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lanann Feb 21st, 2003 03:33 AM

Zion and Bryce Canyon
We are taking a sister trip to the national parks and would like to know about lodging and best itinery for Bryce and Zion. Thanks

bigtyke Feb 21st, 2003 08:07 AM

If you want to stay in the parks, you need to get reservations several months in advance.<BR><BR>There are several hotels just outside Zion. Since you can't drive in Zion, it is no hardship staying outside since you have to use the shuttle anyway.<BR><BR>The only place just outside Bryce is Ruby's. We didn't stay there, but instead about 7 miles away in Tropic, a nice little town.<BR><BR>If you go to Bryce early enough in the summer (I think before June 15 or 22), you can drive in the park. I don't think I would like having to take the shuttle in Bryce as it is much bigger than the main canyon at Zion.<BR><BR>Depending on how much walking you like to do, I think 2 days at each is sufficient.

bob_brown Feb 21st, 2003 08:12 AM

There is a motel known as Bryce Canyon Pines that is also close to the entrance to Bryce, but it is not as close as the one mentioned above. The town of Panguitch has motels as well.<BR> If you want to stay in the park, you do need considerable lead time to make a reservation.<BR><BR>The length of time required to see both parks is dependent on how much hiking you do.<BR>Bryce has opportunities to spend several days walking below the rim.<BR>A day or two will give you a good introduction.<BR><BR><BR>

dwooddon Feb 21st, 2003 11:27 AM

There is also a nice motel, the Grand Staircase Inn, in Henryville, another 4-5 miles east of Tropic. It's also very convienant to Kodochrome Flats State Park as well as Bryce Canyon.

Syv Feb 21st, 2003 11:32 AM

I recommend the 1/2 day horseback (mule) ride down into Bryce Canyon. Fun, informative guides, and spectacular views. (reserve in advance)

cd Feb 21st, 2003 02:05 PM

Bigtyke<BR>I am really confused. We drove in Zion and it was wonderful! We loved all the stone mountains! We stopped at a horse riding academy and took horse back rides which were great. But, you say you can't drive in Zion? Is this something new?

utahtea Feb 21st, 2003 02:25 PM

cd,<BR><BR>On May 26, 2000, Zion National Park initiated a new shuttle bus transportation system to eliminate traffic congestion in the upper Zion Canyon portion of the park. The free shuttle system includes two loops—one serving the park and one operating in the town of Springdale. The Springdale shuttle loop stops at six locations in the town, and the Zion Canyon shuttle loop stops at eight locations in the park. The transfer point between loops is made at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center in the park. <BR><BR>The shuttle system operates from April through October. During those months, visitors may not drive their private vehicles on the scenic drive in upper Zion Canyon unless they are guests at the Zion Canyon Lodge. All other roads in the park are open to private vehicles. At other times of the year, private vehicles may be driven into upper Zion Canyon. <BR><BR>I cut and pasted this right from the offical Zion NP web site: <BR><BR><BR><BR>BTW the shuttle system is really wonderful. You don't have to worry about find a parking place. You can do hikes that start at one location and end up at another location and not have to worry about getting back to your vehicle. The shuttles also run in the town of Springdale. <BR><BR>Utahtea

irishlady Feb 24th, 2003 06:09 PM

We made a trip last summer to both Bryce and Zion, as well as the north rim of the Grand Canyon. <BR>In Bryce, we stayed in the cabins at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. We made reservations in April and were able to get a room in July. The location of the cabins is spectacular. When you walk outside the door, you are about 300 feet to the edge of the Bryce wonderland! The cabins themselves were mediocre. Ours needed dusting and had bugs in the window sills. In the morning, ants had attacked our snack box. The lodge restaurant was pricey, but the food was decent. In the morning they had a great buffet breakfast. If I had it to over again, I'd still stay there because of the location.<BR><BR>In Zion, we could only get one night at the Zion Lodge. Again, the location is great. You are deep inside the canyon . . . a whole different perspective. The cabins were cleaner and we thought the food was again high priced but tasty. Deer roam freely around the lodge. <BR><BR>On the second night, we found another hotel that we absolutely LOVED!! It is located in Springfield, which is just a couple of miles from the shuttle area. In fact the shuttle comes right to the hotels in Springfield. The hotel was called &quot;The Desert Pearl Inn&quot;. It was like living in luxury!! The room had a sink, wetbar, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Besides that there were special touches, like hot chocolate mix and popcorn, extra large bath towels, remote control ceiling fans, and very comfortable beds. The hotel overlooks a river, and you can request a room with a beautiful river view. You can rent inner tubes and ride down the river. (We didn't do this but it looked like fun.) This is a really special place. <BR><BR>I would recommend two full days in each park, especially if you like to hike around. <BR><BR>If there are no accomodations left in the cabins, keep calling because they get cancellations constantly. <BR><BR>Have fun . . . its a great trip!

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