Which area of NYC to stay in ?

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Which area of NYC to stay in ?

We'll be in NYC later in the year (10/27 - 11/2) and I don't know in which area of the city I should look for a hotel. Obviously it has to be safe but there has to be some action in the evening too so 'midtown' seems obvious but what about 'Greenwhich village' ? Als suggestions for hotels up to 150 $ (taxes incl.) are welcome... Thanks in advance !
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Midtown definitely. I go to NY 2-3 times per year for a vacation. Midtown is the BEST place to stay.
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Hotels are pretty expensive during the time of year you are considering. Check out Quikbook.com for some deals, the New York Helmsley on E. 42nd Street seems to have very attractive prices on Quikbook considering the quality of the hotel. I would avoid staying in the Village since the Halloween parade will be on during you stay and it's totally insane in the village that night. Be sure to see the parade though, it's a New York experience.

Have a Great Time.
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Try the Larchmont, on the edge of the Village. It's on this site: http://www.fodors.com/rants/[email protected]&class=Lod [email protected]&property=Larchmont%[email protected]&entit y_id=32706&ref=miniguides

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Hey guy-
Last few trips to NYC I stayed in the Flatiron/Gramercy Park area and thought it was great. Close enough to but not amidst the tourist throngs at Times Square area, also convenient to Village, etc. Best stay was at the Marcel hotel on W 24 th and 3rd Ave(www.nycityhotels.com) that had great service, cool rooms and great prices. Lots of places to eat in the area, too, that won't break your pocketbock.
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Agree with macintosh on Flatiron/Gramercy Park. We stayed at the W Union Square (just south of Flatiton, but same general area). Staff was very helpful. The trendoid bar was a hoot. Easy walk to Greenwich Village, SoHo and lower midtown. Subway stop in Union Square. The area has plenty of good, affordable restaurants. Several days a week, Union Square has a farmer's market that is fun to walk through. According to my wife, the noodle place (don't remember the name) on Union Square is outstanding.
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Just had a great stay at the Le Parker Meridian on 57th between 6th and 7th. It was terrific. The area was clean/upscale and the hotel staff was quite friendly. Rooms were modern and had CD and DVD. The day I checked out was watching Rosie on TV and an advertisement came up at the end of the show stating that is where her guests stay. So...must not be too bad. Beware though, two cups of coffee up to the pool was $18.00!
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I have the same questions as I will be staying in NY during that same time period. Everyone's responses have been really helpful to me, and hopefully to the poster. Thanks!
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Just to reiterate what Frank said. The Halloween parade is on October 31 in Greenwich Village. It goes uptown along 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas). It gets *very* crowded in this area during this time, but is a very interesting and unique parade. It is an "anything goes" parade. Anyone (even you) can march in it. If you go to see it, remember that it can last for hours (because they let anyone who wants to march in it). If you are going with kids, be ready for some quick explanations. The marching condoms (AIDS awareness) might be a little difficult to explain to a youngster. (As I heard one mother say, "They are marching balloons, honey)".
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Just back from NYC. Used quikbook.com to book Clarion at 40th street and 5th avenue. Hotel was very clean and a great value. The hotel is on 40th street which is not very busy. We drove to NYC early on Sunday morning and parked at a garage on 39th street that the hotel has a deal with. We could easily walk to Time Square (2 long blocks away) by going up to 42nd street. Grand Central Terminal is a couple of blocks away which put you on the subway or train. It was a easy ride on the express to Yankee Stadium.
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I just returned from nyc. I searched expedia.com and hotel.com and found the Metropolitan Hotel on Lexington. Nice area. Room was 139.00 for the night. I was pretty happy there parking was next door and everything was very local a lot of couples out at night Whiskey Blue is one block away great place! Plenty of nice places to eat on Madison all in walking distance. Check it out.
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Not much in the way of hotels in Greenwish Village--the Larchmont, which is like a pension (I like it); Washington Square Hotel. I vote for the Union Square/Flatiron/Gramercy suggestions--you'll be in a nabe that's very lively at night & as other have said, in walking distance of Greenwich Village, East Village (more action there, actually), Soho, and VERy close to some of the best restaurants in NYC (Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern).
For saving $, however, you can't beat the Larchmont, and the location is lovely.
I don't think there are any hotels on the Halloween parade route. And like anything in NY, if you want to get away from it, walk a coluple of blocks and it's gone.

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