Would you sell your soul for a "Free Trip"?

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She's presently looking into Norwegian. My husband and I have been on two Caribbean cruises on Celebrity, so I realize there are many activities onboard to occupy ourselves.

I'm just considering other passengers on the ship as well as ourselves. If she should go "off her meds" again, well, it's not a very pleasant thought.
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Am I missing something? Romy says "Something I didn't mention is my husband's half sister" (after scads of discussion had already rolled around this. No, she specifically said "it will be just the three of us".
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I mentioned just the 3 of us when asked if there were children accompanying us. I really didn't want to go in to the half-sister aspect, but today I decided to spill the rest of it. I apologize.
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Yeeees, Grasshopper, I too am starting to smell a troll, lol. The fact that "Romy" keeps coming back with more bait and more problems keeps the troll post going, like any good troll post should, lmao.
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In reponse to the last 2 posts; you are certainly entitled to your opinions. Sadly, this is not a troll. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction as in my case.

I'm not sure a troll could come up with such a horrid story. Or why someone would would even want to.

Again I thank everyone for their posts and will handle this situation with as much thought and diplomacy I can.
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Romy -- Maybe you and your husband should buy MIL and the half-sister this cruise for a gift, and while you would "love to join them" your work/life schedules just won't permit it. If the European cruise is too expensive to swing, try a Caribbean or Alaskan (summer) cruise. Find one with lots of activities.

By the way, thanks to you medical professionals out there responding to how to deal with the suicide threats. I know what it's like to have a controlling mother and MIL. Believe me, you aren't alone.
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You seem to be monitoring this thread pretty closely today, Romy. Afraid it will sink out of sight unless you keep posting with new problems and baiting responses? hmmm

Sorry, but this is starting to reek of troll, which you seem to know all about as well. True or not, the format conforms with trolling. Good one, though. Hats off.
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I'm with questionmotives.
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Hmm. I clicked Romy's name and seems she's been around for 6 mos. or so, half the time on the cruise boards. So if MIL is offering a free cruise to someone who seems to enjoy cruises, I can see the added dilemma.

My suggestion is do not go. Tell your H he can go but do not give in. Thank MIL politely but stay the course. If she threatens to slit her wrists, call 9-1-1 or the police. I'll bet she doesn't threaten to do so again once they visit her.

Take care and good luck.
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I don't believe Romy is trolling as she has posted many times in the past. What I am confused about is she states, "As for the holidays; let's just say we allowed her to manipulate her way into our home, so our "refusal" fell upon deaf ears." In a post a few months back she stated they would be going to mother-in-laws house in Florida for the Holidays. I would think this would give mother-in-law the idea they wanted to share the Holidays with her.
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Questionmotives (which I assume is a Fodors double identity poster) you seem to assume a lot of qualities about said mother without knowing much about her. I have followed through through this post and have read everything. What I see is a parent that needs treatment. I cannot call the mother names because I do not know her personally nor do I judge strangers with little information. There have been many mean remarks said about said mother. My comment it just that it sounds like she could benefit from treatment and that you still have to respect her because without her Romy's husband would not be alive.
I've gotten involved in this thread more than I wanted too and wish everyone the best. Back to specific travel related Q's. Cheers.
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Romy, what about this trip is a good thing?

Everytime you post, you add another dismal and depressing tidbit.

This trip isn't free, it could cost you your marriage and your sanity.
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Your caption says it all.

If you feel that way, the answer has to be "no".

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wifey, I guess you are the pot calling the kettle black, eh?

Face it, everyone loves to offer advice about personal issues, it's the reason you click and open the thread to begin with, read it, then post on it. No matter how much anyone claims to refrain from "interfering" in personal lives or pronounce judgement on others or whatever the lofty ideal is, here you are, posting away, with your own take and your own opinions. Actions belie the words.

It's also the hallmark of a dam* good troll.
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P.S. wifey, for someone who is chasting others for "assuming," it's rather amusing that you post your own assumption of me right in the very same sentence, lol.
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Oy ve. That is completely false. I give up, whoever you are. Happy travels.
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Every time I see the title of this thread, I always want to say something, but this seems to be so convoluted and tortured, this is such an unpleasant family situation that is being aired on this forum
But what I always want to say and finally will get out of my system is:

My SOUL is worth more than a free trip or free anything.
The only thing that would make me want something that badly would be the well being of my children or husband.
So I guess I am saying that this thread is unpleasant in so many ways..that I just felt the need to say so
Thanks for letting me have my say...
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To cd: A lot can happen in a few months!!!! Perhaps Romy & her husband were considering going to MIL's in Florida for the Holidays. But then common sense prevailed & they decided to stay home. Alone. But MIL wld not accept this & "manipulated" her way into their home. (I was dead wrong the last time I tried to see things from the poster's perspective...remember the poster who did not want to go & pick up her sister & her 2 nieces whom she hadn't seen in 20 years??)
I don't think that Romy shd be subject to cross-examination here! BTW, how the heck did you remember that she was supposed to go to Florida?? Did you do a "name check"??
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Romy, try to get your husband on a list for a spine donor.

If you sell your soul for something free from someone you dislike, the cycle continues. Have you heard this expression? "Marrying for the money is the hardest way to get it." Show some dignity!
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Sorry to bring this dreadful thread back to life, but there have been some positive updates. This time I'm simply inquiring about airfare from Denver to London. Just looked and got a rate of $436. I've never gone to Europe and was wondering if this is a reasonable fare. We're considering mid July. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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