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Kal Sep 19th, 2003 01:38 PM

bmar, If you remember it, you're not having a good time! ((B))

We may as well have a Fodor's GTG in NOLA since a few others may be in that neck of the woods then, too.

We'll buy you your first Purple Voodoo for your ((^)) and then sing you Happy B'day at Lafitte's!

Bman, I forgot all about the "Sugah" Bowl! Yep. Top prices then. Ouch.
Drinking more lessens the pain...or so I've heard. ;)

Both of you can drop me a line if you'd like so we can talk NOLA.
[email protected]

ccolor Sep 19th, 2003 01:45 PM

Kal - Nahhhh, I never did come to in Petunia's - that was at the local Lucky Dog stand! Oh, in case you forgot, - we'll be there in exactly 116 hours!!!!

Kal Sep 19th, 2003 01:54 PM

CC, What time will you be in front of the Kats Meow webcam and how many strings o' beads will you be wearing?? :-d
Fodor's mind's want to know!

I hope I'm sober enuff this trip to pose in front of the real webcam instead of looking like a total fool in front of the Security Cams!8-}

ccolor Sep 19th, 2003 02:16 PM

Kal - but i'll bet you looked like a COOL fool!!!!

I don' t know about the time for us, we keep messing up the difference in time - duhhhhh, maybe it is just a tad bit to much liquid refreshment - ya think?!

MarkFromMA Sep 21st, 2003 11:12 PM

Seafood in NOLA; lots of choices. My favorites include:

Fine Dining:
* GW Fins (lots of perfectly fresh fish and well prepared fish here).
* Brigtsen's (Best Crawfish Etoufee' in town, for my money. Actually, Chef Brigtsen make some of the best fish in LA, period!)
* Galatoire's (Try the Pompano and / or some crabmeat maison)
* Mr. B's Bistro (Try the BBQ Shrimp)
* Upperline: Not a fish restaurant but lots of great fish on the menu. Tell JoAnne (the owner) Mark from Massachusetts sent you! A great place! FYI: Joanne will tell you about other wonderful seafood places to go to in town.

* Red Fish Grill (Be sure to save some room for their incredible chocolate bread pudding... to die for).
* Marisol (Great local seafood with a Mediterranean twist).
* Bourbon House (pretty damned impressive place, in general. Try the stuffed crab).
* Jacques-Imo's Cafe (not a fish joint per se but lots of fresh fish here. Very popular joint).

Oyster Heaven:(by the way, I am not overly impressed with this year's oysters. The water was very warm. But the crawfish and finfish is fantastic this year.)
* Acme (Basic & World famous)
* Casamento's (" ")
* Felix's (" ")
* And of course, Uglesich's (go 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM and bring a big appetite and cash). I love this place! Quintessential New Orleans.

My Hidden Jewels not to be missed (not for seafood, but in general):
* Elizabeth's in Bywater for breakfast; believe me, it is worth the trip!
* Dick & Jenny's (Creole)
* Clancy's (Creole)
* Marigny Braserie
* Dante's Kitchen

Not as good as they should be:
* Court of the Two Sisters
* Arnauld's
* Antoine's
* Emeril's (If you want the sublime "Emeril Experience" go to Emeril's Delmonico or NOLA)
* Deanie's Seafood

Have a great trip. :)


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