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Jan 20, 2015

Worst cruise I have ever taken, islands visited excellent, waiter was not any good, had to ask for everything and he did not bring your requests like asking for coffee with meal another time he gave me coffee in middle of meal and everyone else at table he just left and di not give them coffee very very rude Bad, tasteless food, poor quality of meat tough Excellent cabin, our room steward was excellent NO night life at all . Shows

where awful and no live music at bars on ship. everyone on ship agreed that they went to bed early and disappointed train excursion was cancelled at ST Kitts, was disappointed they claimed train was broken Met a lot of nice people, food was not up to par, lacking night life, waiter really made me angry could not sit at table no more in dining room

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Apr 14, 2013

Southern Caribbean

My wife and I sailed on Celebrity's Eclipse on a two-week cruise to the southern Caribbean on January 12, 2013. We have sailed with Celebrity several times before, but this was our first cruise on the Eclipse. About us. I am a trial lawyer and my wife is a Personal Shopper. We exercise daily as an integral part of our lifestyle, and except when we vacation, we watch what we eat. "Trim" and "fit" are two words which I think best describe

us physically. Here are some compelling reasons for you to seriously consider a Celebrity cruise: 1. Celebrity has the most progressive non-smoking policy in the mass cruise market. It is the only cruise line to ban smoking on balconies as well as in the cabins and the casinos. On the Eclipse, smoking was limited to a section of the port side of the pool deck, to the port side of an outdoor bar at the back of the ship, and to an outdoor bar on the starboard side on the deck above the pools. I heard no complaints from anyone. 2. The Eclipse itself. The Eclipse is one of five new, nearly identical S-class ships in the Celebrity fleet. I find myself speaking in superlatives about this ship. It is a big boat, over three football fields long, yet remarkably easy to find your way about. It has a passenger capacity of 2,850 and yet never seemed crowded. Pictures of the ship do not do it justice. A spectacular atrium towering 11 decks holding glass-enclosed elevators with a tree suspended in the middle is simply breathtaking. Eye-catching artwork is everywhere. There are many, many features of the Eclipse unique to Celebrity I invite you to look at on-line, but in a word, the entire ship is positively stunning. 3. The pool deck and the buffet restaurant. I single out these two areas because through its innovative design of the S-class, Celebrity managed to solve two huge problems prevalent on cruise ships: a shortage of deck chairs and long lines in the buffet restaurants. On the Eclipse you could arrive on the pool deck at almost any time on a sea day and still find plenty of prime seating. The buffet restaurant, called the Oceanview Cafe on the Eclipse, was cleverly designed with separate stations in the center so there were never lines. That's right, no lines. Celebrity also substituted various-sized plates for trays to eliminate the look and feel of a cafeteria you find on other ships. 4. AquaClass. We treated ourselves to AquaClass on this cruise and it is no surprise that AquaClass was the first category to sell out. The AquaClass cabins are ideally located high up and are configured and decorated differently than the other cabins. The balconies are large enough for two lounge chairs. The bathrooms have fog-free mirrors, enormous bath towels, and a shower with a tower of five jets to massage and rinse you at multiple body points. There is also a private entrance to the AquaSpa and fitness center, unlimited access to the therapeutic Persian Garden, and exclusive access to the Relaxation Room at the front of the ship. But best of all was the specialty restaurant called Blu. 5. Blu. This small and intimate specialty restaurant was exclusive for AquaClass passengers. It was our private dining room. The quality of food on a Celebrity cruise is generally superb, but Blu's special menu took the dining experience to a whole new level. Blu was open for breakfast and dinner with no assigned times or seating. The menu differed dramatically from the main dining room, as did the preparation and the presentation. The menus changed daily but the chef would prepare even dishes off the menu. And while the quality of service on a Celebrity cruise is generally exceptional, the service in Blu was the best we've encountered on any ship anywhere. 6. Cleanliness. The Eclipse wasn't just clean; it was immaculate, including, and maybe even especially, the public restrooms, which were fresh and spotless whenever we used them. Purell hand-sanitizers were everywhere, including smiling crew members to personally dispense a shot at the doors to the dining venues and to passengers returning to the ship from port. This is clearly a cruise line which cares about our health. 7. The specialty restaurants. Like most ships, the Eclipse has her share of for-fee specialty restaurants. In addition to Blu, we dined in two of the three. The Tuscan Grille, an Italian steakhouse, served me a filet mignon you could cut with a sharp look. It was as good as you will find in any Capital Grille on land. The popular and innovative Qsine, with its iPad menu, is so unique it defies description. 8. Captain's Club. Like many cruise lines, Celebrity rewards its repeat passengers with special programs, parties and perks. As Elite members of the Captain's Club, we were invited to drink from a large menu of alcoholic and soft drinks at Celebrity's expense each evening. Other benefits included either complimentary or discounted laundry, dry cleaning, and Internet access. 9. Perry Grant. He is a flamboyant cabaret singer something like Liberace on steroids, who held court nightly on Celebrity's older and smaller Constellation for many years. I heard that Perry was about to join the Eclipse starting the cruise after mine so we missed him by a day. Perry is so immensely popular that some passengers book their cruises just because of him. You can watch videos of his performances on YouTube. 10. The crew. You will not find friendlier people at sea. During the entire cruise I never heard the word no. Moreover, I personally observed extraordinary acts of kindness and consideration from the staff towards passengers I found so touching I went searching for a supervisor to report them. If the stunning Eclipse is the exquisite body of Celebrity, then the remarkable people who inhabit it are its heart and soul.

