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Carnival Triumph Review

The second in the Destiny-class of Carnival’s megaships, Carnival Triumph launched in 1999. Dedicated to great cities of the world, public rooms bear names from Rome and Paris to Washington and Miami’s South Beach. The ship is scheduled for a major refurbishment in 2014, when it will receive Carnival’s "Fun Ship 2.0" upgrades with new casual dining options, poolside bars, and more. Galveston is Carnival Triumph’s home port, from where she sails short four-and five-night cruises to the Western Caribbean and Mexico.

The first class of Carnival megaships weighing in at more than 100,000 tons, everything on these vessels is in keeping with their size—bold interiors highlighted by nine-deck atriums, 200-foot corkscrew waterslides on the Lido deck, and public areas that often span multiple decks. Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory are bigger and have more cabins and crew than the original Carnival Destiny, for which the class was named and which was totally refurbished and renamed Carnival Sunshine in 2013.

The variety of indoor and outdoor spaces ranges from relatively small lounges with a nightclub atmosphere to huge show rooms where lavish production shows are staged. Most public rooms open off wide indoor promenades that branch fore and aft from the spectacular atrium.

Expansive pools and sport decks have plenty of room to spread out for sunning and more active pursuits; both ships have been retrofitted with massive poolside 270-square-foot LED screens.

The world's largest cruise line originated the Fun Ship concept in 1972 with the relaunch of an aging ocean liner, which got stuck on a sandbar during its maiden voyage. In true entrepreneurial spirit, founder Ted Arison shrugged off an inauspicious beginning to introduce superliners a decade later. Sporting red-white-and-blue flared funnels, which are easily recognized from afar, new ships are continuously added to the fleet and rarely deviate from a successful pattern. If you find something you like on one vessel, you're likely to find something similar on another.

Each vessel features themed public rooms, ranging from ancient Egypt to futuristic motifs, although many of those elements are being replaced with a more tropical decor as older ships are upgraded. Carnival is also introducing features either branded by the line itself, such as the poolside Blue Iguana Tequila Bar with an adjacent burrito cantina and the Red Frog Rum Bar that also serves Carnival’s own brand of Thirsty Frog Red beer, or in partnership with well known brands, such as EA SPORTS to create EA SPORTS Bars at sea and Guy’s Burger Joint, in partnership with Food Network star Guy Fieri. Implementation of the new features is scheduled for completion in 2015.

What You Should Know


  • Tiered sunning decks above the Lido pools offer a good view of the jumbo-size LED screens
  • The upper-level seating area in the Lido restaurant almost always has tables available
  • The lobby bar is a surprisingly off-the-beaten-path space with a lot of visual impact


  • There is no steak house on either ship
  • Private balconies on high decks in the middle of the ship may be noisy when there are activities on the Lido deck above
  • Lines at the buffet can be seemingly endless at peak meal times
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 1,100
  • Entered Service 1999
  • Gross Tons 102,000
  • Length 893 feet
  • Number of Cabins 1,397
  • Passenger Capacity 2,758 (3,470max)
  • Width 116 feet
  • Service

  • Food

  • Décor

  • Value

Nov 11, 2016


we just returned from a port progreso......took shuttle to shop more..........this town would not take us way, now the town itself, after taking the shuttle away from the port . we went to the bank........would not exchange our us dollars for pesos. we finally happened to find a 'grocery store' where we were able to buy some bottled, what a surprise to find we could not shop in the town itself.

the post office workers, actually all the people we tried to buy from were very unfriendly and we felt quite uncomfortable in this town. we will never stop here again. excellent gourmet service...antonio etc.....and great options everyplace aboard ship. should take greater care and make more of the disinfectants available, like norwegian and royal do...... people should be made to disinfect before partaking of the food in group settings.....children should be watched more cautiously. so pleased with our views in the house and great as far as not feeling so much movement while sleeping, etc.....wonderful room, we loved it. good activities, jess does a good job with group dances, etc....... glad to see no glasses are allowed in the pools. would like to see more crew while on board, felt like the food service was running the ship. stay away from the shuttle service into town......these people are not friendly and do not want tourists spending money in their dirty little village. just did. see above. loved cozumel, willy and helio were excellent, loved the trip to punta sur.......was not warned the crocodile may be swimming with us, though!!!! the food was prepared cleanly, even with raccoons around.....not threatening at all. felt safe and enjoyed the jeep excursion very very much..........water was lovely, beach facilities were terrific, everything worked.....very very good. good masseuse also.....

