Weird Boyne Trip


May 22nd, 2003, 05:20 PM
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Weird Boyne Trip

My friend and her husband booked the Inn at Bay Harbor in Boyne Michigan last weekend, staying over until Monday. On Sunday afternoon around 4:00pm they decided to go out for a bike ride. When they went out of their room, the entire place was deserted. Everyone was gone home, the lobby was in darkness and the parking lot was empty except for their vehicle. Furhtermore they were locked in. My friend tried all the phone buttons ex. concierege etc. but to no avail. She finally found a 1-800 Go Boyne number and explained her plight to the woman on the phone. The woman managed to find a security person who came in from across town and explained to them how to get out and back in. Later the toilet plugged and they had to get the same poor guy back in on Sunday night to bring a plunger. Monday morning they let themselves out and went home. Needless to say the stay was a disappointment. She called the manager today and has yet to receive a reply. The paperwork they received from the hotel had Monday's date, so did the parking lot pass etc. What's with that?.......
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