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Jul 12, 2012

eastern caribbean

I felt the need to reply to some of the reviews as I have now been on 2 cruises with Celebrity - both on the Eclipse; one out of Southampton, and the other out of Miami. We are booked on another cruise (same ship but different location - in September). I have truly enjoyed all my cruise experiences with Celebrity - of course, I don't have another cruise line to compare - however, so far they have pleased me (& my Mum) enough to want to re-book twice!

The emergency drill discussed by one reviewer is not as she stated. You attend the mandatory drill at different locations on the ship according to where you would meet if evacuation was necessary. Obviously, if everyone went to the theatre it just wouldn't work...for example, our "muster point" has been within the area of the ship by the executive lounge. Yes, it's crowded but adequate - and there is a certain amount of personal responsibility too - to ensure that you know where the lifejackets are, and the emergency route from your cabin. On our first cruise out of Southampton - a tragic incident highlighted the importance of safety at sea, and the steps Celebrity is willing to take in order to take care of guests & staff. A guest onboard became sick, and it was necessary to evacuate him/her by helicopter. This was successfully done, but during the process a member of staff fell/jumped overboard. A ship the size of the Eclipse does not stop easily or quickly, but in this case, the ship was turned around, lifeboat launched, and rescue organizations off Cherbourg notified. The staff kept passengers informed but not overly involved. Although the outcome was not positive, I felt that the captain had done all possible in order to attempt to save the individual. During our 2nd cruise in January, when the Costa Concordia was on the news - I did not feel unsafe while travelling on the Eclipse. My Mum is elderly & has some special needs as well as an allergy to seafood. We travel Aqua class as I have found the dining arrangements especially accommodating (Blu restaurant). No need to book a time & portions much more manageable for both of us. The restaurant staff are incredibly helpful & friendly - attentive but not overwhelming. Most important - willing to accommodate a couple of unusual requests from us (one re. seating & other re. meals). We usually order breakfast in our room which has for the most part, been excellent. Lunch is at the buffet - and thank goodness I didn't spot any unruly guests contaminating the food (as per one review!). I found the selection excellent - and touch wood, have not got food was hot in my experience and cold food appropriately cold. I enjoy the curries, whereas my Mum chose traditional "English" fare. Our stateroom has been great. Very clean indeed - concierge very attentive - & yes, I did have lots of little requests - extra coat hangers, an English tea kettle for the caribbean cruise (my Mum needed it!!) We both found the accommodation comfortable & relaxing. Wi fi good ('tho I seriously miss skype which is not available) - and tv. good also. I enjoy watching Sky news which I can't get at home. Bathroom also very good, clean, amenities (soaps, lotions, etc.) provided. Onboard activities were also very good. Hot glass show fabulous. Cooking demos very much enjoyed by us both, as well as music and people watching. Celebrity is not a "cheap" cruise line & I found that it can get expensive with add ons, if you are not aware & don't keep track! My Mum and I treated ourselves a little each day, & also enjoyed all the amazing things which are "inclusive" to keep costs reasonable. We didn't see the show (maybe this time?) as Mum was tired by evening & we prefered to relax and do our own thing. So far, we have been on an excursion at every port! My Mum uses a wheelchair for distances, but can walk as well. We did not take any "wheelchair only" excursions as this would have prevented non-ambulatory guests from enjoying a trip. The trips we went on were excellent without exception. I did choose as sensibly as I could knowing some of Mum's limitations re. walking, the unpleasantness of being pushed over bumpy cobblestones in a wheelchair, and the fact that she does get tired. All tour operators went out of their way to help us out, and we enjoyed ourselves! I did get lost in Rome - but caught another Celebrity tour bus back...oops. However, that was my mistake not theirs, and fortunately we easily got back to the ship in time. I am aware that it is cheaper to "do it yourself" and take taxi or public transport. However, when travelling with someone who is elderly - I found the tour bus to be by far the easiest and most relaxing way to see the sights. We have enjoyed both cruises on the Eclipse - and are anticipating another excellent cruise in a couple of months. I would not hesitate to recommend Aqua class on the Celebrity Eclipse to someone who is looking for a relaxing holiday, with responsive staff, and a touch of luxury. I have had no problem with swimming pools, hot tubs, or sunbathing areas - towel service is excellent, and entire area clean and inviting. All washrooms on the ship are clean and well appointed. Bar areas and lounges also very pleasant and nice to spend time in. When leaving the ship - be prepared for long line-ups - difficult to have so many people coming & going at the same time of course. Southampton was a bit of a zoo and one suitcase had wheel broken off. Experience in Miami much better due to extremely assertive staff pushing wheelchair & extremely assertive me getting a cab right away...Celebrity does offer slightly later disembarkation for special needs guests which is helpful.

