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nan May 4th, 2002 06:27 PM

when does school begin
When does school begin in Oregon? What kind of weather can I expect the middle of Sept?

lisa May 5th, 2002 08:35 AM

We don't have next years schedule yet, but school in the Portland metro area has generally begun on the first Tuesday after Labor Day. I believe this is true for all of Oregon. <BR><BR>What the weather will be depends on where you are going, as the weather varies considerably. September is generally one of the best weather months, with clear skies, warmish days and cool nights. <BR><BR>The coast is always iffy, but September could also be sunny there. I'd say to plan for warm weather to chilly mist. That is, light clothes for daytime, and warm fuzzies for evening.

???? May 5th, 2002 10:28 AM

The whole state starts school the same day?? I live in the suburbs of Chicago and two school districts in the same suburb can start at different times. Plus, the high schools and grades schools start on different days - sometimes as much as a couple weeks difference.

lisa May 5th, 2002 01:21 PM

??? <BR><BR>I don't work for the State Dept of Education, and don't even know if they publish information on school start dates. I do know that in the Portland metro area, with many school districts, they all seem to start at the same time. That is, the children of all the parents I know, no matter which district we are in, are on the same basic schedule (in the public schools). There are different extra days off during the year. Winter and spring break tend to be the same everywhere in the metro area, also. And, most people in Oregon live in the Portland metro area. Still, I believe most of the districts have similar schedules, as I've never run across any families who live anywhere else in Oregon who have had children off at a different time.<BR><BR>Next year could be different as the City of Portland public schools are threatening to cut 10 days from the school year in response to budget shortfalls. We don't know if that will happen yet, or if outlying districts will have the same problem. Where they will cut is another mystery. We already have the least number of school days in the nation, reportedly. <BR><BR>While we have a lot of school districts, I'd bet the entire state of Oregon has less people than the City of Chicago. And 95% of the population here lives west of the Cascades...Not sure how much of that is the Portland area, but I'd guess at least 80%.

Sara May 9th, 2002 01:18 PM

I believe that a majority of schools in Oregon run on the same schedule for begin and spring break dates. This is even mostly true for the colleges - they take the same spring break but start at a much later date. <BR><BR>September is my favorite month to travel since most kids and families are back home (no I love kids, just not the crowds) but it is also my favorite time to be home in Oregon. It is a beautiful month - edging into fall but still warm all day. The evenings and mornings may be crisp but should be clear and sunny during the day.

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