What's Your Worst/Funniest Car Trip Story?


Mar 17th, 2005, 08:34 AM
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What's Your Worst/Funniest Car Trip Story?

It's almost Spring Break for the elementary to h.s. set and soon there will be a line of cars heading south on many a highway. Got any funny stories of trips past?

When my boys were 3 & 5 we drove to Florida for the annual visit with the inlaws. After driving all night I slept in the back of the van while DH drove. In Atlanta morning rush hour traffic my 5 yr old needed to pee so DH drove with one hand and held the "emergency pee jar" with the other hand. While DS did his business another motorist cut my husband off and he dropped the pee jar. My son didn't shut off the flow of pee and I can still see it going all over the place. We have flown ever since...
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Mar 17th, 2005, 08:54 AM
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Fellow employee had the most consistently nightmarish car vacations every year and kept us entertained everytime he returned. One I recall is they headed for Myrtle Beach without reservations, could find noplace to stay, ended up sleeping somewhere on a beach, got sand lice bites or some such critters all over, but wife picked up a lot of nice big shells.
Next night, after quarrelling all day, only motel they could find was a South of the Border themed place in the interior of North or South Carolina. Got sick on the food, kept awake by the music, and the next day they found the car stank so badly they had to get rid of it when they got home...the shells were live creatures which decayed in the hot sun. And it went on from there. Then, there was the time they got lost without a map in the desert, and the time they got shot at, and the fishing trip on Lake Mich when he was so seasick he hoped the boat would sink, and so forth... All my family trips are paradise by comparison.
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Mar 17th, 2005, 09:37 AM
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Summer vacation at the lake: The Army salvage bag with lunch in sat on the sand for a while. But the sandflies were fierce, so we gathered up the bag and took refuge in the car. Opened the bag and reached in for a sandwich and out popped a chipmunk. Learned the male half of our union could squeal as high and loud as I could. We both tore out of the car, losing sight of the chipmunk - could only hope he'd scurried away from two such loud, large humans. Wrong. The next morning, we spotted him inside the car. Spouse beat around under the seats trying to scare him out; I offered up a few precious sprays of Chanel No. 5 thinking that might help. It didn't. Finally, spouse announces he's taking the car back to the state park where we'd first picked up the critter. "It's HIS chipmunk, let him deal with it!," spouse says. (This is the part of the story where it's important to note that it's a borrowed car -a big diesel wagon a good friend of mine had loaned to accommodate a brood that included visiting cousins. And to mention that said friend had "a bit" of a drinking problem.) So, at the park, the ranger dons a big mitt and starts rummaging under the seats, an effort that at first does not yield the critter, but does roll forth a number of empty, half pint vodka bottles. Spouse keeps saying to the ranger, "It's a borrowed car!" Eventually, the critter was routed. (And yes, my friend eventually entered rehab.)
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