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Jul 23, 2016

New Orleans to Cozumel and Progreso

Our experience on this cruise is not typical for most cruisers, but it was exactly what we were looking for. Our mission was simply to chill. Not to party or overindulge in food or drink, or lay out at the pool, and certainly not to participate in all the silly games designed for kids. We booked this cruise solely to spend the evenings in the piano bar with Tony Ward at the keys. We met Tony on another Carnival ship and enjoyed his talent so much

that when we heard he had moved to the Triumph, we wanted to join him again around the piano. I rated the entertainment as a 5, solely on him. We did not see any other entertainment on board. The food was typical Carnival. A decent variety, and plenty of it with generally good taste. Guy's burgers are great, the pizza was so-so. We only ate on Lido, ( we were assigned late dining and doing so would have meant we missed half of Tony's time), so I cannot comment on the dining rooms. The stateroom was great. We paid a bit extra for a corner balcony room at the very back of the ship, and it was well worth it. The location made it a bit of a rougher ride at times, but the balcony was large enough to entertain guests, had that been our agenda, or to lie in the loungers and totally relax, which was our preference. The room was actually larger than the Jr. suite we had on a previous one, the only difference being the lack of a refrigerator. Our steward, Wayan, was excellent. The only real issue was the hinge on the balcony door didn't squeak, but screamed! I have learned that next time I need to pack a travel can of WD40! The piano bar, as I mentioned earlier, was excellent. The rest of it was just silly games and such. I know I'm not in the target demographics, but the music choices played over the ship's speakers is for the most part annoying.It was so loud in the buffet area at times that it was impossible to carry on a conversation. the only place I found that had any decent music at all was sometimes at the aft pool on Lido. However, that was the same 20-30 minutes looped over and over all week. There's too much good music available to do that. The other activities were either just plain silly, or designed to take more of the passengers' money (can you say a minimum of $20 to play BINGO?). We did our own private excursion on Cozumel to the back side of the island, away from the trinket shops and masses. Once again, our mission was peacefulness, and it is there, but only on the back side. At Progreso, we did go with a Carnival excursion to the all-inclusive resort of The Reef. The idea was good, and it was ok, but not great. The food was decent and the drinks were watered down. We did have an excellent tour guide, Aron. All in all, we had a good relaxing trip. I don't expect royal treatment on Carnival, so I wasn't disappointed. We got what we paid for, and I have no real complaints.

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Jun 26, 2016

New Orleans to Mexico and back

The Dr's and nurses along with the Captain took less than 15 minutes to make the decision to turn the boat around as they knew I was having a stroke. We were 4 hours from Cozumel and they still turned around and met the Coast Guard who had a Dr on board along with a team waiting on me! They took my husband and I to a hospital in Cozumel. We were treated like Royalty. We had a rep from Carnival Cruise line in my room everyday asking if the care I

was receiving was good and did I want or need ANYTHING. I had a phone with free calls back to the united states. When I was cleared to cruise back home the Triumph was there just like they promise and instead if mailing my clothes back to the United States they held it in customer service just like I was promised. The ONLY CRUISE I WILL EVER TAKE WILL BE CARNIVAL ON TBE TRIUMPH ! ONE HECK OF A CREW! All of them from the Captain to the Stewards! THANK YOU TRIUMPH FOR SAVING MY LIFE ! Your a great ship my lady and you have a wonderful crew! WONDERFUL cabin WONDERFUL food The activites looked fun and first 2 nights I got to enjoy but I was sick afterwards. Swam with Dolphins! Childhood Dream! Loved it. Can't wait for the next one!

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Jun 14, 2016

Cozemel and Progreso

This was by far our worse cruise experience to date. The lack of communication and commitment to customer service was appalling. The quality of food served by Carnival has definitely regressed over the past decade. Guy's Burgers and the Mexicancplace were good however service was slow in the dining rooms and timing always seemed to be off. The cafeteria served"cafeteria style" no thrills food at best. A majority of the state room phones were

