can improve.

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Jun 22, 2007

Western Mediterranean

My husband and I just returned from the best cruise of our life. We loved it! Our other cruises were on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean lines and this was the best. Before leaving for  our cruise, I was quite upset after reading terrible reviews about  this cruise. I was sorry that I had booked it without reading the reviews. I strongly considered attempting to get a refund, which was not possible. Our cruise began in Barcelona where

there were no lines to embark the ship--we just walked on. By the time we reached our room, our luggage was already waiting for us at our room. We tried an inside cabin for the first time and loved it! We loved the darkness of the room which is so conducive for sleeping. Our steward, Romeo,  was phenomenal and extremely accommodating. Our room was cleaned several times a day and was always spotless. The food was fantastic! Our lunches and dinners in the restaurant were equivalent to a five-star restaurant. There were always 6 courses offered--with each course being better than the one before. Our waiters, Eduardo and Murillo were the BEST! We so looked forward to the excellence in food preparation and appearance. The fitness center was the latest state-of-the art machines. It was far superior to the others we had experienced. We went on shore excursions in Pompeii and in Tunisia. They were excellent and worth the money! In Marseilles, we took a little train for 5 Euros ($7.00) and it was an hour narrated ride through the town and up the hill to the Notre  Dame. What fantastic panoramic views of the city! Others that took shore excursions were well satisfied with them! We sat at dinner with other Americans but there were only 10% Americans on  the ship! How refreshing this was! It was great to be on such an international atmosphere and not constantly listening to English! I loved it! The entertainment at night was not great and did not compare to there entertainment that we Americans are used to on American cruise lines. Costa Cruises are great values for your money and I can't wait to take another Costa Cruise!  

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May 13, 2007

Western Mediterranean

Costa Cruise Lines Costa Fortuna Cruise Review Western Mediterranean Carol Norman This was probably the best cruise we've ever taken.  There are several cruise lines that cover the Western Med, but we chose Costa because it is decidedly non-American. It was important for us to give our nephew the full "foreign" experience on his first trip to Europe.  With less than 10% Americans on board, he got the whole package of Italian, French,

Spanish and German speaking guests.  We've cruised most major lines and were very impressed, on every level, with Costa.  Every employee speaks English so there is never a problem communicating with staff.  The food in the dining room was perfectly prepared every time. If you're looking for large T-bone steaks and baked potatoes, look elsewhere.  The food on board is international, exciting and delicious.  As far a cleanliness is concerned, the ship was immaculate from top to bottom.  It was a rare event to see a finger print on glass or a piece of paper on the floor.  Our room steward came in five times a day (always when we were out) and kept our room spotless with fresh towels continually re-supplied.  The ship is very interesting if you like nautical history.  Each public room has a different theme from classic ships of the past.  Also there are large models of classic ships located throughout.   There are several pools and Jacuzzis on board, however, the temperature of the Jacuzzis was lukewarm and not very satisfying if you like it hot.  Also, children are not allowed in certain Jacuzzis but we found that this rule was universally ignored by guests and staff.   So most of the time we skipped it because there were kids playing in them like they were in a bath tub.  The state-of-the-art health and fitness center was well equipped and we loved looking out at the sea while getting our exercise.  There is an elevated Jacuzzi inside the center that is quite impressive and since the center is off limits to children, it was a great escape.  Not that the ship was overrun with kids, mind you, it’s just that they gravitate to the water activities.  The entertainment on board was pretty amateurish on most evenings. It graduated to proper “cruise” level entertainment only two evenings during our trip: formal night and the last night of the cruise.  Even then, it wasn’t quite up to the standards of other lines, but the talent worked hard at it and we were fairly impressed.   We didn’t take any cruise excursions as we prefer to have our own adventures without the cost and crowds of excursions.  However, our tablemates took the excursions everyday and we listened closely to their comments.  While they loved the sites they were very frustrated by the language problem.  Since the English speaking guests were in a minority, they had to be combined with Italian speaking guests in order to fill up a tour bus.  As a result, the tour guide spoke both languages. While this wasn’t an issue, the problem was that whenever the guide was speaking English, the Italians would  commence conversing making it very difficult for the English speaking guests to hear any information.  So our tablemates felt as though they didn’t get their money’s worth.  There were six ports of call and we liked all but Tunis, Tunisia.  We found the local men, who hung out in droves, intimidating.  We hired a local guide and he was an exceptional man, so we were fortunate.  Except for the mosque and the hilltop cathedral, we found the architecture very boring.   The two ports in Spain (Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona) were fabulous. These should not be missed. They are clean and friendly cities. The public transportation is excellent and easy to access directly from the ship for those who prefer to explore on their own.  Be sure to visit the shopping district just off the port in Barcelona.  It is tree and brick lined street and no traffic is allowed.  The street entertainers are a hoot. Palermo, Sicily is a busy and congested Italian city with lots of cars careening around.  Shopping was good with lots of nooks and crannies in the city to find fish markets with lots of character.  The historical sites are endless and around every corner.  We enjoyed Palermo much more than Naples.  Naples doesn’t have much to offer except Pompeii and Capri.  Otherwise, it’s a congested, dirty port city.  Marseilles was lovely with the main attraction being the Vieux Porte (Old Port).  For the independent explorer, Costa provided bus transport directly to the port for only 5 Euros per person.  There are dozens of small streets and squares around the port that have outdoor cafes and shopping, although the shopping was quite expensive.  Up the hill from the Vieux Porte is a Notre Dame and if you’re not up for the hike up the hill, there is a neat little tourist train that will take you up for a nominal fee.  The view of the Mediterranean from up there is just incredible and should not be missed. Overall the cruise exceeded our expectations and we would certainly book with Costa again.  This cruise is a great way to get a taste of several of the romance countries without having to pack and unpack every other day.  We loved waking up every morning to a new city with lots of exciting things to see and do.    

