west virginia state parks


Jun 1st, 2000, 09:27 AM
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west virginia state parks

i'm looking for car camping possibilities within a reasonable distance (4 hours) from our home in wash, dc. it looks like there are some nice state forests in west va, but their website has little info on any areas outside of their resort-like spots (e.g., canaan valley). anybody know anything
about some of the less-developed spots (e.g., seneca, calvin price, moncove lake, umbrabow,
big ditch lake)? what are the campgrounds like? are they secluded and quiet? how is the hiking? what are the cabins like? thanks for any help you can give....glenn
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Jun 1st, 2000, 10:19 AM
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I do not know anything about some of the less developed spots, but do know that Cannan Valley and the Blackwater Falls area is wonderful. There are several trails for hiking, including one going from Cannan Valley to Blackwater Falls. Cannan Valley, everytime I have been there, has been quite and the cabins seem very nice (though I have never stayed in one, family has). The dear are wonderful and on one occasions, if I had opened the back door to the car, one would have most likely hitched a ride with us!! Overall a wonderful area. I have only been up there in the summer. Sorry I do not have any information on the other areas.

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Sep 5th, 2000, 11:25 AM
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This comes a little late for your summer plans... but... I live in Columbia, MD and just got back from a great Labor Day camping weekend at Seneca Rocks. Enjoyed visiting Smoke Hole Caverns (cheesy tour, great cave) as well as climbing up to the top of Seneca Rocks (900 feet, easy climb on a well-tended and safe trail). There is a great swimming hole in the Potomac by Seneca Rocks as well. We camped at Seneca Shadows campground--very reasonable tenting with a fair number of families; strict quiet hours after 10 pm; clean bathrooms. There is cabin camping nearby (Yokum's has that, I think) though as we tent I don't know much about it. We also drove up to Spruce Knob which was lovely although a long drive to the top. And if we'd had more time we would have gone to Dolly Sods.

I also recommend Catoctin Mountain (it's not a National Park exactly but is managed by the NPS, if I remember right). They do have cabins and it's even closer. Nice hiking, lovely area.

Seneca took us 5 hours from Columbia with a meal stop. It's a really scenic drive.
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