broken so room service was not an option. We received a letter in our state rooms saying they were working on the problem and would be repaired asap. I went to customer service the second day to inquire and the employee told me they'd been having problems for a long time and they didn't think repairs would be made this cruise. I asked for an account credit and the employee laughed and said there was no way room service was important enough to warrant a credit. Really! I went back on day three to inquire again and was told if I needed room service to come to customer service and they would order for us. I was able to order on three occasions from elevator area phones. The best 9pm on the final night of the cruise Carnival sent a letter to our state room saying they had repaired the phones. Ok at this point I'd really rather not know they had repaired them for the next cruise. Our balcony state room was adequate. It was not clean. You could tell the attendant was a "middle of the floor" cleaning type person! The base boards and counter top edges needed cleaning. Our shower had great water pressure and plenty of hot water however the drain would overflow filling the room with sewer fumes if you used the shower as designed. We questioned our room stewart about the drain being stopped up and the shower overflowing into the bathroom and out into the room. He said it was a problem with most rooms and that we should only turn the water on about half force to avoid flooding the room.The hallway carpets were stained as to evidence of continuing problems. One day we noticed a sprinkler head dripping outside our door and pointed it out to a maintenance guy who said yes I see it. Not sure if there was a language barrier or if he was trying to say yeah I see it so what. No complaints or comments on activities on board. They were typical and as expected. We booked a last minute excursion for Cozemel for a VIP Luxury catamaran tour. It was outstanding. Food and unlimited drinks were included. The staff was overly accommodating and went out of their way to be sure all 18 on board had a great experience. Bravo guys! For Progreso we booked day before as well and found out at 8pm that night that the excursion was cancelled due to lack of interest. Ok we thought we'll stay up late enjoy on board activities and sleep in the next day. We woke up to find excursion tickets under our door so we got dressed and made a mad dash to get off the ship and to the rally point only to find no one holding a sign for our excursion. We looked around found Klara an excursions employee who advised us the excursion had been cancelled the tickets had been printed and delivered in error. She suggested a replacement tour which we reluctantly agreed to being as we were there and the only way to get out of the port was with hired transportation. The pier is 4.5 miles long! I suggested a discount or an account credit to cover the inconvenience which fell on death ears. Basically our choice was pay for what was being offered or get back on the boat. Carnival really didn't care. We expected a budget cruise as you get what you pay for usually and with Carnival it's lower cost family friendly entertainment and accommodations. With that being said I expected to get what I paid for and feel like I didn't. What bothers me the most is Carnivals lack of concern and standoffish attitude. I would like to see Carnival executives mirror my experience and see if the outcome would have been different. Somehow I don't think a carnival executive would want to be mindful of not using too much water when showering and running the risk of having sewer back upon your feet in the sshower. ..just saying.

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By Ken_CR

  • New

Nov 26, 2015


We are avid cruisers but not much positive to say about this thing going for it...just 5 days. I can only say this was the single most disappointing cruise we have been on. Food was typical for a cruise on a buffet. The formal dining at dinner left something to be desired. The entire process takes about 2 hours and food is below average. My teens thought the top sirloin was brisket and I had to agree with them. Everyones

food was brought at a different time so the first person had their food approximately 1 hour before the rest of the group. One steak was less than rare when ordered well done. The environment was fun but for the most part stick to the buffet or Guys Burgers which is fantastic. The burrito place is awesome as well. We had 2 suites so above average but below average for price. Attendants were on the spot and very accommodating. They were the best thing on the ship. The only major issue was the constant overhead pages for people. One morning starting at 445 am we had a missing person page every 30 minutes...I certainly hope the found Katie....... If you really do not want to drink to the point of intoxication daily then well below other cruise lines. Trivia....held in the casino which if you appreciate second hand smoke you will love. This is topped off with nice folding chairs and nothing to write on. Several lounges with ample space went unused which I assume was to merely keep the cleaning efforts down. Shows were average yet due to high seas were cancelled with little backup plans in place. Kids and teens activities seem average to above average. Shopping was less than average with little to no selection and the stereo typical cheap stuff with no port influence other than Carnival inspired swag. We had wind which was not their fault obviously but all movies are outside so this is great when calm but when windy the water from the pool and hot tub blow all over you. However, even if it is raining you still need to sit exposed in the weather if you want a movie... Excursions are absolutely pathetic. This is the only time we have bought excursions and not been told they were cancelled at both ports! One while on the ship and the other while in port. They literally just turned us loose at the port to fend for ourselves. If I would not have known the guy from the excursion desk I would have never known that I was standing at a sign for excursion which was never going to happen. I ended up paying for an additional excursion and followed the Princess cruisers so I knew what to do. Carnival sent no one with you in a foreign country to assist. In all situations when I asked about cancelled excursions they said "not our fault". After hustling up my own excursion I went to address when back on the ship and the excursion desk never opened again. I am not exaggerating this was unsafe, disorganized and they could care less. Galveston 5 day in Cozumel etc.....

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