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Louise Aug 29th, 1996 08:01 AM

What to do in Montreal
On the heels of Atlanta, I would check out the Olympic Park from the 1976 Olympics and nearby Botanical Garden in Montreal. In the Olympic Park you'll see the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Village plus you can take a ride up to the tilted tower's observatory on an exterior cable car called the Funicular. The Botanical Garden has 181 acres of outdoor gardens, plus 10 exhibition greenhouses that are open year-round. (The closest Metro stop is Pie-IX) Hope this gives you some ideas!

Sami Aug 29th, 1996 06:04 PM

There are a lot of things to do in Montreal.
You have to visit Old Montreal, very beautiful area.
The main street for shopping is St-Catherine Street.
The Olympic stadium area is a must see.
For restaurants or cafes, you can choose anyone on
St-Denis Street or St-Laurent Blvd.
For bars and discos(that's what Montreal is famous for)
you must go to Crescent Street or St-Laurent Blvd.
Hope this will help.

Carlos Sierra Aug 30th, 1996 12:24 PM

Sami: Thank you for your info. regarding Montreal, it will certainly be usefull.
Thanks again. Carlos.

Carlos Sierra Aug 30th, 1996 12:27 PM


Thank you for your info. on Montreal it will be of great help.

Thanks. Carlos.

Dennis Holland Sep 1st, 1996 07:24 AM

If the Cirque du Soleil is in town get tickets! This
troupe has its home base here but is often touring.
The cast (no animals included), is extremely talented
and entertaining. The show is definately one not to miss.
Also there is a casino that is fairly new and quite
nice. We stayed at a B&B near a park away from the
center of town, Auberge du Parc. We also had a wonderful
and not too expensive meal at La Raclette nearby.
Have fun, there is more than enough to keep you
busy. There is a cathedral down near the St. Lawrence, I
can't remember the name but it has a blue ceiling
with gold stars, any local can guide you there.

Sami Sep 1st, 1996 07:43 PM

The name of the Cathedral is Notre-Dame. It's in Old
Montreal. You have to see it. But for the Cirque du Soleil
their shows are already sold out, unfortunatly.

Carlos Sep 3rd, 1996 06:42 AM

Dennis and Sami: Thank you both for your interesting input on Montreal. It is very unfortunate that the Cir du Soleil is sold out. It will be an interesting trip anyway. Thank you.

Frank Sep 3rd, 1996 04:07 PM

Get familiar with the Metro as soon as possible, and get an unlimited pass if you can. You'll be amazed at how many sites you can get to quickly by planning around the Metro since you are only going to be there 3 days. All the tips everyone else has already given you are very good ones. We were last there in 1992. What we found useful was to pass by the restaurants (maybe stop for lunch) while shopping during the day as menus are posted in the windows. That way we had a good list to pick from every evening rather than just blindly choose from the guides or phone book. One of the best selections was Cafe Mozart (Hungarian cuisine) at 2090 rue de la Montagne. Enjoy!

Claire Sep 6th, 1996 11:29 AM

Hi Carlos. We were in Montreal for 3 days in July. We
stayed at the Ritz-Carlton because it had been
recommended so highly, but it was AWFUL. The staff
could not have been more rude or less helpful. I
injured my knee after a fall in the bathroom, and
they very abruptly told me to call room service and pay
for some ice! They also us not to go to Old Montreal,
to not wander far from St. Catherine's St. Their
famous bar, highly recommended by every publication,
was also horrendous. There were about 5 people in the
bar, yet we waited almost 1/2 hour to get waited on.
Anyway, after we decided it was best to do the exact
opposite of what the Ritz staff told us, we thoroughly
enjoyed Montreal. I found the food in Old Montreal
superior to downtown. We went to the was
very nice, but very expensive if you're used to Vegas
type gambling. The dealers were not especially friendly,
I got the feeling it was because we were Americans.
The best thing we did was go to the Comedy Club near
Crescent St. It was very reasonable and very, very
funny. Montreal is a beautiful city, and I'm sure
you'll enjoy your stay. Just don't go to the Ritz!!!

Mike Sampson Sep 8th, 1996 12:46 AM

If anyone travels to Montreal, they should try
a fast-food place called La Belle Province-les meilleurs...
They have the best hot-dogs and fries I've ever eaten!
To find one, just ask anyone who lives there.

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