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Apr 15, 2007

Western Mediterranean

When I first started planning a cruise for my family I had very little info to base me decisions on. I searched the various sites but was given little information that would make me comfortable with such a big decision. Our family of 4 ranges in age from 40 to 4 so I wanted to make sure that I did a good job planning so that we'd all have a great time. We are an American family living in England so I was even more concerned than a seasoned

European traveler. We Americans are accustomed to a few more services and extras as part of any inclusive vacation. After finding a special price with a travel agent ( I decided to book it. I though I'd found all of the reviews I could that told me about the ship and what to expect when we arrived to began the cruise. We booked our own flight through a discount airline and flew to an airport in Milan. Now here's the kicker: We went to the wrong airport. The travel agent and I had emailed several times about where we would fly and they never told me that I'd have to take a bus or taxi to the airport where we'd meet our coach to the port. I never asked but they never volunteered any info that would make our transfer easier. After finding that we didn't have enough time to take a bus we took a taxi for 120 euros. We flew into Bergamo and needed to be at Marpenza so I came to realize that there are many of these small airports which the bargain airlines fly into. I'm still not sure I saved any money on the flight but the home airport was closer to home so I was happy. We met the Cost cruise rep at the airport in plenty of time to take a breather and get a bite before the journey of 2.5 hrs to the port. Now this cruise line stopped at 6 ports while we were on our 7 day trip and I found that we could have gotten on it at any of these ports. I also found that our bargain (Ryan Air) airline flew to within 30 minutes of the port at Genoa Italy. I also came to know that we could have gotten on board at any of the ports on the day the ship would have docked there. Big mistake on my part but the travel agent knowing where I was flying still never helped me out. Lesson learned; do it yourself then you only have yourself to blame. I found this site (cruise reviews) after I had made all of the arrangements and my heart dropped after I read the reviews. I'll tell you that the bad reviews could not be further from the truth. I gave the cruise the "American abroad" approach and even with that standard the cruise was excellent. The cabin accommodated all 4 of us comfortably even though it was small with 2 overhead berths for the kids, it was what I expected. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the cabin since we wouldn't be in it very long anyways. The ship was clean and being cleaned all of the time we were aboard. The crew where the hardest working people and so eager to please all of the time. I can't recall ever seeing anything out of place even late in the night. The crew were the most dedicated workers I've seen in a while even thought they work 8 months without a day off. I expected for there to be smokers everywhere too but smoking was controlled really well and in very few places. Smokers can enjoy the cruise as well but it was nice for we non-smokers. The food met our expectations. Because of the reviews on this site I was worried but I soon found that all of the food was fresh and tasty. Plenty to eat everywhere and the evening meal was always great. Our meal was always hot and served in a very timely manner. Since we had kids we chose the early seating which was at 7. Don't rush to the main door at 7 because all of the diners will be there waiting to get in. Go at about 10 after and you'll go right to your table without shoving and pushing. I'll tell you I think sometimes that the people on board though they'd miss out if they didn't push their way to something. The cruise folks won't let you get left behind so take your time and relax. The kids programs were super and my kids loved them. My 12 yr old went into one and my 4 yr old another. The crew spoke 4 or 5 languages so neither of my girls felt left out. The excursions were adequate and the coach rides to the locations weren't too long. The great thing that Costa did was to offer to put English speaking guests into one coach so that you didn't have to listen to several translations from the guides. This wasn't always possible though because there wasn't enough English speaking travelers. Ask the on board English excursion coordinator for advise on this issue. We were always safe and taken to clean well managed sites, although the sites aren't the responsibility of Costa. I could go on and on with each aspect of the cruise but suffice it to say Costa is a fine cruise line and we would definitely go again if we were so inclined. You are welcome to email me with questions: [email protected]  

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