week in key west w/ 2 toddlers in february

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week in key west w/ 2 toddlers in february

Hello. We are deciding b/w flying in & out of key west or flying into key west and flying out of miami. We heard the drive up to miami is spectacular, so we are not ruling it out. Maybe even spending one nite in key largo or miami coming up is an idea. B & B or hotel? Any tips/suggestions will be appreciated.
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As much as I love children, I hate it when they scream because of the air pressure change when coming in for a landing. In ten years they will not remember a trip no matter how nice it was. If they have grandparents, aunt, nanny etc. that could watch them while you had a getaway by yourselves, you would have a better time. When they are older, take them to Disney World-not Miami.
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Yes, I can't figure out what you would do with toddlers in Key West or what you would do yourselves at night unless you take a mother's helper with you. None of the interesting places to eat -- whether they have good food or are scenes -- is at all child-friendly, and almost any beach in SW Florida is better than Key West. This does not mean it is not a fantastic place for adults; it is. But for young children? I can't imagine it.
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If you want to drive one way and fly the other, I'd definitely drive down and fly out. The highway down the keys is two-lane and there are lots of no passing areas. If a wreck occurs, you can be stuck for hours without traffic moving, and you sure don't want to deal with that if you're trying to get to Miami for a flight.
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Check out the Island City House ...very child friendly with a nice pool and kichens. Don't listen to all the negatives. Key West is great for kids...they will love the Butterfly Garden, Sunset Celebration, etc.
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I agree with SueQ... although many small inns and B&B's don't allow kids, its a fun place... take the Conch Train, watch for dolphins at the bight, Sunset celebration, boat rides, and all the restaurants are casual and kid friendly... Akislander and his/her friends may be in the party bars, but you can just walk right by... Susan CS is right on this one... Drive down and fly back... it gives you time to stop along the way, feed the tarpon, see the dolphins, at your pace... have fun!
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Island City House is a good idea! It's very-family friendly, gets great reviews, and is in a really good location.

Although there are lots of people who think Key West is an adults-only atmosphere, I disagree. As Gary said, sunset celebrations at Mallory Square are fun, and so are the Conch Train tours. The Jolly Rover has sunset sails that are very child-friendly, and there's an aquarium in Key West geared toward little people, too.

One of the funniest reviews I've ever seen was here on Fodors (years ago) posted by a concerned parent who was taking her young child to Washington, D.C. for the first time. She had gone to excrutiating lengths to make sure the child would do just the "right" things - Smithsonian, etc.

The parent was kind enough to post a trip review after they got home. Turns out the child was so fascinated by the blue water in the plane bathroom, he/she didn't want to leave. The other point of interest for this child was mesh trash baskets on DC streets - allowing the kid to visually "go through" everyone's garbage.

Ever since I read that report, I've wanted to caution parents about what may (or may not) appeal to their small children. I remember my mother telling my sister and me that on Christmas we liked the boxes better than the presents.

Good luck, 2rAscals
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Yes good luck 2rAscals! We are taking our toddler to Key West in April. I have read lots of threads about taking children to Key West. I came to the conclusion we would enjoy Key West. Personally, I can't imagine going anywhere without our daughter - she's part of our family, why would I leave her behind! So what if she won't remember it in a few months time... its about the experiencing the moment.

We are renting a 2 bed condo in the truman annex. We considered Island City House - looks lovely, but out of our price range for a 2 bed apartment which is our preference so we can enjoy the evening after little one is sleeping.

Anyway, we are driving back up the Keys - although we don't have another flight booked on that day since we are then staying a week elsewhere on mainland Florida before flying home. We also couldn't decide about flying or driving. I am still not sure, but in the end we decided to drive!

And tomfuller - why Disney - I can tell you thats top of my list of places NOT to go!
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My kids have been there several times, how old are yours ? The Butterfly Museum is a good start as well as the Conch Train to get your bearings if you've not been there before.
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