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Apr 5, 2012


This was our first cruise; we have had many a 5 star land resort all inclusive vacations and have stayed away from cruising because of the 'pay for everything else' approach. All in all I will say that the Celebrity Eclipse was cleaner than any 5 star resort that we have stayed at, the staff was terrific: friendly and engaging. It was a resort on the water. We stayed away from the pricy add ons such as the drinking water package, wine package ( worked

out to 33.00$ a bottle), etc., which made our vacation very affordable. We compensated by carrying our own insulated water bottles and enjoying 6 beer for 10.00$ in port. We took 2 bottles of wine with us and kept them in the stateroom. My wife and I agreed that excluding the 'pay for extras' we really couldn't complain about anything -- if you are into cruising the Eclipse is a good choice. I spoke to some seniors and wheelchair folk and they had similar stories. Our only major disappointment was that the hot tub was luke warm and it as well as the pools were chlorinated versus salt water. Considering how new the ship was (2010), the toxicity of chlorine on clothing and skin this was rather surprising. Breakfast/lunch buffet & dinning room food was very good. Dinner buffet terrible. Grill food by the pool was not bad. We had a veranda on the 9th deck, it's size (194 sq.ft) was very acceptable; it was clean, not worn and the bed was very comfortable. We were located about a 1/3rd of the way a stern from the bridge, just where the bow wake rolled off the hull, this provided a crashing wave sonata which we enjoyed. We were able to leave the patio door open all night so we could enjoy the sea sounds and fragrance, this was nice. The professional comedian was excellent, some of the singers and musicians were good, but most of the entertainment was just basic. We made good use of the fitness centre which was terrific, it was busy at times but there was loads of equipment and machines. There was a charge for fitness classes (?). On board activities were available but from what I saw there was not a lot of participation. Sun bathing was a challenge as the folks were packed like sardines around the pool and lounging decks. Ship specific information sessions were great but there was not enough of them as I noted many folk like to know about how the ship functions - an engine tour was 150.00$ !!! If you are into paying premium prices for activities, there were some interesting excursions to be found. We simply did a little research and walked off the ship and did our own site seeing, shopping, chatting with the locals and other tourists. In my view cruising from port to port and spending a few days at sea is better than lying on a beach, you get to travel in comfort, experience different places but the add ons can add up easily; don't be fooled by the cheap base price for the cruise and cruising is not an adventure or mind stimulating experience. Not being able to enjoy a bottle of water, a beer or a glass of wine without a hefty price made me feel like I was in a cinema buying candy - too bad for the industry.

