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Nic Oct 1st, 2000 09:05 AM

Which Of These Tampa Hotels ?
We are still trying to decide where to stay for our first night when we arrive in Tampa at the beginning of November. <BR> <BR>We need to stay near the airport, as we will have had a very long day of travelling, and the last thing we want is alot of driving to find a hotel. <BR> <BR>We are not looking for anything fancy, just clean and comfortable for one nights stay. Also we would like somewhere under $100. <BR> <BR>I've found 2 hotels that have caught my eye, and was wondering if anyone has stayed in either of them or knows anything about them? <BR> <BR>They are:- <BR> <BR>La Quinta Tampa Airport <BR>4730 Spruce Street <BR> <BR>Hampton Inn Rocky Point <BR>3035 North Rocky Point Drive <BR> <BR>We've haven't stayed in either of these chains, so we don't really know much about them. The Hampton Inn is a few dollars more, but not enough to be worried about. <BR> <BR>Are the areas these hotels are in O.K?

C/Tampa Oct 2nd, 2000 06:34 AM

Hi. I live near these hotels. I would say Hampton because it is on the causeway near many good restaurants, a little beach, nice sunsets, shells, and interstate is close by. It is on the causeway connecting Tampa to Clearwater. <BR> <BR>If you are not seeing Tampa area and only want a rest before you start out La Quinta is fine and just out of the airport with the interstate nearby. And for your info, south on Westshore Blvd is a big shopping center. <BR> <BR>If you get a chance, I recommend Busch Gardens.

C/Tampa Oct 2nd, 2000 06:57 AM

Both of these hotels are five minutes from the airport. But your car rental place will probably be on Spruce Street when La Quinta is. But even on Spruce Street it is five minutes to the causeway. My neighbors are Brits from Nottingham.

CMcDaniel Oct 2nd, 2000 07:49 AM

Nic...I posted something on another of your notes on second thoughts I had about La Quinta. Driving by it the other day I noticed it was just across the street from the end of one of the runways. It's the lesser used runway and handles the smaller of the planes that come in, but still, take that into consideration. Air traffic slows to a trickle after 11 PM but starts up again around 6 AM and could be bothersome (we live close enough that I'm more aware of their flight schedules than I'd like to be!! :&gt;)

george Oct 3rd, 2000 10:06 AM

My vote is for the Hampton Inn.It is on the Causeway so a relatively safe area.

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