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Jan 17, 2012


After deciding again to take a cruise in January, we tried booking a Holland America cruise. The dates we needed were full, so we started considering other cruise lines. We found a cruise on Celebrity that fit our needs as far as times and destinations, so we booked a seven day cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse heading for the Carribean. It was going to San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Although we had already been to two out of three of these

ports, we had enjoyed them previously and decided to not to book any excursions. When we arrived at the ship in the Port of Miami the Ecipse had a buffet available in the Oceanview Cafe. This was our first experience with the cuisine on the ship. I tried the salad items shrimp salad and tuna salad. Both were at room temperature. So I decided to have some of their sliced lunch meats and cheeses. Again, the lunch meats were warm. I finally decided to try the pasta bar, figuring you can't get sick from tepid pasta. After making a conscious decision to stick to pasta and breads so as not to get sickened by warm salads with mayonnaise in them, I witnessed something that turned my stomach. I was in line once again at the pasta bar at lunch time. A man ahead of me was reaching under the "sneeze glass" to point out to the chef what he wanted cooked up in his pasta. His fingers were almost in the different bowls of cut vegetables and I noticed he was wearing a sleeveless top. He was leaning so far under the glass that his under arm hair was IN the bowls closest to him. This sealed my decision to order only what was so far behind the glass, that only the chef served it to you! Yuck! The rooms on board were ok. Nothing new for a cruise ship. My husband did pick up on the towels in our bathroom. They were threadbare. One of our dining partners at evening dinner actually complained about them. They were towels I would of used as rags at home. Frayed or even ripped around the edges and so thin they could hardly dry you. Our stateroom attendant was very nice and accommodating. He was working hard with what he had to work with. The rooms were kept clean. The Ecipse did offer a lot of activities but once again disappointed. On other cruise lines, the activities were free and included in the price of the cruise. This one was offering iPad classes.....for a fee. I was very disappointed because on the previous Holland America cruises we had taken, they had classes on the Windows 7 pictures, movie making, etc. all free, or included in the price of the cruise. The one interesting show they did offer that was different and fascinating was the Hot Glass Blowing. They had two shows a day and one show a day when you were in a port. This one activity somewhat redeemed the cruise for me. The artists were engaging, interesting and made beautiful works in glass. I'm only sorry they're on this cruise line as I won't be seeing them again. Maybe Holland America will take note. All in all, I'd rate this cruise a 5 out of 10. We actually felt sorry for the people working aboard. They kept asking if we were happy, or if everything was alright. We got the distinct impression they knew it wasn't. One other thing that made us sit up and take note. On all the 5 previous cruises we've been on, they have been very, very serious about the Emergency drill when you are first on board. It was MANDATORY!! On the Ecipse, you were asked to all go to the theater for Emergency drill instruction. To be fair, it was stated over the speaker system that attendance was mandatory. When we got there, we realized that it was a movie on planned evacuations and emergency procedure. No one from the ship was checking room cards to make sure everyone attended. And it was taken as seriously as a rock concert. It was so loud from people talking, you couldn't hear a thing! We disembarked to the news of the Italian cruise liners disaster. I really feel Celebrity should take the safety of their passengers more seriously. With their lack of a real safety drill, that could have been them.

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Feb 21, 2011

Souhtern Caribbean

We have done a great deal of cruises and have done so on many different lines but we can say without reservation that the Celebrity Eclipse is, by far, the best experience we have had. Reading the reviews on this and other sites both before and now subsequent to our cruise I find myself wondering if we were on the same ship as the other reviewers or if thier expectaions are unreasonably high or ours unreasonably low. In either case, this is an exception

ship with an exceptionally friendly and helpful staff with outstanding food and equally outstanding services. I cannot think of a single experience or aspect of this ship that I can find fault with. We had a delightful time and strongly encourage others to book cruises on this ship. You will not be disappointed.

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Dec 20, 2010

Miami - Bahamas - Miami

The staff was disorganized. Information which should have been shared through their computers regarding my preferences, restaurant reservations, credit card number and dietary problems were never shared. The line to get through security and board the ship reminded me of Disney World. My friends and I were in suites. When we boarded we found a note from our personal concierge. I called my concierge to ask her to change my reservation at the specialty

restaurant because it was wrong and she told me to do it myself. Our luggage came very late. 5:30 pm. My bon voyage gifts never came until after I went to dinner. My bed was never separated and when I went to speak to guest relations they said that it couldn't be done. The food was average. We went to Murano one night for dinner and I found the food to be OK. They charge $35 a person cover charge to eat there and I thought that was outrageous. I am on a Gluten Free diet and was told by the Matradee that I should track him down every morning to check out the menu ahead of time. On previous cruises with other cruise lines my husband, who is allergic to onions, was given the menu at dinner the night before. That was much easier. The food at the buffet was good with a good variety. I had the Royal Suite which was beautiful. The bedroom was a bit crowded but well appointed and the veranda had a whirlpool tub which took up much too much room. There was room for one lounge and a small table with 2 chairs. I would much rather have had room for two lounges. Sparse. Don't know. It was a short cruise with one port. This was a girls cruise to celebrate my 65th birthday given to me by my children. It was amazing how in three days one cruise line could make so many mistakes. All of our dinner reservations were wrong. I booked them on the internet. My bon voyage champagne and cheese and crackers came after dinner. All our room charges were put on my credit card but when Friday rolled around my friend (in the other suite) got a nasty phone call from Guest Relations saying that she couldn't get off the ship the next day unless she showed them a credit card. We conservatively were down speaking to Guest Relations 3 times in three days. The people behind the desk were short with us and not apologetic. They even gave us the wrong time to disembark the next day. Following the cruise I contacted the president with a strong letter and I still haven't heard from anyone.

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Nov 26, 2010

Eastern Caribbean

Celebrity Cruises has once again delivered the "Wow" with the brand new Celebrity Eclipse. The 16 deck ship offers cruisers a pampering experience from the moment they step onboard. Guest are welcomed with a champagne drink to start their cruise experience and are treated to the Five Star service of Celebrity Cruises. Like her sister ships, Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Equinox, the Celebrity Eclipse offers the Lawn Club, a half-acre of

real grass on top deck. Guest can try their hand at bocce ball, croquet, bongo, or perhaps just run their toes through the grass while enjoying a picnic lunch. The Lawn Club also features a learning experience Hot Glass Show, featuring the Corning Museum of Glass. Glassblowers demonstrate their techniques, and provide lectures and workshops in the art of glass-making. The lectures and workshops are part of the Celebrity Cruises onboard enrichment experiences. Other onboard enrichment opportunities are classes in Mixology, wine and food pairing, wine appreciation, Rosetta Stone language classes, dance lessons, Yoga, Chilates, and acupuncture seminars. New to the ship is the iLounge, a modern environment with Apple computers. Lessons are taught by certified staff. Celebrity Cruises is known for it's stellar cuisine and the Celebrity Eclipse doesn't disappoint. The Moonlight Sonata main dining room is exquisite. Silver accessories glisten on the crisp white linens. Service is attentive but unobtrusive. Dinner entrees consist of choices of steaks, poultry, fish, pastas, and vegetarian. All complimentary. Speciality restaurants for a cover charge are Murano, a sophisticated dining experience featuring European style service and wines; Qsine is new and offers dishes from around the world with an element of surprise. The Tuscan Grille, also a cover charge speciality restaurant, is a sophisticated steakhouse with an Italian accent. Those looking for a lighter fare can try crepes and sandwiches at the Bistro on Five, a modest surcharge applies. Other food venues that are complimentary are AquaSpa Cafe, Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria, Mast Grill, and the Oceanview Cafe. The Oceanview Cafe serves made to order omelettes in the morning along with all the traditional breakfast favorites of pancakes, waffles, french toast, pastries, and fruit to name a few. Guest will find a variety of nightly entertainment to choose from with twelve bars and lounges. They may even be entertained by creative bartenders at the frozen Martini Bar, who can pour eight martinis at once. Broadway and Las Vegas style production shows can be seen in the Eclipse Theater. The Fortunes Casino offers 275 slots and video poker machines and 16 gaming tables. The Celebrity Eclipse has a full service beauty salon, a fitness center, and full service spa offering massages, facials, and other spa treatments. The spa has a solarium and the Persian Garden for a quiet relaxing experience. Shoppers will be delighted to know the ship has over 18 different venues. There's something for everyone from fine jewelry, perfumes, and name brand clothing, to logo sportswear and children's gifts. Staterooms are well appointed. Robes and hairdryers are provided. Concierge and Aqua Spa level staterooms offer upgraded services and amenities such as butler service, VIP embarkation/debarkation, champagne and fruit bowl. The Celebrity Eclipse will sail alternating Western and Eastern Caribbean itineraries for the Winter and will sail in Europe starting in April 2011.

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